Friday, April 17, 2009

Scenes by the Wayside

For the record, this is my FOURTH attempt at posting these pics. For whatever reason, whilst at the hospital with Jer (thoughts and post forthcoming) the pictures would NOT load. It was all rather irritating to say the least. However, in the spirit of what this post is about, I'll let it go.

Max's debut as Baby Jesus was a very good learning experience. The first few nights he would be fast asleep, or giggling, or happy as a clam in my arms, just moments before going on stage. But, as SOON as they wrapped that blanket around him and "Mary" took him out, he would scream, and he would scream uncontrollably (except when he was shown the lamb, and looked up at the fire) the entire time. Then, the MOMENT they handed him back to me, he'd stop crying and usually fall asleep. However, he turned a bit of a corner the next week when pageant came around. He was usually sound asleep, and would wake up and just lay there cooing at "Mary and Joseph" and was so calm and happy. Not gonna lie, much preferred those performances. He is apparently the biggest baby Jesus they've ever used, but he was loved by all backstage. And I mean, c'mon, what is NOT to love about that face? Have you SEEN him? All in all, it was a really cool experience for Max to have. How many kids get to say, they were baby Jesus?

On the last night, we went down early to meet with "Mary and Joseph" and take a few pics. The backstage people were so cute, they pulled the manger and the special blanket out and had them waiting. That was a cold and very rainy day, so the stage was dripping and wet. But, we managed to get some good shots. AND, I was lucky enough to happen into Robert (the man who portrays Jesus, and to me embodies what I think Jesus looks like in every way) and got a couple of fabo shots with him. So, without further ado......

Robert and Max, "Jesus" at each end of the spectrum. He truly is such a wonderful man. My FAVORITE part of being in pageant last year was the "healing and teaching" scene. I am telling you, it literally felt like you were watching Christ do those things. It was very moving, and I would generally cry each time. I can't imagine pageant without HIM in this part.

This is sweet and adorable McKay Tucker, who played "boy Jesus" this year. He is the best, as is his wonderful family.

Christ in the three important phases of his life. I felt so clever for getting this picture. Hooray me.

Who is that child in the swaddling clothes, lying asleep in the MANGER? Have I mentioned that I might love this child more than is humanly possible to love ANYTHING?

Sweet family portrait, except Max was D-O-N-E by this point and totally screaming. No more serenity for this picture.

This guy (Jeff) was really the nicest guy. He truly loves his pageant experience and loved Max with so much gentleness each night.

This is Kelly (Mary), isn't she beautiful? Well, it's not a question, she really is very, very pretty and such a sweetheart. Max was a bit bitter for this picture, but in the end, he really did like Kelly.
In related not even 2 year old TOTALLY knows who Jesus is. I am NOT saying this to point out she's genius, or to say that we're such the righteous and holy parents that we taught her so well. I'm saying this more in total shock. Frankly, I can remember exactly ONE time that I actually pointed to a picture and said, "This is Jesus." I'm saying this because it is truly amazing, and somewhat scarey how much these little minds pick up on, and or remember. The other day, when Gramma Peggy was dropping Maggie and Max off, something got said, i can't remember what, and it set Maggie off. She kept pointing to the picture we have on our wall of Jesus and the children and saying "Bampaw (for whatever reason she gave up saying gamma, and only refers to all grandparents as bampaw) that's JESUS. BAMPAW, it's Jesus." She'd point to it over and over, and try and get as close to the picture as she could. I was so amazed, because as I said, i really had NOT done my civic and parental duty of teaching her about him. Then, today I was on facebook earlier, and on the sidebar was something about, He is Jesus Christ and a picture. She pointed at it and said, "Jesus Mommy." Seriously, I love that kid and her quick mind. I'm thankful that she has gleaned a little something, and realize that I have so much more that I need to do to be an example and to teach her. Oh, to be as a child.
Pageants and prayers,


3in3mom said...

Such neat pictures. We went to the pageant this year and I was tickled to know that I 'knew' Jesus. You are a great mother and your children are so blessed to have such a wonderful mother who loves the Savior and wants her children to know him.

My daughter said, "I know he lives" after the pageant and that made me literally cry. I feel so blessed that we have this true testimony in our backyard so to speak--to teach our children in such a real way about Jesus.

How neat that your son has that special piece of testimony as a part of his life now.

Jenn said...

Great Pictures and I also thought it was very cool to know "Baby Jesus". The pageant was wonderful and life changing and my kids will never let us miss it again.

Sabrina Bodine said...

Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe how big Max is getting. He is so dang cute! Now that I have FINALLY updated my blog, I can catch up on everyone else's. It is good to be back. I love you read your blog because I can actually hear you talking in my head as if you were reading to me! I hope Jere is doing ok! I was surprised when I saw he was getting surgery. Can't wait for an update on that. Say "HI" to him.
The Easter Pageant looked fun! You got great pics! Your kids are adorable and I hope to get together when I come to visit:)

jen said...

Love the pic of Robert, McKay and Max. Like the "three white dresses" picture but not corny!

ZippityDoDaw said...

Love all the pageant pictures. What a great job preserving that very unique experience. Not many little boys garner that honor! He is a cutie.

Mel said...

Well he does make an adorable Jesus. Sorry we missed the pageant. Turns out, there's a lot of Mormons in Mesa :) Who knew?

The Atomic Mom said...

Ok...this is going to be a comment for all the entries I just read!

Good thing we came when we did....between sicknesses! I was glad we got to see you, but sad that all of your kiddos are sickos. :(

I love the pics of Max and Jesus...I hope you frame that for him. I also knew that's why you guys didn't make our party. James was done by 8pm as well.

As for Jere's infection...eww, and sorry about that. Is he feeling better? I hope so. I would have loved to seen him hitting on a nurse...funny!

As for diapers and formula...I hear you sista! I have Similac and Good Start checks if you want alot of those, we use Enfamil, so didn't need the others.