Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meet Buster

World, meet Buster. the world.

Buster came to be on Aug. 7th, 1984.

He was a gift for Jeres 7th birthday from his beloved Grandma Van Patten.

Jere has slept with him EVERY night since that birthday.

As you can see, Buster has seen better days. He's "blind" in one eye, he's losing stuffing, he's nowhere near his original color. His nose is chipped from a battle with Jeres older sister, strings are coming off, his fur is crusty, but he shall never depart.

I introduce you to Buster because some of you noticed him in the picture of Jere and Max sleeping. I didn't realize he was in view until after I posted the pic. When I saw him there, exposed for all to see, I hesitated for a brief moment, giggled and thought...."it's not like Jere doesn't tell everyone that he sleeps with a pound puppy." He really does tell people that, but I think until now, most of you didn't really believe that a grown man REALLY slept with a pound puppy. Now you know....he DOES! For so many years Buster was a bit like Snuffalupagus (how do you spell that) on Sesame Street. Do you remember how they used to play him off like Big Birds imaginary friend? Big Bird would see him and talk to him, and then someone else would come walking up and Bird would go to introduce Snuffy and hello, he'd be gone. Well, I guess Buster is like that....Jere said he existed, but you just never got the pleasure of meeting. I'm so glad that my picture snafu could rectify this situation. Let's just get it out there now and forever, my grown manz sleeps with a stuffed animal. Phew, now don't we all feel better.

For Christmas this year, Auntie Julie (she insists on that moniker) gave each of the kids (including Jere) a new pound puppy. So, now Buster has a posse.

May I introduce you to Babs, Boo, Buster and Baxter. Aren't they just a sweet little bunch. And yes, I get it, we tend to have a thing for alliteration in names, it's funner that way.

So Erika, yes, that WAS a pound puppy you caught in the pic. Wendy, NO I didn't place it there for added cuteness or sweetness in the pic. He lives, he sleeps with daddy Jere now and forevermore. Amen


LanaBanana said...

Here's what's funny. I was reading this post and Dane was standing next to me. He goes, "Jere's puppy." He kept saying it over and over. I wasn't actually paying attention to what he was saying cause I was reading. Then it dawned on me. He took one look and knew who it was. :) Feels good to know that we're that close in the inner circle to have already become quite familiar with Buster. :)

Wendy said...

Hilarious!!! How wonderful that the pound puppy gang are reunited. It amazes me that little animals last that long.

A little cousin came over with a puppy like one we own, it was missing 1 ear and filthy. My ex-sis in law said yeah he has had that since he was a baby.

"Practical" me wanted to send our clean one home with him. I always throw these animals in the wash, and his was SO dirty... One little friend receiving every ounce of love plays a key role in stuffed animal longevity, wear and tear, and signs of aging.

Sorry poor Buster is having vision problems. Have you considered cataract surgery?

Erika Gunn said...

Just one more reason why I love Jere! My roommate in college slept with her pound puppy too. Maybe I subconsciously seek out individuals that have pound puppy attachments?

Dana said...

Tooo funny, cause just now while I was reading this Jayce was having a FIT. I finally look at him and said, "What?" And he ver authoritatively said, "JERE'S PUPPIES!! Das Jere's pupppies." Obviously the younger set knows all about him. :)

Dixiechick said...

Jayce and Dane probably know it's Jere's puppy because they tried to play with him once and were severly reprimanded. "No, that's Jere's puppy!" Things like that sort of leave an impression. Funny.

jen said...

Thanks for the formal introduction. Maybe this will become the stuff of legend--Jere the MK guy began with only the love of a Grandmother and a pound puppy . . . .

Crandell Fam said...

Too funny. The fact that Julie gave Jere a new pound puppy this year was the funniest, though. Wow.

azandersens said...

Allyson, I love you for being so blatantly honest. Whether it is facial hair or your husband's attachment toy you never hold back. BTW, about the facial hair . . . plucking helps, but sometimes you just have to follow Mr. Miagi and "wax on, wax off".