Sunday, July 18, 2010

This post brought to you by the color GREEN

I probably shouldn't be writing anything right now.  Why you ask?  Well, because I am grumpy, tired and I feel like CRAP!  I have the "pleasure" of housing an army of hideous little green guys like on the Mucinex commercials.  I'm pretty sure they've set up camp deep in my lungs, and they're having a party of the century.   This makes it difficult for me to breathe, and the coughing and hacking is bringing up squadrons of the army at a time (which I'm sure pisses them off to no end) and it's DISGUSTING!  It's exhausting and gross.  I HATE coughing.  I really, REALLY hate coughing.  On top of this issue in the head is full of perhaps another Army, possibly smaller, of green guys.  AND.......worst of all, my eyes are infected.  The GREEN is EVERYWHERE.  So, I had the distinct pleasure of reddish, watery eyes filling with gunk. This morning I woke up with TWO eyes crusted shut.  I'd share a pic, I even found one on google, but it made my eyes water worse to just look at it.  I have a little compassion for you all, so I saved it.  Saved it for what?  I don't, maybe a rainy day, maybe when I'm "mad" at you all and i need a torture tactic.  WHO KNOWS!  Needless to say, it's a bundle of good times around here.

When I woke up Friday morning and my left eye was crusted shut, I knew I needed to do something about it stat.  So, I called a guy that goes to my church and is an opthomolegist.  He said i could come in on his lunch break and he'd take a look.   So, I took my sorry self down to his office and he had a looksy.  He found something strange with my left cornea, AND he told me that I had a significent astigmatism in my left eye. WHAT?  In 20+ years of eye exams I have NEVER been told that.  Apparently i developed one this last year.  SUHWEET!  He wasn't too sure about the infection but he did prescribe me an antibiotic drop.  Then he sent me on my way.  I fully expected to pay, and yet he didn't charge me.  I was soo stunned and soooooooo GRATEFUL.  He did NOT have to do that, and yet he did.  Such a blessing!  Especially because that TINY bottle of eye drops was EIGHTY DOLLARS!  Yeah, you read it right....EIGHTY.  How gross is that?  Oh well, guess essentially I would have paid that much for the doctor, so it all worked out.  So, that was Friday, Saturday my right eye joined the party in a more painful way.  And there was nothing I could do about it.  I was recording all day (post coming about that).  So Saturday night I picked up the medicine and started using it.  Here's to hoping THAT gets better STAT!

Jere doesn't feel good today.  Julie fell at work last Friday and injured her knee, and is now in a brace and on crutches.  So, basically we're a house full of HOT MESSES!  Anyone want to come over and play? hahahahaha

On second thought, maybe I DID need to sit down and write.  I feel better having done that.  Now I'm gonna do a post about yesterdays recording session.  Not to mention I need to write about Maggie turning THREE yesterday.  Yep, her birthday was spent without us even there.  Good thing she's 3 and totally got over it.  Also, tomorrow is Memory Monday.  Good hell, now I'm overwhelmed!

Green goop and grumpy girls,



LanaBanana said...

Sounds like your body needs a high-powered antibiotic to purify you. yuck. Why oh why do people feel like they can charge butt-loads of money for tiny bottles of medicine???? WHY??

LanaBanana said...
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Kristina P. said...

Blech! I hope you guys feel better soon.