Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ok, I just posted another really great recipe, but for whatever reason, it went in just after the "battlescarred" post. So PLEASE, scroll down and find the one titled "another recipe." I assure you you'll be glad you did.

Holly, I never got your invite to your recipe blog.


azandersens said...

I sent an invite to Is that the wrong address?

jen said...

You're making me feel guilty that I don't make such photographically fabulous dinners for my family. But then again, you know my family. Why would they care if they looked beautiful? Tucker's done eating in 37 seconds flat every meal anyway, and the three littles just toss it every direction.
On second thought, grilled cheese it is!

The Brinkerhoff's said...

Sorry about my poor blogging on the cakes. I had to make them for table centerpieces for our R.S. birthday