Saturday, December 12, 2009

'Tis the Season

Miss me? Wonder where I've been? Yea, Thanksgiving happened and then the world exploded or something. Seriously, I have no idea how every day has flown by, but I literally have NO freaking time to do anything it seems. I'm weeks behind on every TV show, haven't learned music that I should have memorized, my kitchen floor just got mopped for the first time in over a week or 3 (don't judge) and I have had days where showering was almost not an option. Good grief. So, here I am with a short bit and a LOT of pictures on how Christmas looks around here.

Thanskgiving was delightful with the family. A lot of food, a lot of chatting, singing and laughing. That night Jere was VERY intent on getting the Christmas tree set up. Peggy had bought a new one this year, and since she is in re-hab for her shoulder, etc we are the lucky recipient of the tree. Anyway, Jere and Julie fetched the tree and this is what it looked like.

This big of a mess, and it is a HUGE mess can turn into this:

We LOVE the tree. Thank goodness for our lovely neighbor Jen for making my giant bow and threading the ribbon through my tree. It's all so lovely.

I'm so happy....the necessity of a place for Christmas Decorations forced me to FINALLY paint this shelf and hang it. YAY! I was so sad putting up the decorations because I'm missing our fireplace this year. Don't get me wrong. LOVE our house, but miss fireplace and the familiar hanging places.

LOVING our battery operated garlands. Thanks to Gramma Peg and QVC we are so Christmas fresh.

My Kitchen is Gingerbread and "country" fresh. I really do enjoy pulling out the Christmas Decore and all the "joy" it brings. Even if we are poorer than poor, and there isn't much "Christmas" to be had. We are so totally blessed and our house can look awesome.

I LOVE my hanging balls this year. It's a new addition. I totally stole the idea from my beloved friend Jenny D. She has a gorgeous home with gorgeous hanging balls in her enormous 100 ft. cielings.

My piano has always been covered in decorations that have some long meaning to me. Such as the Raggedy Ann doll, it was made just for meby a member on my mission. The little red pony (look closely) painted in polka dots was made by Andrea 100 years ago (hey Andrea). The quilt stocking onthe right was made by my dear friend Angie, out of an old quilt. The sparkly teddy bear was bought by my favorite gay Stephen, while he was visiting for Chritmas oneyear. My Horizons doll is on there for goodness sake. Yea, THAT doll, from 25 years ago. Man, Horizons was awesome. Give a shout out if you got to attend that. Anyway, enough explainging on that.

I even got Christmas crazy in the bedrooms this year. Once again, go battery garland, woo hoo! I found some cute, cheap little ornaments that matched their bedroom and hung them. It makes me happy every time I go in there. Our bedroom has a garland and balls as well, but it was too messy to photograph.
Hope you've enjoyed your tour of my Christmasy house.
Oh, also, there has been this going on:

Jere and I are doing a little Christmas Caberet of sorts. We had this last week to practice and put it on last night and tonight. It's been a hot mess really, and taken up our whole week. However, in the end, it IS fun to get to perform a little something. And we love our friend Carson who asked us to do it. We're going up to Showlow to do it in another week. Good times.

Carson has a minor in costume design, andhe's sort of a crazed man about costumes. So, for this VERY small, very intimate show, we all wear these costumes for A song. He whipped out my skirt yesterday. However, as much as they're a pain to get in and out of, I think we all look rather festive and cute, even if that damn bonnet does RUIN my hair. hahaha
Ok, I MUST shower and get ready to leave for the show. I need to put the chairs back in the kitchen and deal with my kids that are waking up. But, at LEAST I finally got something different posted on here. I promise I have so much more that I care to write about. For instance, how illegal it should be to love ones ward and neighborhood SO MUCH, or our ridiculously awesome Ward Christmas party, or how vampireism apparently runs in my family, etc. hahahaha
Stockings and twinkles,


The Coolest Allen Family said...

You seriously mop you floor once a week....crap even once every 3 weeks? I am judging you; only because now I feel like filthy freak!. :)

jen said...

Thanks for the kudos on the hanging ornaments. Brad eventually gave in and let me put them up. Come over. Haven't seen you in a while.

And hello! Carson's in town! And he hasn't been by to see the baby? Tell him I'm deathly offended and to come over! I mean, he WAS part of the family for a month!

The Atomic Mom said...

I just mopped my floor as well for the first time in a was, estinky and say the least.

I admire your ability to get it together for Christmas. I gave up today and decieded to not get a tree. One, SBJ is into everything. And two, trying to put the fence around the tree we're not getting would mean no room to walk in our small living room.

So, we will get out a few odds and end decos place them up high and call it good. :)

But despite my laziness, your house looks maaaaahvalllous! :)

LanaBanana said...

Highly saddened that I missed the chance to see your Christmas Cabaret. We just went to dinner at Red Robin with the kids on Friday night because we had nothing to do. boo on you guys for not telling us about it. The costumes are beautiful! I think it's been about 3 weeks for my floor too and I want to barf with every sticky step I take!!! sigh. :) I've just been hoping that all our Christmas sparkle and cheer around here will keep people's heads pointed away from the floors. Ho ho ho.

Jenn C. said...

Cute house! GO Horizons! I still have my doll too! You guys look so great in your costumes. Merry Christmas!

DianD said...

As always, your house is so cute. We LOVED the cabaret. So sad not more people knew about it! Fun songs, costumes and people.

Greg and Tammy said...

Your house looks AWESOME!!! You have always rocked the Christmas decorations!! Love the cabaret costumes... although "cabaret" brings to my mind slightly "less" clothing and more tassles. :)

Andrea said...

Hey to you too! You sentimental fool! I can't believe you still have that rocking horse and your horizion doll too boot! I totally forgot about both of those things. Very cute house! The deco looks great. You should see mine. I had the best intentions...but things didn't happen. I finally decorated my tree but only half way. Taralee loves to pull the shiny red balls off the hangers and then throws them. So needless to say it is decorated only the top 2/3 of the tree. Not a pretty sight this year. Oh well I tried. Let's get together for our annual lunch during Christmas break! Call me and let me know what you think. BTW I need your new address so I can send you the 2009 Derrick Family Christmas Card. I know you are soooo excited. Send me a message on FB if you don't mind. Thanks!

Silky Smooth and the Night Rangers said...

And I love you guys for sticking with me and putting up with DAMNable bonnets and all! Thank You.

✩Molly✩ said...

Christmas trees are my favorite thing about christmas, Hands down. We have yet to have a christmas LOADED with gifts for each other, or Scarlett, but as long as we have a tree, I feel blessed. silly, but true. glad to find you back in blog land.