Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dress ups and Moments with Maggie

When it came to "dress ups" we were seriously lacking in that department. Whenever Maggie would go play at Brooklyns, the first thing she did, besides find someone elses shoes to put on, was head for the dressup clothes and strip down out of her lame old "street clothes" and then cover herself in the glorious, frilly, frothy layers of chiffon and fairy imagination. So, you can imagine MY glee and joy when one of the gifts bestowed upon us was a box of beautiful, frilly, fluffy dance costumes, along with dress up shoes, crown, sceptre, jewelry, etc. Frankly, if that is the ONLY thing that had shown up on our doorstep that day, I would be happy and content. When Maggie opened up the big tub, her excitement was palpable. She IMMEDIATELY stripped out of her jammies and put on the fluffiest and softest outfit of all, the totally awesome, hot pink number that looks like an ice skaters dream costume. Seriously, we love them so much. At first she would ONLY wear that pink costume, because she was SURE the rest of them were itchy. As a sidenote...I'm worried she has some sort of sensory issue, because she FREAKS out at the feel of tags, lines on her socks, long pants, anything that might remotely be scratchy. It makes getting dressed a battle of epic proportions and a time where I'd like to just slit my wrists rather than battle. OY! But anyway, I'm pleased to report that she has now discovered that none of them are itchy, and all are acceptable to her for wearing. So, without further ado, a fashion show of the glorious pretties that now belong to one Miss Sassy Pants VP.

I think Brooklyn might have been MORE excited than Maggie. I can't wait for Brooklyn to come back from break and for the girls to play and dance. I included this because I don't have a shot of Maggie in the yellow. Plus, Brooklyn was GREAT for her, as far as getting her to want to do some "poses."

This would be the shot of her the moment she got the box and put this on immediately. As you can tell from the smile, she was QUITE happy.

Maybe one of the CUTEST outfits and pictures EVER! Wish he hair wasn't such a rats nest, but you can't win them all. After playing in these with Brooklyn, Maggie even agreed to try dance lessons next year.

Seriously? Who couldn't love that happy face? This was another attempt at posing.

By far my favorite pose. Nonthing pointed out to me more how midgey her legs and arms were than this. I mean, there is NO air showing above her arm, while Brooklyn is nothing but a pile of legs and arms, which pose better in ballet poses. But still, so cute!

This is totally MY favorite of the costumes. However, this one was FREAKING her out and "Bugging" her, so she was having NOTHING to do with pictures. I should also mention, this was taken BEFORE Brooklyn showed up and helped her realize that all were ok. So yeah, couldn't be happier. Thanks Jenee P. for being such a dance Mom and passing on the cutest costumes EVER!
Now, for what I might make a regular feature in this blog....Moments with Maggie. I just realized that she says A LOT of funny things and I have not been putting them down for memory sake. So, here are a couple of conversations, or things as I can remember them.
We went to a store the other day and she insisted on taking in her new lipstick and 2 of her new bracelets. We shopped around for quite awhile, and she had insisted on walking around on her own. When we finally got out to the car....
Maggie: Where is my wipstick?
Me: I don't know, did you drop it in the store?
Maggie: Ummm, yeah, I drop it in the store. Where my bracelets?
Me: I don't know, I don't have them, did you lose those too?
Maggie: Ummm yeah, I lose them.
Me: Well, that's really sad Maggie, you've already lost your makeup AND your new bracelets.
Maggie: (looking around, reflecting)...Hmmmm, dat's bummer.
She's REALLY into saying things are such a bummer. Whenever I act disappointed about anything, she says....that's a bummer, bummer Mom. Or, That's a REAL bummer.
I was working in the kitchen and in walked Maggie with a blanket wrapped around her face ala Mary or some biblical character. She said:
"Look Mom, I Jesus." Then she moved the blanket around her shoulders and said:
"Look Mom, I You." Then moved it down around her waist and informed me she was then "daddy." But the jesus thing just killed me.
If I EVER scold her, flick her for saying bad words or sassing, she will immediately say to me. "Shame on you Mommy." Like I'm the BAD person here.
My other favorite thing to hear is, her voice coming from another room, she's trying to do something and I hear: "Mommy, I need a wittle help here." "Can you give me a wittle (little) help?"
She is singing ALLLLLLL the time now. Currently she's sitting at the piano with a book open and "playing the piano" whilst singing the alphabets and Santa Clause is coming to town. As soon as she finishes any song, she'll turn and say " Did you Wike that song Mom?"
Ok, and lastly. When we went to Bass Pro to see Santa, it said it was Santas Workshop. We didn't say anything about that, but, it did say that. On our way out of the store, she noticed all the antlers all over the outside and she asked why those "reindeer" were there. Jere "brilliantly" told her that those reindeer didn't do a good job for Santa, so they ended up outside the store on the wall. Mind you, these are antlers only. She took that in and said "Oh, those reindeer didn't do their job for Santa and they were bad and are there?" We said yes and went on our way. Well, almost a week later I happened to drive through the parking lost past Bass Pro. She yelled out in excitement....."It's Santas Workshop." I said, "oh, yes it is (totally caught off guard), but Santa went back to the Northpole, because he's done here." She said, "Ohhhhh, and those white reindeers were bad, and didn't do a good job for Santa, and they're there." HELLO, does NOTHING get past this girl?

Thank goodness for the funny and cute moments that make up for the SUPER frustrating moments of total bi-polar craziness. I sure love my cute little sassy pants.
Dress ups and shout outs,


Jules said...

True she is quite the little chatter box. I can't get over how freaking cut she is. You can never get mad at this kid because she is so cute. I just LOVE this girl. I'm so blessed to get to be around her an "Gus-Gus" every day. They truely make my world so "happo".

Greg and Tammy said...

Darling costumes!! Better not put up any amtlers in your home, huh?

jen said...

Nothing is funner than dress ups. I have some that date from high school prom . . . 1986 to be exact.
Did I just admit that in public?

Mel said...

The purple one is my favorite. So ridiculously cute. I'm so happy for Miss Maggie and her new wardrobe.