Sunday, July 17, 2011

Four? Already? Give me more!

The flying by of years is startling.  How time literally marches past me in rapid fashion just overwhelms my senses.

Today is a celebration of MAGGIE!!!

It simply boggles my mind that this little peanut:

Maggie at minutes old

Maggie at 1 year
one of my fave pictures because it's one of the first REAL smiles captured

Enjoying icecream on her 2nd birthday

My 3 year old princess

Somewhere along the way, she turned into my 4 year old "super model."

And, for her 4th birthday she decided to up and swim on her own.  I told her we should just take off her floaty suit and see how she did.  She just swam around and "didn't drown."  Wish you could see the sparkle and excitement in her eyes when she told whoever would listen that she can swim all by herself.  That makes me feel so much better, knowing she can swim. get Max on that bandwagon.

So, who knew that wee peanut (once deemed failure to thrive) could turn into this crazy smart, overly sassy, incredibly hard headed, adorably loving, gorgeous 4 year old.  HOW did this happen?

We had a big ol' Birthday Bash for Miss Thang yesterday afternoon and she felt all kinds of special.  Actually, we kept it simple; all her "best friends" AKA her cousins and her special request of Navi (her friend) came for swimming and pizza.

I got her this cute little outfit for her birthday.
I love this picture.

Here she is, rockin some serious dance moves.
She was dancing to "Happy Birthday Princess."
There is a part in the song that says something like "you're the cutest princess."
And at that moment Maggie pointed at herself and yelled "THAT'S ME!"
It was funny.

My Dad and Troy are seriously playing the princess tic tac toe.
It just cracked me up.

What?  Who doesn't just wear jaunty birthday hats and swimsuits while eating pizza.

Oh this cute boy, and his silly floaty suit.

We gave her a baby alive (thanks Miss Jenee for that), an outfit and some makeup.
I think I spent a total of 10 bucks on her gifts.

You MUST enlarge this pic and see what she's holding.  It was the cutest reaction to a gift ever.
Aunt Lana scored the brownie points of the century with this Justin Bieber necklace.  HELLO!

Thanks Auntie Julie for getting the princess cupcake cake.

She could barely contain herself waiting for her moment to blow the candles out.
Once they were blown out, I asked her if she made a wish.  She nodded her head coyly.  I then asked her what she wished for.

Here she is telling me the wish/dream of her heart.
"I wished that I would marry Justin Bieber."
Dude!  People, she is all serious business with this Bieber thing!

I actually allowed her to paint her own nails for the first time.  She was positively giddy about this.  So cute!

All in all it was a GRAND success. She had her dream day of playing with her cousins, we all got to spend some crazy, loud, fun time together.  AND there were presents and cake.  I'm thankful for my awesome, big fat Mormon family (I use that phrase like Big Fat Greek, not like FAT as in chubby), and all the love and support they give to me and our kids.

Here is what I know about Maggie:
1. She LOVES her Mommy and Daddy and her Max, and I know cause she tells us multiple times daily.
2. she LUH-UH-UH-UHVES  Justin Bieber
3. She has a beautiful voice and never stops singing and making up songs
4. Girl can get jiggy with it.  She has some serious moves.
5. She is crazy smart in her understanding of complex thoughts and emotions.
6. She will antagonize her brother to no end.  But can not STAND to see him sad by any other persons hand.  She will do anythign she can to make him feel better and happy.
7. She can roll her eyes with the BEST of them.
8. Maggie LOVES salad.  She would prefer to eat that, or ice cream over anything else.
9. She is 100% Daddy's girl.  I'm pretty sure she's got him so tightly wound round her pinky finger she could get ANYTHING she asked for.  (not gonna mention the Justin Bieber DVD waiting for her to open after her nap and the new giant sized Biebs poster courtesy of Lies'l)
10. She LOVES to make people laugh. (generally by saying poop and pee about everything)

I'm just grateful that God saw fit to send me this precious, precocious little princess.  She tests me to my limits, and she makes me laugh and she makes me cry and she's just perfect.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS MAGGIE!  We sure do love you!!!


The Bipolar Diva said...

Awesome pics and a BIG happy birthday to Maggie!

Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday to Maggie!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Happy birthday to sweet, sassy Miss Maggie! Judging from the pics, as long as she keeps getting more beautiful every year, Jere is gonna have to stand at the door with a shotgun. ;)

DianD said...

Love the annual pictures. What a beautifully little princess, for sure! How fast she's grown! Apparently I like green striped shirts. I have one on in year old pic. and this year! Totally different shades and stripe sizes, but really! I think I've worn it twice all summer! Funny! It was a fun party and she was so cute about everything! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY (FOR REALS TODAY) MAGGIE! :)

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to Maggie, fun stuff!

Dixiechick said...

She is the cutest little sassy pants around. When she showed me her Biebs necklace she smiled and said, "He's my boyfriend." Too dang cute. My kids like him and all, but they simply can't compete with Maggie's full blown infatuation. It is too funny. And thanks for posting a most hideous picture of me (and Jenny). Candid shots of me are always bad. Take note.

Minky {moo} said...

Aw happy Birthday Miss Maggie! SHe is so gorgeous. And Baby Alive? I had one and loved that thing ten ways to Sunday. She is just beautiful and smart and wickedly funny and that, my friend, is a testament to you as a mother.