Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's time to sing and dance.... month of intensive music theatre for kids ages 10 - 17.  Four hours a day of singing, dancing, moving. In two weeks we put on a show where each kid learns and is part of at least 7 different numbers, and the show itself has 25+ numbers in it.  We have lights, makeup, costumes and awesomeness!

It really is the highlight of our summer.  It really is exhausting.  It really is amazing!

So, just a few little shots (I suck at taking pics of it, mostly because I'm the one sitting at the table creating the lights (with Bryson, who really created and is amazing) and making sure everything is going ok) of the show and behind the scenes.

In these two shots we were working on spacing the kids in the opening number.  It was the first day in the theatre.  Our set was super rocktastic and cool this year.
Opening song was "Freak Flag" from Shrek. 
It rocked!
That totally cute boy up at the tippy top in the red shirt is my nephew Hayden.  His twin Harrison is the one with his back to you in the striped shirt at the bottom.  This was their last year and session ever of workshop.  We will miss them tragically!

Jer and I backstage during first workshop.
It was SO GREAT having him back as a director. 
We missed him the last 3 years.

Jer with his small ensemble group.
They did "Magic Foot" from Spelling Bee.
It was cute.
The kids are cute!

Me and my darling Chandler.
Love this girl!

On the Saturdays we had 2 performances.
The kids got to come to the afternoon shows.
They were SO GOOD, and loved it!
Between shows we went out to Pita Jungle (YUM!)
When, just WHEN did Maggie get so old?
I do realllllly love this pic though.

So typically Max.
That kid is crazy.
And hilarious.
And currently, INSISTS on sleeping on the floor, next to Maggies bed.
You know why?.....because he's TERRIFIED of the freaking fire alarm.
The fire alarm, on the cieling, above his bed.  It has a wee little green light.
Apparently it's evil and will come alive and eat him.
Wierdest fear ever.
Hope a scorpion doesn't happen by.

Anyway, Workshop turned out fantastically this year!  Really proud of allll the kids and all their hard work.

Glad it's over.
Looking forward to next year.

Jazz squares and spirit fingers,



alison said...

hey....those fire alarm lights can be REALLY freaky. sometimes it looks like a big green eye staring RIGHT AT YOU. i think it's sweet that he feels safe with maggie :)

and you GO with your bad workshoppin' self! i don't know how people coordinate stuff like makes me tired just thinking about it! but i DO love me some spirit fingers so that would make it all worth it!

Kristina P. said...

You guys are practically the Mormon Osmonds! Oh, wait...

jen said...

I hesitate to even mention this.
Where was Lily in all of your fantastical footage?
There. I said it.
Although I took enough pictures for the rest of time . . .

Peggy Van Patten said...

I know you have sooooo busy, BUT I sure have missed your bloging. Glad to see you back. MORE MORE MORE......

Chandler Brooke said...

Am i soo spesh, that i am JUST looking at this!? i feel so honored im in your blog! :) you guys are my fav! & YAY for Voice lessons starting tomorrow!