Friday, January 9, 2009

Max's Big Adventure, or just a checkup...

So today was the big 2 month check up, whoo hoo. I enjoy these visits 'cause it's fun to see how fat your baby is getting, or in Maggies case, isn't. But, this is about Max, so enough about her. Anyway, I wish I'd taken a picture of him in his totally adorable outfit, but I wasn't smart enough to do that. Just know, he was dressed up in his finest (which really, what is the point? Noone ever sees the clothes anyway, since he's buried under burp cloths and blankets sitting in his car seat.) We got to the Doc, I stripped off his clothes and placed him on the ceremonial altar, I mean scale and excitedly waited for the big reveal.

**let it be noted that I am aware of my sons extreme whiteyness** tragic really

He did NOT disappoint. He weighed in at a healthy 12 lbs. 5 oz. I nearly did a leap of joy, but thought better of it and acted all non challant. See, Maggie struggled to gain any weight for a long time and she was barely at 11 lbs. I think at this time. So, that fact that he was cruising along at 12.5 made me really happy. He's 24 inches long and his head measure right too. It was grand. After the nurse left, Max and I just chilled for awhile waiting for the Doc.

Guess who LOVES to smile, and has the sweetest smile? That would be Maximus. Smiling is his favorite. This also is a delightful change up from his more serious sister. She didn't crack much of a smile until nearly 3 months (he started just before 2 months) and even then, she didn't like to offer them up on a very regular basis. Oh wait, she's still pretty stingey with them. So, Max gives freely of the crack that I call baby smiles. Seriously, is there anything better than a baby smiling and cooing at you? I thought not!

So yeah, he's all good, smiles and coos and kisses galore. He does have a continually crusty right eye, which the doctor thinks is a blocked tear duct and shouold go away by 6 months. Here's for hoping, 'cause constantly wiping bugary eye is not attractive. How is he to woo the ladies with THAT problem? Speaking of, I have a confession to make. It isn't pretty, and I warn you, if you don't have boys, don't have kids, or just don't like to hear anything about baby penis, then look away now. Here's the thing, Jere has said for awhile that he thought Max's little peeper didn't look right. I poo pooed such nonsense and went about my business. Well, I mentioned it to the Doc today and he took a looksy. APPARENTLY when you have a boy child, you're s'posed to pull back the foreskin at every diaper change and clean it, or whatever. Ummm, noone ever told us that. So, needless to say, my poor sons was a bit stuck and when the doctor pulled it, it started to bleed and Max started to cry and i felt like an unfit Mother and I wanted to cry. Thankfully it wasn't infected or full of nastiness, but could I not know this? I feel awful, 'cause now, every time I've changed him, and I have to touch his sore little "man" it's bleedy and he cries and I apologize profusely. Honestly, all you people who thought I was a Mom who had it together...the proof is in the penis. HA! ok, I slay myself.

As for his shots, he was NOT pleased with that unkindness, nor do I blame him. However, his crying didn't last for too long, and he hasn't acted any more sick or bothered throughout the day, so yea for Max!

Alright, I have like 3 more posts to do, so I'm outa here!


LanaBanana said...

Apparently our former doctor who's name will remain unwritten on here was never so forthcoming with her knowledge of such things (probably because there was little knowledge of these things come to think of it....) because I don't remember ever doing that with Dane. Hmmm... But that's really sad for Max. I'm sure it will all heal up nicely and he'll be none the wiser until he's 15 and reading the printed out journal/blog of his mother and wants to die over this little info share. hehehehe

Jere is Cool said...

HA! Lana, I was just thinking to myself, "Wow, this is really gonna suck for him when he's able to read this and be embarrassed." How funny that you said the same thing! HAHAHA

Dana said...

I was thinking... did you really just say, "the proof is in the penis?" lol lol okay, that was funny. And off the record, I don't remember having to learn that little trick until son # five who had an ongoing issue with it.(great, now Jayce can be embarressed too) I'd say it was the Dr.s circumcision, but he did all of my boys, so who really knows.

Crandell Fam said...

Carter had the same issue, but not Cooper. Why is that? Who knows! But you CRACKED me up with that comment anyway! FUNNY!