Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beauty Tips for Toddlers

So this morning, when Maggie was on exactly her 3000 and first meltdown of the day, and it was only 7:15, (you know, sickness induced) I picked her up and put her on my lap. I was trying to finish getting ready and sometimes, she REALLY likes to be a part of that process. So, there she was, sitting on my lap, rummaging through my ancient caboodle (oh yeah, you read it right, I still have a caboodle, circa 1992) of makeup. She was harmless enough, playing with the blush brush, pulling out the blush, but not opening it, etc. I was keeping my eye on her. I mean, how could I NOT, she was on my LAP, I had exactly 1/2 an inch of space between her and my makeup applying hand. So, I don't know HOW this happened. I was brushing my teeth and noticed that she was holding my mascara. Aha I said, "no no, we don't play with THAT." I quickly pulled it out of her chubby little hand and put it away. Phew, crisis averted. But then, I noticed a stray smudge of black on my arm. Hmmmm, where did that come from? It was then, and only then that I noticed, on my daughter ON MY LAP that she had successfully done this:

Please note her awesome runny nose and shiny snot rubbed cheeks.

How I ask you did I miss my child applying mascara to her FACE? It's a mystery. None the less, I merely chuckled at the retardedness of it all and made Brooklyn fetch my camera so I could record this special moment for all posterity. And then I promptly scrubbed her face clean.

Morals of the story....ONE: Don't let your curious kid sit on your lap and play with your makeup. TWO: According to Maggie, this is the hawt new look for spring, better get on that quick.

Unibrows and spring flowers,


And in case ANY of you were wondering, after another trip to the docker (doctor in Maggie speak) we now have a winner. Max has, you guessed it, a DOUBLE EAR INFECTION too. Hooray, hooray, hoorah! More medicine, more good times. I've spent $75.00 in the last 2 days on doctor visits and medicine. Suhweet! Good thing we're rolling in the cash at our casa. HA! Also, they want another urine sample for Maggie, he's checking something else, just to be sure. Hmmmm. AND, he thinks Max is wheezy and gave him a breathing treatment (pretty sure that was the most traumatic moment of Max's short life, WOW!), and I'm s'posed to make sure that goes away. OK. So, we're rockin and rollin now. At least last night, when Max had a 102 fever and I took him to pageant anyway ('cause I didn't discover said fever until 15 minutes before we left) he was the sweetest most perfect baby Jesus ever. He never made a peep, no crying, only happy faces and coos. It was great for the sweet Mary and Joseph who have to do the scene with him, and great for me, 'cause i didn't feel as bad. But, I'm babbling.

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Jason and Kate said...

Caboodle! lololololol I'm still laughing. Sorry for the sick kiddos. Wyatt is sick too with a slight fever and cold.