Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Grumpies and Happy Bunnies

So it was Easter right? There was candy, there was grass and eggs and baskets and toys. These are good, no? They make children happy, or so it seems. However, MY child, my pretty, pretty Princess looked more like THIS:

This is Easter Grumpies!!!!

And THIS is Happy Bunny. Would you LOOK at this kid? He was nothing but smiles and sweetness all day!

It all started out so well. Maggie woke up chipper, and was pleased as punch to see her basket and check out its contents. Yeah, it was just Maggie and I, Jer and Max were snoozing away. I mean really, I only made a basket for Max to make it known that there are TWO children. Not like he wanted it, or even ever saw it. But you know, I like to be equal with the kids.

Happily showing her basket goodness. It wasn't long after this that she discovered there was CANDY inside the eggs. This girl LERVES her some candy. She'd eat it for breakfast everyday if I'd let her. On this EAster, I did let her. She had jellybeans and peanut butter m&m's. Don't be jealous of my parenting skills. However, I should have known we were in for a doozy when she started yelling "NO DRESS" and running away. Every time I mentioned the dress, or showed it to her, she hit it and yelled again, "NO DRESS." What the? I don't have a daughter that doesn't love her dresses. She usually picks them out, and gets excited the frillyer it is. So, something was definitely off. I of course wrestled her into the dress, all the while she cried and fought. I got the tights on, the panty cover, the shoes, the hair done, but it was a battle. So not used to this.

We managed to get ONE smiling picture of her, only after I stood off to the side acting like a total retard.

This picture is indicative of the rest of the day. Holding to me for her dear life, looking concerned and bothered. At least I look decent. I had to sing in church that day, AND teach Relief Society. What did I sing? Well, I sang His Hands. This marks the TWENTIETH year of me singing that song. I know, sort of creepy huh? I'm pretty sure I'll be 60 and this ward will be calling me and requesting that song. Anyway....

Really? Can you even stand it? The adorableness of this whole ensemble and the look ofher walking in was just too much to take. But, church was nightmarish. She insisted on being with Dixie, or just yelling at me, or running up to try and get on the stand, or crying. I spent a good amount of time in the hall with her. Happy Easter, how bout that spiritual feeding? UGH!
After Sacrament Meeting I wanted to at least get a couple of pics with the kids together. This special trio of shots is what we got. That's ALL we got.

please Maggie, just let me hold you

Really Mom? I'm trying to be nice, she won't sit with me.

Max is so trying to do his part. And this my friends is one GRUMPY princess.

This is how we had to leave church that day. That is one Easter gone awry. Here's for hoping that NEXT Easter brings hoppyer (oh really, I slay myself, my cleverness is legendary) princesses and just as sweet bunnies.
Hope your Easter was grand!
Frownie faces and bunny ears,


LanaBanana said...

I seriously don't know how some people have the most precious, sweet pictures of their kids together. The year that Dane was a 9 month old at Easter, every picture of them together was so sad and tragic. But, we took them nevertheless. She'll love to look at them later and get a huge kick out of how grumpy she was. :) Tatum always thinks those are so great. Hehehe

Jenn C. said...

I had happy kids on Easter just no time to capture their cuteness. You are so good to take the camera to church and get some shots, I did not think of that! Maggie is still adorable happy or sad and Max seems like he is always happy and content. Again, I love how you write and all of the pics that you post. :)

Mel said...

Love it! The picture of her walking in her dress should be in a magazine. She is stunning, despite being a bitter betty for the day.
Max is adorable in his little bunny shirt.

PS-I meant to tell you last night that you are looking great!

jen said...

At least she looked darling, even if she wasn't!

Dixiechick said...

That first picture of Max is so freaking cute it kills me. Morgan was a turd about taking pictures that day too. You know, you tried to take them for us. Whatev little ones, whatev.