Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For Fer Fer

The phone rang tonight and it was Jenny, Jere's older sister. She lives North of Chicago and we don't talk all that often. But tonight, she called for an address and we ended up chatting for a good 40 minutes. It was a delightful conversation. In the course of our chat, we discussed the kids, of course the kids. She lamented that she wished she lived closer so she could see them. She went on and on about how adoralbe they are, etc. Jenny prefers to be called Aunti Fer fer, thus the title. After fillling her in on some of their antics and goings ons, I told her I would dedicate a post to her. Just a bunch of random pictures that have been building up on my computer with nowhere to go. So, enjoy some max and maggie goodness!

Trucker Shiek
That is what I like to call this little get up. One morning as I was changing Maggies diaper, she informed me that she MUST wear her pretty princess dress, AND her hat. I asked which hat, she told me it MUST be THIS hat. Then, once we had be-decked her in all her goodness, she had to finish it off with her lovely "slippers". She felt awesome, and I think her morning hair only added to the utter fabulouslness of this whole look. Don't you all agree?

This sweet boy loves NOTHING more than to be outside. He is walking everywhere and just so pleased to be mobile. We played out front the other day for a good long time. He played and played and played. I won't lie, there was more than once (or 10 times) that he RAN for the street. By the end, he thought it was a hysterical game, watching me chase after him.

I decided to let Max feed himself oatmeal one morning. Not so much a good idea, but he's got to learn sometime, right?

Have you ever seen a cuter butt? Seriously. I don't know what was happening here. I think she was "helping" me make dinner. Lately she LOVES to take her diaper off and "go potty". Sometimes she really does go potty and others, she just wastes a diaper and time. We're potty training on her terms, 'cause I'm frankly too lazy.

Maggie has decided that she likes to smile "it's her favorite." So, i asked her to pose in her outfit and give me a smile. This is what we got. She's so silly. As a side note. The other day, Jere was watching something and laughing out loud. Maggie started laughing and she blurts out. "Oh Dad, that's hystercal." I turned and said, "did she just say what I think?" And Jere said, "Um yeah, she did." Our TWO YEAR OLD daughter just used teh word HYSTERICAL in proper context. For reals peeps, genious!

Have I mentioned the drama queen? I can't even begin to tell you the lengths this girl goes to. She was butt hurt about something here. And I'm such a thoughtful and loving Mom that I just had to grab the camera and laugh at her tantrum.

When Gramma Peg fell and was in the hospital, I decided it would be a good idea to take some pics of the kids and blow them up really big and put them up on the wall. This was as good as I could get with both kids. Again, Maggie is practicing her mad new smiling skills.

This is Maggie saying "I love you" to Gramma Peg. I just love her in her little piggy buns. It's my favorite. I could eat her up this way.

And finally...just can't leave this kid anywhere. Turn your back for one second and this is how you find him. He was in quite a pickle here, it took some fenagling to get him back out.
There ya go Fer Fer, plenty of pics to keep your Auntie from afar status satisfied!
Photographs and holly,

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azandersens said...

They are so dang cute. Is it me, or is Max getting blonder?