Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday fun...after the morning meltdowns

Ok, so as I said, it was a ROUGH morning on Friday. Well, it started out all sorts of grand, as I beat back the demons that wanted me to stay in bed and I got up and went to the gym at 5:30. I ran (I use that term VERY loosely) my requisite 24 minutes, sweated profusely and then did a few machines and went home. I had big plans for my day, and a lot of it was going to happen before 9:00 a.m. So, I got ready, amidst Maggie bawling and screaming at me every other minute for who knows what. Seriously, it was NEVER ending. I'd get her preoccupied by something else, she'd be "happy" for a minute or two, and then suddenly the world was crumbling around her AGAIN! Then, Brooklyn was whining at me endlessly about who knows what, and Max shockingly wanted some attention too. Somehow I got ready, got their hair done, the kids dressed, diaper bag packed, bows to deliver, car loaded and we were out by 9:00. But, as I mentioned I was a BIT frazzled at this point. So, I did the very unmotherly thing of just screaming outside the car, just you know, an exasperated, AAAARRRRGGGHHHH! I needed to let out a bit of steam, have I mentioned that I'm so NOT as cool as anyone thinks? Anywho, we were on the road, Maggie was crying yet again, so I took a deep breath and decided that we needed a little singing to defuse the situation. Brooklyn LOVES to sing in the car. We'll sing a song, and as SOON as we finish one she says "what else?" It keeps me on my toes, trying to remember or come up with songs. We sang some rousing rounds of "wheels on the bus", ABC's, Doggy in the Window, and by now Maggie was appeased and all was well. Quick stop to Jody's to drop off product, long drive out to Mel's to drop off bows for her cute baby girl to wear and then we headed for the mall. I had the brilliant idea that it was time for 3 month and 18 month pictures for the kids. I figured it would be best if I was the FIRST one at Kiddie Kandids that morning. I figured right. We waited a moment outside the gate, then they let us in. Maggie was a bit tentative, as she is want to be in any new situation. But, it was going ok, until I asked the lady to change the backdrop. Holy death and destruction batman. As the background began to scroll, apparently the sound was as terrifying as a million monsters to Maggie as she began to shake, scream and clutch to me for her ever lovin life. Are you KIDDING me? After MUCH comforting and assuring her that all was well, she calmed down enough to let go of me. It took further convincing that she would live if she sat and allowed us to take a picture. The whole process was REEDONKULOUS! When she finally calmed down, she would only stick her tongue out, and the girl wouldn't take pictures, until finally I said, "JUST TAKE THE PICTURE, TONGUE and all!" So, we got some cute shots, if you don't mind some serious baby tongue. Then I put Max in her lap and suddenly she was all Cindy Crawford on me, posing her head this way and that, looking straight at the camera, smilling. Whatev. The shot of them together is darling of her, ok of him, don't mind the barf splotch going on, I was taking what I could get at this point. At least he put on a big fatty smile for his time in the spotlight. All i'm saying is, if SHE won't make me money for her refusal to model, maybe he can, since he's mister smiley pants. So, here are the results (or some of them) of the picture taking shenanigans.

Tongue wha? It's a mystery to me!

HOW can you NOT love this smiley face? It seriously kills me that he's so sweet!

Brooklyn was MORE than ready to blow the picture popstand and get to grander things. She kept coming up to me and asking "if I was done YET." So, for her good and helpful behaviour I rewarded the girls with a ride on this:

Ummm, have you ANY idea how freaking expensive it is to ride this lovely carousel at Superstition Springs? Well i'll tell you....FIVE FREAKING bucks for one very short ride for 2 girls. Five bucks, two girls, 1 short ride = RIPOFF.

However, Brooklyn got to ride on "the chicken" and she was pleased as punch! Maggie on the other hand was not excited. As you recall from last weeks carousel riding adventure, she is not keen on the up and down action of horseys on a pole. She posed for the picture, started the ride, and then FREAKED out. Thankfully, this little gem was nearby:

Would you LOOK at that face? She sat in that seat like a little queen, and frankly she was torked when the ride was over and I dared to remove her from her throne. Max was also sitting in that seat, but I didn't include that picture.

After our strenuous picture taking, horseback riding and spinning, Brooklyn whined long enough about how STARVING she was that she won herself and Maggie a little Chic-Fila lunchy. It was a hit.

Next we meandered on over to Danas house to drop off some stuff and to see our buddy Jayce. He was pleased to see us, and Maggie was THRILLED to see him. They played around in the garage for a bit, then we headed to the backyard.

It was time to jump on the tramp. Would you LOOK at that face? Miss Saucy pants was out in full force. Dana tells me it's just me she's acting out against right now, apparently that's what kids do. Whatever. Just so she knows, it is NOT appreciated so much by her mother. Good thing she's so dang cute!

Ummm, her jumping skills are rather lacking...well ok, her standing up on the trampoline at all skills are severely lacking. So, she took the smart route and just sat in the center. A better time was had by all.

After sufficient play time we loaded up in the car and headed for home. As it turns out, the day wasn't so bad after all. Upon arrival home, all went down for naps, I took deep cleansing breaths and we were all a happy family again.
That evening we went to dinner with Jennys family. It was it's own Maggie specialty, but that's OK. For the record, don't go to The Islands, I remember every time I go (once every 2 years or so) that I don't like it, not at all. But, it was nice to spend some time with Jennys family and to get out as our own little family. The thing is, I FREAKING love my kids and I LOVE being a Mom more than anything. But holy poopers, it can be a challenge at times to get through a day.
So, bring on tomorrow baby!


Jenn said...

I love your posts! You are the best writer and you have the cutest kids! I am so impressed that you took them for pics. We went to the expensive carousel and I did not give in so I was deemed the meanest Mom on the planet even though we did get ice cream and a See's Chocolate!

jen said...

At least the sparkly shoes have been preserved for posterity. That girl! Reminds me a little of Miss Lily. Good luck on that one!
And am I still taking Max this weekend? We're planning on it!

Dana said...

Great post....with the exception of all those mean things you said about Islands!! *gasp* Honestly, it may be fattening and unhealthy, but they make an amazing hamburger. I prefer the Hawaiian. Blogging world.....don't liste to her.

The Driggs said...

Whoa! I just read your post, and now I want to take a nap. That day wore me out...and I wasn't even there! Your kids are so beautiful Alyson. I love the spur of the moment photo op and the tongue sticking out of the mouth. And I remember that carousel only costing a token (which was WAY less then even a dollar!) I also love that you sing in the car with your kids. Cory and I were talking about our list of things we'd like to do before we die (not that we're planning on dying anytime soon), and I told him that one of the things I want is for you to sing me that one song again about the girl who is always singing the harmony/alto part, but that she wants to sing the melody (I hope you know which one I'm talking about...I still can remember the precise notes you sang in that song for 'The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music.')!

ZippityDoDaw said...

Hello!!! I can't even imagine what type of WIld woman takes 3 small children for picture time, carosel rides, lunch, and THEN a play date. No wonder you were exhausted. On the upside, I bet there was never a moment you thought, wow I am really bored today...

LanaBanana said...

Whew. I think your Friday sounds like it was fun-filled. Next time you're jaunting over to Sup-ah-stition springs mall, you must first call me. And yes, that carousel is so crazy expensive. Last time we went I didn't have any cash to get the tokens out, so we took a screaming Dane away. But seriously, so expensive!! I love the pictures you got of the kids. So cute, tongue and all.

Crandell Fam said...

Good to know that my child is definitely sufficiently stimulated! The pictures (especially of that smiley boy Max) were adorable! I'm so glad you sing with Brooklyn everyday, and can't wait 'til she's on Americna Idol because you know she's gonna be able to wail since she's been taking voice lessons from you since she was a baby!

Andrea said...

I am exhausted by reading your post. Good for you for getting up early and running! I am impressed! I too was glad you were able to get a picture of her in her lovely pink shoes. cute pictures!

Sarah S. Foote said...

Great pictures! Sounds like a roller coaster. Glad things turned out well. After all that, you really need a good nights sleep!

Dian said...

My word that brought back memories!!! You KNOW why God designed you to have kids when you're young! I collapsed just reading about it! GREAT post! Darling kids! and their Wonderful Mom and Auntie. Love ya, Mom