Thursday, July 22, 2010

Should I be Concerned?

My son.  My BOY.  My Max.  He is just truly the BEST! 

But, we should discuss a thing or two, because I'm afraid I might have something to be concerned about.  Let me know if you agree or not.

First we have this crazy situation.  Not once, but TWICE as I've gone into the kids room to retrieve Max in the morning....I was greeted with a scene straight out of Nightmare on Elm Street (or in this case, Nightmare on Nina)... Like perhaps Max and Freddy Kreuger had a brawl in the night, and Max lived to tell the tale.  I mean really........THIS is disturbing.  NO?

Oh hey Mom.  Just a little blood for breakfast.  The first time I walked in on this blood bath I nearly had a coronary.  There was blood all over his blanket, all over his sheets, his pillow, and as you can see HIS FACE.  And my mind begins racing with what in the world has gone awry.  As it turns out, he appears to have just had a gnarly bloody nose in the night and this is the aftermath.

At least he's just so freaking sweet about it and happy.  In fact, he was none the wiser that he was covered in his own hemoglobin.

And then we have this:

Tutu...check.  Purse....check.  Tiara......check

You've all seen the video I posted of him spinning.  The "problem" is, he insists on this getup at least 4 days a week.

But what is NOT to love about this look?  He is so damn adorable in it.  He will pull the big tub out of the closet and lug it clear out to the kitchen.  All the while saying in his high pitched squeak..."dressup, dressup."  And then I'll take the lid off, he'll locate HIS tutu and on it goes.  Usually followed by the heels.  Then he clicks around happily for the day.  Sometimes napping in the tutu.  What?  Is this wrong?

Does he not look like he's holding court or what?
Jere HATES that i allow him to do this.  He freaks out.  I just say, the bigger deal you make of it, the worse it is.  Just allow him to play and be.  He's a "baby".  Am I wrong?

Ok, nothing wrong here.  Just a gratutitous shot of the freaking cutest LINEBACKER of a child ever.  Oh, the headband?  'Tis nothing.  He screams of some 80's movie character to me.  Like the guy who played Biff in Back to the Future.

Don't MESS.  This kid will get ya!  Or at least his rat nasty stain covered shirt will get you.  Seriously?  I should be fired!

So, be honest....should I be concerned?

Nightmares and Daydreams,



Silky Smooth and the Night Rangers said...

I don't think you should be worried. So much to say, but how to say it...... Let's talk

✩Molly✩ said...

regarding the bloody nose thing. He may benefit from a vaporizer/humidifier in his room, he may have dry sinuses, which in this deadly dry heat can flare up...

If that doesn't help, I would probably mention it to his Doctor... no harm in asking silly questions, I do it all the time..

Sarahs boys love all things princesses, and love to dress up, too. I say, let the child be happy. Keeping them from doing the things they want to do in a forceful manner will just cause damage, and hopefully it's just a phase :) He is so adorable.

the shoafs said...

the bloody nose thing would freak me out, but i tend to go overboard when the life giving liquid tries to exit my children's bodies. it's like hkay said when the doc took a vial of blood from her...."why did they take it out of my body? my blood is supposed to stay INSIDE my body". i wholeheartedly agree.

on the should see my chan some days. his "nannie" (hannah) will throw him in a beautiful getup, complete with crown, shoes, and WINGS (i swear, some days i hear the village people campaigning for chandler to be their newest member) and will tromp around the house in it. i supposed he "mans" it up by occassionally adding his toolbelt and carrying a tractor and/or dumptruck. you know...his "mancessories".

and last...i gave up trying to destain most of chan's clothes. there's not enough spray-n-wash in the world to save some of 'em. hkay and chandler can be outside doing the exact same thing for the exact same amount of time. they'll come back in, and hannah will look much like she did when they went out. chandler, though, will be pouring sweat, covered in dirt, and will smell like trees.

your boy is adorable....and aside from that nasty habit of leaking blood from his nose on occasion, i see nothing to worry about! ;)

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Absolutely nothing to worry about ... except for the fact that you're going to be busy screening tons of girls when Max is a teenager! He's gonna be quite the heartbreaker!

I have a picture of my oldest son in a pair of high-heeled boots and a hat ... with NOTHING in between said boots and hat. He wore that, like, every day for a week. So I can hardly say your little man is weird for wanting to wear a tutu. Self-expression, right??

And all I can say for the blood is: at least it's not poop. :)

The Atomic Mom said...

As for the bloody nose, get a humidifier, but also put a bit of vaseline in his nose at night with a qtip, this will help keep his nose moist. Granny used to do this all the time, and it works.

As for the tutu, I have no idea. Perhaps get him a toy gun and let him pretend to kill things? He might find death and destrution more appealling than the pink of perfection.

Jen said...

Love the look of a superhero in a tutu!
Have a great day!

Grace said...

I love the story of how Ernest Hemingway's own mother dressed him as a girl until he was 5 or 6 (she wanted a daughter REALLY bad). He grew up to be the manliest man on the planet -- hunting tigers, bullfighting, covering wars, and being upset when he was hurt and couldn't fight in World War 2. I wouldn't worry about our boy Max. Maybe he'll catch his mom's writing bug and grow up to write some of the greatest novels of all time.

Angie Dean said...

The bloody nose thing? You'll have a million more. And then even 1 or two more after that. Watch out for allergies and dryness. Easy peasy fix. Hydrogen Peroxcide will be your laundry's best friend.

The dress up on the other hand... (pause for dramantic contemplation) If you don't want to raise a son whose confident, strong minded, creative and compassionate towards women cut it off right now.

The joke of my neighborhood in Colorado was this kid Tyson who insisted on dressing up just like Max is. Now that kid is probably the most amazing 17 year old boy. He's first in his league in breaststroke. Received his Eagle ranking. And has the best attitude towards life. He's happy and confident. What more could parents ask for?

As for Jere, from one whose been there...have him ask himself...why does this bug me so? I guarantee it will have nothing to do with the tutu.

Kristina P. said...

I'm sure he'll be totally fine, and only turn out to kill 2 people. It's better than being a mass murderer!

Mel said...

I'd freak out if my baby was covered in blood like that. I've never dealt with bloody noses though and Krys said he was prone to them as a child.

As for the tutu, I say let him go. Why should girls get all the fun dress up stuff? It makes for cute pictures :)

Greg and Tammy said...

Like sister, like brother, am I right? He'll grow out of it... let's hope... cause if he shows up to High School in a tutu... you're in trouble. :)

azandersens said...

Don't be worried. Joshie went through the same thing. I distinctly remember him screaming in the car because we made him remove a headband before we went into church (gotta put your foot down sometimes), and another time when I let him wear it into Walmart (of all places) and the checkout lady at blurting out, "hey, he looks like a girl!". The childhood psychologist in me says that if you make it forbidden they'll want it more. In the mean time keep taking photos for future blackmail. :)

LadyCarma said...

Some people will say that Vaseline isn't a good thing to soften the tissues in the nostrils, but I used it for 40 or so years, and now use KY jelly. The air conditioning drys out the membranes for sure. And the humidifier will help.
On another note, Staci wanted me to clarify that it was NOT her that saw the extra large woman with the beige jeggings, but it was Erlynne who was with me. My correction to an earlier post.

Kasie said...

sweet boy. no worries.
i used to get nose bleeds really bad like that.
love the lemon theme :)

DianD said...

Must be the Davis/Shumway in him. I seriously didn't think I'd ever have bedding that wasn't blood stained. Don't remember you having bloody noses, but your brothers sure did! Humidifier, moisturizers (Vaseline,Mentholatum, etc.) in the nose to keep moist and time! I THINK they eventually outgrew the bleeds. But you'll have to ask their wives, because now no one around here bleeds on bedding! :) On the tutu thing... I think if we'd had those things when I was little, I'd have done my best to get Uncle Charlie to dress up with me. I did get him into a slip and dress one time, but mostly he just preferred jeans with no undies. ;). One of my manliest man cousins, however, loved to put his sisters' dresses on and come over to our house to swing so he could feel the skirts swish back and fourth....He was also a fighter, cat killer and later a firefighter. farmer.. father... so not to worry! Love that happy boy!