Saturday, July 9, 2011

The "Sting"

It was June....I was buried in workshop, and it meant I didn't get to spend a lot of time with my kids.  They instead got to spend most of their time at Grammas house and at Aunt Jennys.  Not gonna lie when I say, it hurt my feelings just a little bit when Maggie said "I want you to stay at workshop always."  "I LOVE playing at Grammas and Jennys and I HATE being home."  Ummmm OUCH!  Anyway...not the point of the story.

I was between numbers with kids and picked up my phone in the office.  The text went a little something like this. "Ummm, Maggie just got stung by a scorpion in my closet.  I'm really sorry."  "She's being really tough."   What am I s'posed to do with that?  I just had to take her word for it that she was ok.  And then I relied on the knowledge that my nephew had been stung several times in the weeks previous and was fine.  And then I just felt bad that she'd been stung.  I mean, you're not gonna die from a scorpion sting, but it HURTS really, REALLY bad.  Apparently Maggie said to Jere, "I was playing hide and seek and that scorpion was just playing STING."  And to make matters worse, that darn scorpion stung her on her BUM!  RUDE!  She came home with a small ice pack on her bum that she insisted on wearing in her shorts for the next 2 days (even though it had long lost its cold).  And I must say, she really WAS a trooper.  But, to add insult to injury this was the last in a string of stings.

The week before she was out in the pool at Grammas house and got stung by a bee.  Which was tragic only because the week before THAT she got her first bee sting at Gramma Dars house.  Seriously?  Three times in three weeks she got punched by mother nature.

The good news here is....she's not allergic to any of that.  AND, she has shown she got my pain threshhold and took it like a champ.  Thank goodness!

Good thing she's a tough pirate "hooker". hehe

Speaking of "the sting."

I have lived in Arizona for 38 years (well, minus 2 years between my mission and living in Utah) and I can honestly say I've NEVER seen a scorpion in any home I lived in or was in.  I know they're around.  I have friends and family members who have dealt with them.  But NOT ME!  Until...........................last week.

We had lived in the new house for exactly 1 day.  I was in the kitchen, Jere went into our bathroom, and suddenly I heard a "HOLY SHIIIIIIT" and then he came running.  I asked what the problem was and all he could say was....."scorpion, SCORPION, we have a scorpion."  So, I went back there and sure enough, there it was....scurrying across the bathroom floor.  Much to his credit, in spite of him being a hot mess of fear, he got a jar and caught that hideous thing.


Tracie said...

Poor Maggie!! She definitely is a trooper! What I would have given to see Jere catch a scorpion...hahaha! Here's hoping for no more scorpions!

alison said...

ummmm...he CAUGHT the thing??? we have never had a scorpion in our house before, but i'm thinking it would fall under the same category of snakes and spiders (and mice!) and would necessitate in being squished, smashed, stomped on, KILLED. please tell me you extinguished that nefarious creature lest it sting your child's bum....i don't think maggie could take a fourth attack in one month!

p.s....i took a picture of a kid yesterday that i am going to send to you. when i saw him, i almost yelled "MAX"!!! but then i realized that there was no way it was max so i saved myself the embarrassment and just went all paparazzi to take his picture with my cell phone since i knew neither him nor his hovering mother ;) you may look at the grainy, poor quality picture and be all, "that looks NOTHING like my precious baby!"....but after i risked life and limb to aqcuire photographic evidence of what i believe to be your kid's'd better be saying, "holy crap that kid stole my kid's face!"

Kristina P. said...

I used to see a lot of scorpions in St George, but I haven't seen one in a while. They are proof Mario Lopez is pure evil.

Jen West said...

oh man, sorry for the stings! now, for the sting removal... slice an onion in half, score the cut side several times to make it good and juicy and rub on the stung spot. seriously, it removes the pain. we tried it first when we were attacked by a swarm of bees at a reunion and then, again when a scorpion got my husband on the hand. each time, the pain went right away, but with the scorpion, the numbness still lasted for several days. hope you never have to test it, but chances are, someone with you will, sometime. good luck!

Greg and Tammy said...

DANG she must be a super star pain warrior to survive bee stings and a scorpion stink without major child therapy!! One tough cookie. Glad she is OK.