Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm a featurette y'all!!!


Oh zip it, there just weren't  any other "words" that showed my excitement as well.  And NO, I'm NOT a twitterpated tween.  So SHUT IT!

Guess what my minions. I'll wait.....No ideas?  Nothing?  Fine, here it is:

 I am a featurette. What? You don't understand? Well, what it means is....I am featured as a guest blogger over at the cute "Mommy Monologues" and you should definitely go check it out.  Not only for my delightful little post, but to also meander around her blog.  She's great, and I enjoy her:

Kate at Mommy Monologues offered up this spot to me well over a month ago.  And frankly, we all know I'm a who-er for comments a girl who likes a good challenge so I jumped on it.

I will not lie, this particular post was not AT ALL what I had planned, or ever thought I'd write.  Sometimes random things happen. Sometimes posts fall out of you that are the least expected.  Apparently it was just something that needed to be said.

So please, jump over there, check it out.  Comment there, or come back and comment.  Let me know what you thought.

And stay tuned, 'cause I finally have some new and fun thoughts percolating around here in my brainy.  Stuff such as an  entire hysterical post just with comments on SYTYCD alone.  What your window/bumper stickers say about you.  There could even be a new "Letters to the Editor". And several more.  Not to mention the latest edition of Memory Monday.

What?  You KNOW you're all atwitter!

Giggles and guests,



The Bipolar Diva said...

Congrats! I'll be going on over there now! :)

The Bipolar Diva said...

I loved it!! I so need to meet Jere now! lol.

The Urban Cowboy said...

On my way over there now.

the shoafs said...

and here i thought that i was the only one who fully realized the extent of your awesomeness! i'm on my way to read your stuff :)

the shoafs said...

first of all....YOU PICKED ME!! you LOVE REALLY REALLY love me! (did i just cancel out any cool points you might have ever given me???).

second of all....i am SO glad you cleared up the pronunciation of jere's name. because in my head, i was saying it "jer" and just thought it was a nickname for "jeremy" or something. but, it's in my head as "jer" so if i ever become one of his random saw-you-on-the-street bff's...i'll probably call him that and not "jere"!! and since i changed the spelling my MY name at about 15 or so, i can totally relate to him. did an awesome job and i am in awe of anyone who can blog on command!

Sabes said...

I can't even begin to tell you the laughter that just escaped my gut/throat/mouth, hahaha!! (I might have gagged a little when it came out). As soon as I started reading your guest post, all I could think about was Jere squealing and clapping, hahaha!!

Got snacks?


Greg and Tammy said...

Pretty cool to be featured somewhere!!! I of course LOVED the post, because I of course LOVE Jere. :)