Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trash to Treasure Tuesday

It was a close call folks.  This post almost didn't even happen.  For whatever reason, our wireless router decided to take a dump and die.  No internet for TWO.WHOLE.DAYS, it was nearly death. NEARLY!  Thankfully, my fine brother in law Adam came by and not only fixed the internet, but he also killed a giant cockroach.  That guys a keeper FOR SURE!

So, what to show, what to show???  I've done another table this week, and I've also created a message board.  Oh, and fun.....I got myself two new FREE chairs which I shall be making over shortly.

Alright, I'll posed this question:

What do you get when you take a FOUR DOLLAR frame.....

You guys....I found this HUGE, solid wood frame at Hobby Lobby, in a very magical aisle full of things 90% off.  FOUR BUCKS, are you even kidding me here?  I can't even get a plastic 4 x 6 at Walmart for that much.
Anyway, a little black spray paint and we were good to go.

With this little bunch of materials?

Ok, first I have to show this as the BEFORE:
It just looked messey.  And sorry, this was the only pic I could find that sorta showed the area.

ANYWHO......what you get is THIS smashing Message Board:

So, for somewhere around $21.00 I made the whole board.  As opposed to the $100.00 that the store wants for something that big.  I love having the white board to write on, and the cork to attach the calendar and things too.  And I really love having the keys underneath there.  Everything just feels cleaner.  YAY!

There was also this  BEFORE:

This was on my living room wall.  In this house, it just needed a wee little makeover.


Just a quicky coat of ocean breeze, or something like that.  This is a sneak peek at what is going on in my "new" living room.  It's coming together nicely, but still changing daily.

And finally, because you don't really care, I'm gonna show you my laundry room/pantry anyway.

It's hard getting a good shot, so you get the true feel for how big it is.  Just know that the pictures go in order around the room.  This one is standing outside the door, looking in.  Whatever, don't mock.  I know you can see that much. hahaha

I actually missed a corner full of shelves that holds more supplies, wrapping paper, bags, etc.  This mess is the "craft" corner.

I just sincerely love how much space I have in there, and how much CRAP i can put in there.

And THAT concludes our treasures and tour for the day.

Peace in the ghetto,



LadyCarma said...

Besides your creative crafts skills, you are an master at organization. A girl after my own heart. You made it sing, looking at your photos. Thanks for sharing.

Kristina P. said...

Nice! I bought a wooden word for my mantle and probably painted it about 4 times before I found a color I really liked with it.

Minky {moo} said...

Woman you are rocking these projects. Also you're like the Army. You get more done before 7 am than I get done in a whole day.

alison said...

i am drooling over your pantry right now (which can't be good for my computer screen). seriously, i dream of a storage space that large and fabulous! i'm pretty sure you talked about other stuff in this post, but my brain is too busy coveting the awesomeness that is your pantry square footage ;) **besides, you KNOW that i love the board and the "v" and pretty much everything you do because you are rockstar mc-craftyperson!