Friday, January 9, 2009

A baby blessing

On Sunday the 4th we blessed Max. It was a lovely blessing and a lovely day. I'm so grateful that Jere holds the Priesthood and is able to do this. Max was a perfect gentleman and cried not a peep. The blessing was very nice and more importantly, so many that we love were there. All of my family was there, Jeres Mom and Sister, our beloved home teacher Kale and some very good friends. I truly could not be more grateful for good friends, strong men who have been such good examples to Jere through the years and such loving and accepting friends to both of us. We were especially glad to have Carson there, as he lives way off in OK these days, but was in town for Christmas break. He's a peach, everyone should have a Carson in their life.

It was a bit drizzly/rainy that day, but I braved it for a photo op. As you'll note, there are pictures of Maggies blessing in here too (mostly because I JUST saw them for the first time ever when my Dad finally e-mailed them to me) so you can compare and contrast "this family" in little over a year later.

Our dapper little man. Please note the tragic diaper situation happening. Oh, and the fact that he apparently has long legs that were sprouting out of his little white suit. I feel so bad, because I was so frazzled trying to get all the food finished and together, and everyone was waiting hungrily for said food. I just threw him at my sis in law and said, hey, take a few pics huh? She kindly did so, but there are literally 8 pictures of his whole day, and they're all just random of him laying on the floor. Shoot, with Maggie, we took family pictures, generational pictures, pictures with daddy and Maggi, pictures with Mommy and Maggie, blah, blah, blah. Why does the second child get so jipped?

THAT is a sweet boy!! I just love him so much!!

Oh hi Max in a dress. Seriously, I really did NOT realize that my kids looked THAT much alike until I saw this. She was so beautiful and sweet on her blessing day.

Hmmmm, THIS family looks a bit thinner and more well rested than that OTHER family up top there. And dare I say, a touch younger? When did I start looking old? Seriously, what the H? Good thing I'm working out and suchm,'cause I just refuse to be fat fat fatty anymore.
Speaking of...the week of workouts went well. I made it 40 freaking minutes on the bike, which I like to lovingly refer to as hells tortureous joke on me. Tomorrow I gor for a 20 minute "run" hehehehehehe. It's been surprisingly great to get up so early each morning, because then I get a shower very early and I'm actually ready to go somewhere if I need to. And, I feel good all day, like I've accomplished something. Yea for exercise, it's the best!

In a final thought, I'd like to give a shoutout to my cute parents. Today they celebrate 44 years of marriage. Holy crapamoly, that is a LONG time! But, they are an amazing inspiration and example to me. I appreciate who they are, and how their marriage works. Here's to many more years!!


LanaBanana said...

Sounds like your version of this particular blessing Sunday was much more sweet and nice than the version I experienced at home on my throne. :) So sad I missed it (and CARSON!!) but I'm glad you've included adorable pictures to make me happy.

Dixiechick said...

"Oh hi Max in a dress"...that was my favorite line, mostly because I thought it just before I read it. Funny stuff.

Silky Smooth and the Night Rangers said...

Ahhh, Validation of my existence......This is why I am moving back after graduation. I need to be with People who Love me. I was honored to be asked and so thrilled to have taken part. Count me in for the next one too!

Greg and Tammy said...

WOW. Max in drag FOR SURE!! I can't believe how much the two look alike!! CRAZY. He looks so sweet in his little white suit. :)

ZippityDoDaw said...

Too Hilarious, they really are like twins!