Friday, January 16, 2009

What to think?

Ummmm, should I be worried that my 18 month old suddenly became completely enamored with Drake and Josh? I mean seriously, the TV happened to be on Disney channell, it came on and she stopped in her tracks and just stared at the TV. Then, she insisted that I get her chair out for her, and once it was up, she promptly plopped in it and sat motionless, staring, awestruck at stupid Drake and Josh. Heaven help me now! Do I have a problem brewing or what? On the other hand, it makes frivolous posts like this possible.

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ZippityDoDaw said...

Little Brian is a huge Drake and JOsh fan and ICarly fan. Griffin will even watch it. Yesterday I walked in and he was watching some adult oriented tv movie, he insisted he still wanted to watch it... the story line was, some hysterical grandma that insists her daughter doesnt care about her anymore big theatrics...What? I could not figure out the draw. She must be drawn to the slapstick.