Wednesday, January 7, 2009

As the Cuke (cucumber) Turns

**Disclaimer**This post is totally for Jenny. If you don't want to read it, then don't. If you do read it, and think....that was stupid....that's ok. Just know that I did warn you. But you are curious, aren't you.

So you're thinking...."why pray tell does she have a picture like THIS? What is THAT all about?" Well my friend, THIS picture is that of the dead discarded cucumber carcasses (ooh, such alliteration) from Brooklyns lunch. But, they are NOT just dead cucumbers, they are all players in her daytime saga, I will now refer to as The Young and the Cucumberless.

As an afterthought to their lunch, I threw some sliced cucumbers at them when they were done with their corndogs. Brooklyn was SO excited, as she "loves cucumbers." I was standing at the counter finishing my lunch, reading Lanas blog and only sort of listening to the goings on at the table. Maggie was rolling her sippy cup up and down her tray, over and over and Max was crying from his bed, and somewhere in the fray, Brooklyn was creating her own story. I heard her saying, quite a few times...."Oh my gosh, I CAN'T believe it." "Oh I can't believe it." "oh my gosh." "Help me, oh help" "I can help you." At this point I turned around to find her with a half of cucumber in each hand, using them as people. They were talking to each other and then she was trying to have them "help" each other as well. So, whilst I thought she loved to EAT cucumbers, apparently what she meant was...she loved to ACT cucumbers. And that my friends is why having kids is the coolest thing ever! They are sooo creative and crazy and silly. They say and do the funniest things ever. That is not to say that they don't make me want to pull my face off either. Yesterday Brooklyn was on my crap list, 'cause she really peesed me off by dumping my entire thing of loose powder in the bathroom sink. Not cool little one, NOT cool. However, when you have cucumberopera, that totally makes up for your crapiness. So, when apparently all the cucumbers had been helped, and the oh my goshes were done, Brooklyn stood up, told me she was full and then announced, "I'm ready for my nap." What the???? Who am I to argue with such things. So, at 12:30 sharp, Maggie and Brooklyn went bye bye to dreamland. Thanks girls!!

And just so it's documented. We taught Maggie to say Ho Ho Ho. We would ask her what does Santa say and she would respond "Ho, ho, ho" but she does it in this sort of slow motion and elongated Hoeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Well, Christmas has left us, as you may well know, but the ho, ho, hos live on. She will just randomly, all day long, bust out a hoe, hoeee, hoeeeeeeeeeeeeee (to be said with a really elongated O). It's hysterical, and I only wish I was cool enough to catch it on video and then to be able to post it on here. Someday people, someday.

Cukes and kisses,



Andrea said...

I love your stories! Who would have thought another actress in the Shumway Family. She is just starting at a younger age. Too cute!

P.S. I am still waiting for the e-mail of the picture of you, Karen, and I. Would you please send it to me?

Crandell Fam said...

I love your posts! Thanks for the cuke post because it makes me smile and giggle just thinking about it. I can totally hear her. The part I'm jealous of is: "OK, I'm ready for my nap." What?? That NEVER happens! Lucky.