Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Jere Post

Ok, this is simply a repost of my "guest post" at Mommy Monologues.  Some of you may not have gone over to read it.  Though I know MANY of you did. So, don't read it, that is FINE.  Mostly i'm putting it here so one day, when I ever FINALLY get around to making a book out of my blog, this post will be there to be read.  I mean, I do think it's important as part of our history right?

Before I begin, Kate has asked that I answer a few questions. Being the obedient blogger that I am…I shall answer away.

1. What is my FAVORITE blog to read? Well this is such a tough and loaded question. I mean honestly, look at my blog roll, it goes on for days. And that so doesn’t count the extra million that I have marked to follow. I read A LOT of blogs, and I LOVE a lot of blogs. But, if I HAD to choose ONE that is extra specially special and I love to read…it would be CJane. She is just so witty, and eloquent, and GREAT! But, I’m giving a second special shout out to Alison at Random Pockets of Chaos… go here.. She is HI-lariously funny, and just really cool.

2. What is your best blogging tip? I’m not so sure I’m one to be giving out any kind of blogging tips. However, I will say this. JUST BE YOURSELF 100%. Don’t be all afraid to say what you wanna say, HOW you want to say it. The blogs I love to read are those that are real. People telling real stories of their lives daily, or memories, or whatever. I really do NOT like blogs that are just give away after giveaway or reviews. I WANT to know who YOU are. Give people SUBSTANCE. I read to be entertained. So, entertain people.

3. Link to your favorite blog post ever. OH MY! How am I ever s’posed to choose just ONE of my “brilliant” posts? Seriously? I wanted to poll my “peeps”, but as I am the world’s biggest procrastinator, I ran out of time for that. So, after a brief polling of my best critics (my sisters) there was no consensus. They all had a different favorite. FOR.THE.LOVE! So, I just had to choose one, OK TWO, on my own. Hope you enjoy. A zany look into the world of white trash and hickeys.

This is a hysterical look into my gym, and my experiences there.

ONLY in MY Life……

I won’t lie, the “assignment” to write a post gave me total stage fright. It was like I had an essay due at school and suddenly, I had a big fat NOTHING to talk about. Utterly ridiculous, the notion that I, of all people had nothing to say. But, there it was….my deadline looming, Kate would be disappointed……..MUST.WRITE.SOMETHING.

So, I had me an idea…I finally knew what I was gonna write about, and trust me, it was FUNNY! As I sat in my living room with my husband and two friends watching the world’s GREATEST show..So you Think You Can Dance, the shrieking laughs, the witty comments, and ideas, they were a flowin. It was gonna be a post of epic funny. But then, THEN….out of nowhere, at 10:30 p.m. my husband suddenly decides that he MUST go see Eclipse or “die”. He talked my sis in law and one of our friends into going with him by shrieking and yelling that it would be SO.FUN! I know, you’re all horrified, you’re mystified. WHO does that? Well, my guy does that. He is a breed all to himself.

He is Jere. Actor, Singer, Teacher, Father, Son, Student, Friend, Husband, ADD afflicted man child, MINE.

The boy that changed the spelling of his name from Jerry to Jere at the age of 16 or 17 because it looked so much cooler. (Which, props to him, ‘cause it DOES look way cooler (his name was nearly a total deterrent to me even dating him, and can you EVEN double parenthesis in one statement? I totally did))

The guy who is instantly BFF’s with WHOEVER he meets. Doesn’t matter who you are, our waiter, a classmate, a star in a Broadway Show (true story…totally got a backstage tour of a show, because he fell all over himself to this girl that was starring in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. She thought he was so funny and great, she totally toured us around, AND took a “note” on her song from him), the stranger walking down the street…..he will call you and BE your BFF. Well, at least for that moment. The real distinction of his BFF’s goes to a select few.

The guy who has the attention span and memory span of a gnat! Remember the BFF? The next time he sees “you” he is most likely not able to remember you or your name AT ALL.

The guy that EVERYONE wants to be around, ‘cause he makes you feel SO GOOD about yourself. EVERYONE looks hot, or fantastic to him. And he’s absolutely NOT afraid to tell you.

The guy who has NO filter whatsoever. If he thinks it, he says it. And while it’s uber embarrassing to ME (like I hang my head in horror so much, it’s like a permanent pose), somehow HE just gets away with it. People laugh, and laugh and say….”oh, it’s JUST Jere.”

He is the pied piper to kids of all ages. Oh wait, maybe because he is nothing more than a very overgrown kid himself. They worship him; they want to be around him. EVERYTHING he says or does is just HYSTERICAL to them. It fascinates me to no end to watch his interactions with people.

The guy who is a brilliantly gifted actor, and brings joy to everything he does.

The guy who is a fulltime student working to finally finish his degree.

The guy who loves his kids so much he can barely breathe when he thinks about them.

The guy who wants to give me the world, and is still trying to figure out HOW.

The guy who everyone loves, but doesn’t believe that anyone does.

The guy that everyone thinks must be sunshine and lollipops to live with at all times…but who in reality, fights his own demons every day.

The guy that wants to do what is right, and works at it constantly.

The guy that trusts ME and really ONLY me to be completely himself.

The guy that is MY Jere. Flawed, imperfect, difficult, frustrating, exhausting, hilarious, ego filling, loving, young at heart, talented, strong, smart, immature, hard working, silly, perfect for me.

Only MY Jere can act like a crazed teenager, begging these girls to go see this movie, and run out of the house at 10:30 at night….and get away with it. Because…..

He’s just JERE! And that’s how he rolls


jen said...

I read this when you guest-posted and then I didn't comment. But I love this. It's "just Jere." And I wish he believed everyone loved him. It's true.

lexlocilori said...

This is super sweet. I started reading this and then went off to read Cjane. I have blog-ADD and now blog envy as well. arrgghh.

Rocketgirl said...

Thank you for reposting, as I am busy. And lazy. And giggling. I'm so, so happy that you are Jere are together - what could be more impoerfectly perfect?? And also, you are the only person on the internet that I am admitting to that I have the biggest flippin' hickey on my neck right now. Weirdo husband. I had to teach Primary music with this mammoth thing last Sunday!!

Good bloggin' and keepin' it real :)

EG said...
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EG said...
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EG said...

You hit the nail on the head, Al! That sums up our wonderful Jere. What would life be like without him? his own wise words, "a total shit hole" that's what!

PS. Am I delusional for thinking I really am a Jere BFF...cause I think that I am!!

Taylor Morris said...

I thoroughly enjoy everything about this post. Just thought you should know!

Steph said...

Ha ha! When we went to his play and I was gigantically 9 months pregnant, Jere told me I looked hot, and it made my day! :) Very sweet post--hope it made HIS day.

TJones2148 said...

Ohhh Jer-Bear!!! All of the very reasons i love him and his crazy ways. And lets just set the record straight....I AM HIS BFF!! (well most of the time) HAHA!

erin said...

oh i love this! you BOTH are awesome :)

Natalie said...

I'm sorry I missed ya over at Kate's place! You know I love ya, and if I wasn't out of it, I would've been the first to comment!

But this post is HI-LAR-I-OUS as usual!

Natalie said...

I'm sorry I missed ya over at Kate's place! You know I love ya, and if I wasn't out of it, I would've been the first to comment!

But this post is HI-LAR-I-OUS as usual!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What fun! I am off to check out her site. Stopping from SITS!

Anonymous said...

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