Monday, April 13, 2009


Hi, my name is Maggie and I am a binky-aholic. I can not go one day without retreating to my bed for a suck, a toke on my pipe if you will. Mom says that binkies are ONLY for bed, I've shown her who's boss.
Binkies are my friend. Thank you sweet binky for bringing me peace and happiness.
This shot was taken on conference Sunday after she'd had a little time in her bed to calm her tantrum and sadness. See how pleased and happy she is here? Someone totally has her parents wrapped. By the way, we have never lowered the crib mattress, and she has never attempted to jump out of the crib.


✩Molly✩ said...

we waited a really long time to lower Scarletts crib, but I promise you, that when she attempts to leap out of the crib, lands on her head and you run in to screaming child, you will go, oh, thats why people lower the crib! lol, at least that is how the story went at our house :) Love you guys

I LOVE those letters above Maggies crib. Where did you get them, and were they spendy?

jen said...

I don't think she's got you wrapped. If you insist she's in bed, then that makes you the master, right? Take credit where credit's due. She's not four and taking it to church!
Glad Jere's doing ok. Call when you can, and I think voice is on today, right?

niKKi said...

Karsyn's binky is only for bed time too, every once in awhile she wll go to her room to play and she will shut her door and when I check on her she is usually laying on the floor with her pacifier and her blanky. I don't know when I will take it away, I just don't want to deal.

My sister's daughter is the same age as Karsyn and at six months she dove head first out and that's when I changed mine, but I just think that some kids know that will hurt and she won't even attempt it. We just changed Karsyns crib to the toddler bed yesterday and so far so good, she actually went to bed on her own last night, loved it!

Andrea said...

Cute letters above Maggie's bed! Don't worry about the binkie (we call it the plug in our house) it will come with time. When my cousin was ready for her kid to quit she took her to Build A Bear and had her watch the plug get stitched up inside the bear. So when bedtime came she gave her the bear with the plug inside. She threw it at her the first couple time, but then it worked. Just an idea. BTW glad Jere is doing ok and that you are doing ok as well. Thinking about you guys!

ZippityDoDaw said...

We weaned Griff almost 1 year ago and he still tries to steal Lincoln's pacifier's from time to time.

I have to wonder what sort of addictive substance is lining that pacifier?!