Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet Baby James

In the summer of 1994 I did my first ever musical, it was "The Mystery of Edwin Drood." A strange show, but a fun experience. I realized that I was meant to sing and dance (and I use THAT term lightly) and act, and it would change the course of my life. It was in doing that show that I also met some of my favorite people ever, among them, Ivan Prince, Matt Hill, Shanon Fish, Sabrina Bodine and Joyce Brinton (and her sister Marie). Joyce is a nutty girl who loves to sing show tunes and twalk in a New York accent. In fact, Marie, Joyce and one other girl whose name elludes me right now were the "buttuh girls" and we would all twalk like dorks with our accents. Hey, we were young and stupid, it's OK. I saw my first and only Harry Connick concert taht summer with the girls. It was AWESOME, even if it was his lame Star Turtle tour, or whatever it was. Anyway, after that summer, Joyce and I went on to take Music Comedy at MCC (best class EVER) and then I left on a mission. Joyce went on a mission a bit after me and we just always kept in touch. After my mission I moved to Provo to work at BYU and figure life out. Joyce came home a bit after that and it was my job to find us an apartment that we could be roommates in in the Fall. So, I DID find an apartment, signed a contract for the both of us and then, promptly moved home to AZ forever, leaving her to fend for herself in said apartment. She ended up living there for her BYU career, and oddly enough had my little sister Dixie as a visiting teacher. But, I DIGRESS. Point is, over these many years we have maintained our friendship, near and far. Oh wait, quick story. At my open house for my mission farewell (we used to do those) after everyone had left, except Joyce and my friend Dennon, she and I stood on my porch and sang and danced "There you are" from Drood. Total retards, I KNOW! Apparently Dennon caught our little impromptu performance through the window and was a little traumatized, hehehehe. So anyway, my point is, we're silly and that is how we like it.

Ok, so many years, college degrees, boyfriends, marriages and finally babies later, we still keep in touch and on Saturday I got to finally meet her miracle baby...Sweet Baby James. He was born almost one month exactly after Max. Please enjoy our little picture session.

THE Joyce B., the Ethel to my Merman (snort). Here we are holding our A for adorable boys. Too bad she lives in the middle of nowhere Los Alamos, NEW FREAKING MEXICO so our sons will have to be pretend far away friends.

Looking relaxed for the shoot.

I'm' just saying, we make cute babies. That's all.

Apparently Max could control his jealous urge no longer, he HAD to feel of James' lucious locks. Can I help it if I have perfectly round headed bald babies? In Max' defense, he IS growing some hair now. He's totally to the bald man phase of fuzzy back of the head hair.

And finally, I leave you with this parting shot. Glamour shots by Deb. Try not to hate us for our "cuteness".
Thanks Joycee and Joseph and James for coming to visit. It was GREAT to see you and spend some quality time. So sorry we didn't make it to the open house, please forgive. Baby Jesus was WAY to spent as was his mommy that night.
Goofy friends and showtunes,


Jenn C. said...

I love Joyce too! She was always so funny and so kind to me in choir at MCC. So fun to see pics of her and you and your CUTE babies! Please tell her I said hello when you talk to her. :)

LanaBanana said...

cute babies together. I love those kinds of shots. :)

Steph said...

Joyce and Marie were in my ward growing up! Great, fun girls. How fun to see her and her baby on your blog. I'll have to see if Dennon remembers being traumatized by your song and dance. :)

Good luck to Jere today!

jen said...

Been waiting all day for an update! . .. . Well?

marie said...

Joycie told me you two got together. It must have been a fun party. I fogot about "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" That was the wierdest muscial ever,really! The babies.. your babies, very very cute.

Andersonland said...

Ok, that was the best blog post EVER! Yes, because I was in it! And yes we do make cute babies, don't we? BTW, I've dreaming about your chicken salad, I do believe you need to post it on here, even though you said there was no recipe.

Ok, back to vay-cay hangover.