Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Girls Camp...Ain't no WHERDS!

BE WARNED!!  Many picture post ahead.


About four months ago I was asked to be a part of the Stake Committe (a Stake in the Mormon church is a the place where all the wards come together.  Wards are congregations with in a certain geographical area) for girls camp.  I got to be on the "FUN" committe, even though they called it the Fireside Committe, it really just meant, we're the "good times" girls.  We got to be in charge of the lip synch, the Bishops night fun, the music video, etc.  I had NO idea what I was getting into, but BOY am I glad I got into it.  I got to work directly with two of the funniest and coolest girls ever!  And indirectly with a SLEW of fun, hysterical, AWESOME women.  As seen in the picture below!
Stake Staff 2010

Alright, also as a matter of clarification for all my beloved non-Mormon readers out there.  Girls Camp is done once a year for 5 days in the summer, usually at some location in the mountains, with addies or cabins, or sometimes tents. The girls go to learn things like boy scouts do.  Tying knots, hiking, proper flag etiquette, I don't even know what all they do.  But, it's also very much centered around creating greater bonds, drawing closer to Christ and strengthening faith in God.  And around the"work" is a lot of fun.  It's a very cool experience.  I always loved "camp" as a girl.  I haven't been in probably 16 years, and I wasn't sure I was all that excited to be going this year.  However, this Stake is AMAZING and rocks!  I will go to camp every year forever if it remains this fun.  These women above, and many not pictured are the coolest people EVER!  I haven't laughed this hard, or been this relaxed in a LONG time!

The Theme was a Super Hero theme.  It worked so fabulously!
This is the main stage area where we did all the lip synchs, firesides, etc.

Yesterday afternoon it rained and rained and was just sooooo beautiful.  I sat in the ramada area and just watched and listened to the rain fall for hours.  This is a shot of one of the little "cabins" just above the ramada.

The fearless Threesome
Jamie, Me, Camie
Camie is the sister of Tracie, our friend that I just wrote about on he 30th b-day.
This picture proves a few very important things:
1. NEVER, EVER,NEVER wear tennis shoes (much less with capris)
2. Never, EVER wear these short/capris again, they do all kinds of bad things for my body.  WOW!

Here I am "backstage" in my super hero cape, minus my mask, getting ready for our lipsynch.

We did our lipsynch to "Holding Out for a Hero".  It turned out to be funny and a smash success.  I could NOT have done it without the help of Miz Jennee P.  Thanks Jennee.  We stood in her kitchen and giggled as we came up with moves.  The ladies were SUCH good sports and totally went for it.  I look a little scarey, but HEY, I was JUSTgetting into it.

SheMan and HeWoman
These ladies are the Camp Spirit and they are INSANE and hysterical in every way.  The things they are willing to wear, to do, to say are just amazing to me.  Every year they come up with new characters and the girls just love them.

These are our fearless Bishops (a bishop is the ecclesiastical leader of a ward, sort of the equivolent of a Pastor or Priest).  They come up for a night to meet with the girls.  Well this Stake LOVES to "torture" these men with silly things.  This year we created "superhero" alter egos for them and made them compete in a Super Hero Pageant, replete with physical fitness (situps, pushups, stretching and dance), evening wear (they put on a boa and strutted across the stage) and interview.  So, from Left to Right we have:
The Incredible Sulk, Captain Junk in his Trunk, Captain Flotatious
Back Row:
Captain Twinkle Toes, Super Sensitive and The Mighty Redneck
Each of them had descrptions of their super powers and their deeds for the year and were introduced by "Disney Wonder Girl" and her sister "Cruella McNofun". Jamie wrote the most hilarious, witty, brilliant script I've ever read.  I laughed the whole time.  The girls LOVED it and it was a great success.

After the great pageant and commercials and deep thoughts and all the fun stuff, we had a dance.  And while I promise there really were 150+ girls there and they were dancing, I'm just showing a bunch of the leaders. 'Cause trust me, these ladies were BUSTING some serious moves!  I'd try to upload the video of Jamie droppin it, bu you know me and video.  CURSES!

Camie, Jamie and Misti the star of this "Last Dance".  Such a Fun, FUN night.

We were in the woods.....BIG bugs were bound to happen.  Camie took it like a champ.  And I sort of was a rock star, 'cause I actually TOUCHED that giant thing, picked it off her head and threw it.  Well, aren't you impressed?

Flashlights were a must.  Betsie especially rocked her headgear.  What is not to love here?

Heidi (funniest girl EVER) Jamie (equally funniest girl ever) Me and Camie
Don't even worry, we are FULLY aware that we look either "challenged", special and or like we are POOPING our pants.  And by we, I mean ME.  Seriously?  I took a picture like I was dropping a load.  If you must know...we were trying to convey our rockstar ability to "do the cyclone".  Ah hahahahahahahahaha, guess you had to be there.

Another area where they amazed me....the Craft Lodge.  We are in the beginning stages of making some RIDICULOUSLY adorable hair flowers.  Aren't we cute?

Other than my ability to look totally "Saucy" wish you could see the cuteness of this flower I created out of fabric.  Easy peasy people.  Camie got so excited, she's decided to make a bunch for her nieces for Christmas.

Our fearless Spirit Queens reappeared as mermaids for lunch the other day.  Oh jeez, lunch.  Dont even get me started on how gourmet and amazing the food was.  All prepared by the coolest and funniest kitchen staff ever.  ALL volunteering their time, taking time off work to come up and play with the girls.

Heidi, Jill and Aubrey

There are just some people in the world that make it a BETTER place.  They're funny, oh so funny. Talented, kind, and loving.  Jere has fully adopted us into two of these Wright families, and they've willingly accepted us.  These are three of our favorite Wrights.

Heidi, Jamie and Betsie
Have I covered my love for Heidi yet?  Perhaps mentioned her 3 Masters degrees, her ability to play the harp and violin like a Goddess?  NO?  Well how about her mad, MAD dancing ability.  You should see her tap dance to Single Ladies.  Not enough yet?  Fine, then you will NEVER stop laughing.  Smart and FUNNY!  But get these cousins/ladies together, they're unstopable!

This group of young girls on stage ore just so fantastic!  They're fearless, so willing to stand up in front of all their peers and act like complete fools.  They dressed and acted like old ladies and put on these skits that just had you rolling.  In this particulr one they are making fun of all the leaders.  HI-LARIOUS!

And finally...on the last nijght, there is a "cheer off" between some of the leader womens and the men that are up there.  Really, the men are such GOOD sports.  Our ladies did three really great cheers, and I would say they totally won!  I mean, Jamie did the full on splits at the end.  HELLO!

I ended up riding home at about 11:30 last night, and it was so great.  I got to visit with a lady in my ward that I really love.  We had a great visit and good laughs.  I rolled into my driveway at 1:15 a.m. and finally made it into bed around 2:00.  It was SO great to sleep in my own bed, and to wake up to my sweet kiddos.

I am soooooo greatful for the opportunity I had to go up there, to associate with such amazing women.  My batteries were most definitely recharged.  I laughed enough for a year.  I was child free and enjoyed that.  I got spiritually uplifted, which was greatly needed.  I had time to think and to ponder.  It was truly a blessing, and I hope I get to repeat it again (sorry Jer).

Superheros and big bugs,



Kristina P. said...

First, I totally thought your title said, Ain't No Whores. I was concerned and relieved at the same time.

Second, for the past 5 years, I have lived in a branch. In the middle of the Salt Lake Valley. Yes, I do know what I'm talking about. Yes, it's actually a branch. No, I'm not Tongan. So, we have had no YW/YM program. At all. I miss it. Even though I work with delinquent teenagers, it would be nice to be around teenagers who aren't threatening to shank me.

And third, my very first girl's camp was in Big Bear, in S. California, with fancy cabins and all that jazz. Yeah, in Utah, not so much. No showers, only tents, etc. Boo.

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Looks like so much fun! I'll bet you could hardly stop laughing the whole time!!

And you are totally ROCKIN' the hair flowers, lady. Cute cute!

jen said...

you are the luckiest ever. I LOVE LoMia. Jealousy waves being shot your direction.
I get to go up for Bishop's night, but that just doesn't count.
Glad you're home.
Glad I'm home. Missed you.
Did Jere tell you we saw Billy Elliot in Chicago?

Denise said...

Allyson, you make me so jealous. I was sitting here all weekend on my behind nursing a new baby pinning because the entire ward was gone this weekend and I had no friends.
Seriously it looked awesome and No babies for me next year so maybe I will get to come up. Jamie is the best and I love getting to hang out with all the women up there with no kids and have fun.

Mel said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time. It looks super fun and I'm sure it was such a nice break for you. I love the picture of you in your cape.
This almost makes me want to go camping. almost.
except the bug part.

The Atomic Mom said...

Camp LoMia (LoMia), how we love you (love you), nestled in the pines....

Ok, so I distincly remember camp as just camp, no faith building, no church stuff, just camp. One year we schelaced cow pies as centerpieces. I was just ticked I had to schelp a cow pie to camp.

Greg and Tammy said...

WOW. That totally makes me miss my year as a young woman at Girls Camp. Seriously loved that place. Glad you had such a great time!! They are so lucky to have you as a camp leader!

Tara LaRue said...

One of my favorite people of all times is little Miss Shye! I see her in your pictures and I bet, knowing who she is, that whatever she was involved in was absolutely fantastic! It looks like it was a total blast...

✩Molly✩ said...

I like to pretend that I have, and always will, not love all things girls camp, but seeing that stage again, made me miss it... truly... *sniff sniff* and that craft lodge! memories~!!

the shoafs said...

okay....so i'm commenting on this post 2 or 3 days (i've lost track at this point....stupid sleep deprivation!) later because my original comment didn't post due to what was most likely operator error but i'm still going to blame it on my computer and/or the entire internets. sooooo....if i say something completely unrelated to this particular post, well, my memory ain't what it used tah be (unlike YOURS!). anyhoodles...i canNOT believe that you had that much fun without me. i'm totally shocked! sounds like a hoot of a time though....i would SO loooooove to go on a church camp trip, but our youth goes to like colorado or mexico or hoohahastan and i just can't be that far from home yet. ONE DAY though....one day they will experience that fantabulous awesomeness that is alison on a camping trip! and you were rockin' the scissors in the craft area.... i must know how to make bows so i can make a thousand and force my daughters to wear them on the daily. glad you had fun!! (did i stay remotely on topic????)

John, Lisa & family said...

First time to read your blog...LOVED your outlook on camp. I have to agree...I come back recharged (AND exhausted...how can that be??) each time I get a chance to go. The energy up there is unbelievable. Great post! You were such a great team up there, and did an amazing job on everything!!~ Might have to consider re-naming "Firesides" the "FUN TEAM". Love it.

Carol said...

Could you give me some directions on how to make that fabulous backdrop of the city scene? We are doing a superhero theme for our camp this summer!
My email is sbctome@gmail.com