Friday, January 16, 2009

January in Arizona

So this is Arizona in January. While I'm all for clear skys and days in the park, whilst the rest of the country is buried in snow and ice, I won't lie when I say, I wish it weren't quite SO hot out. I mean honestly, it's JANUARY for goodness sake, I'd like to wear a sweater and mean it. I'd like to play outside and not SWEAT. With my whining out of the way, I would like to say...we had a lovely afternoon with cousins at Freestone park. There was picnicing on the grass, chasing kids up the hill, feeding the ducks, sweating, cleaning up the picnic, sweating and walking over to the toys, watching the kids play on the slides and sweating.

Maggie gets real excited to see her Aunt Lana. She marched right over to her and insisted on being lifted up to sit by her. After the aforementioned sweating and playing, we decided to check out the carousel and train. While EVERYONE else went on the train, Brooklyn, Maggie, Max, Jayce and I took a spin on the carousel.

I was trying to a cute and clever look over the shoulder shot, but Jayce was NOT understanding my directions.

Brooklyn was MOST excited about this horsey ride. Maggie was excited until it started moving....then she was shaking and terrified. She literally was clutching the pole so tightly, her whole body was shaking. I wish I had a picture of the look of shear terror on her face. Eventually she had my shirt so tightly in her grip, I was fully flashing the bored workers AND she was sliding off the horse. It was a bit tricky, but we got it worked out.

Max got to enjoy the ride too, just a spinnin in his chair.

I love this kid, he's just so freaking funny.

And speaking of Max, I must close with these shots. I came home from the gym the other morning, and this is what I found in my bed.

SEER-E-US-LEE is there anything more heart melting than your manz and your baby all curled up and sleepy together? I just love it so. Look at his little fist all balled up at his chin...I could just EAT him! I really am appreciative of Jere being willing to get up with him, do whatever he needs to so I can be up and gone at the gym. It's awesome to be up out and worked out before 6:30 in the morning. I get a lot more done with my day, AND I feel better.
In final news, today was Maggies 18 month check up. She did NOT appreciate the Doctor touching her in ANY way, and she appreciated even less the SIX shots she received. I felt so bad for her, but like always, she took it like a trooper. Minimal tears with the shots. She didn't act bothered at all until WAY later, after her nap. When she woke up she just cried and cried and told me her legs hurt. She would only lay in my arms and cry. It was so sad, and frankly, I don't really know what to do with crying babies, so it was hard for me. But, after some Tylenol, a good dinner and some snuggle time, she's all ship shape. I mean, as you can see, she's watching her "new favorite" show and happy as a clam. Phew!
So, we're all good here, just waiting for Daddy to come home from a late night of work. Oh the Friday fun that happens at the Van Pats.
Sunshine and carousels,


Crandell Fam said...

Wish I was there for the fun day at the park. Thank goodness Brooklyn has you! Seriously, you're not allowed to move. She won't stand for it.

Erika Gunn said...

I think the best part of the Father-Son pic is how Jere is also snuggling what looks like a pound puppy! Awesome. Is that his and if so, how old is it?

Love the VP updates. Kiddos are cuter everyday!

ZippityDoDaw said...

I too noticed the little stuffed friend in the picture, tell you planted that there for giggles! TOo precious him and max, seriously. They both look like their in heaven. My husband hasn't laid in bed with a baby, ever. I think he would squish it like a bug. Fun day at the park. I am quite amazed at how many children you are able to keep in tow and off on adventures! Finally, now If only I could motivate myself to do the gym that early...

The Maxsons said...

I love love those pics of JEER and Max... so dang sweet. I love your blog once again, you are so YOU.

LanaBanana said...

Those pictures of me made me look a bit like a purple blobby. I don't know what a blobby is, but it was me. :) Thanks for documenting it, though. It was oodles of fun. I was wondering what you'd done with Max during the carousel ride and then, there he was, car seat trippin'. So funny. CUTE JERE AND MAX PICTURE.

jen said...

What did Jere say about the pics? I have a few of me with Tucker like that, and, forgetting the fact that there is a slight possibility of an exposed nursing breast, I would NEVER want them posted. But, then again, I'm not quite as fab in my sleep as he is!

Livin' Wright said...

Who knew that Freestone park was so fun, I will have to take nix there next time I am in town. We loved seeing you guys at church the other day, Max is ADORABLE!!!!

Jenn C. said...

Again I say, you are the best mom...taking all of those kids to the park and then letting them go on rides! I take my hat off to you. I am too grumpy to spend the money on stuff like that.
Love the pictures of dads and babies! I think I have one of Eric and all of our kids at one time or another.
Keep up the great posts!:)