Monday, July 18, 2011

Well.....her name AIN'T Grace!

You know the fear right?  The one where you trip and fall in a rather unfortunate situation.....we've ALL had it.  You're walking on stage, in front of a large group of people and you suddenly turf it.  You feel utterly stupid, and horrified.  It's one of those things on the list of "most" embarassing. (One that I have done in spectacular fashion)

Well, today, Maggie completely got to check that off her list.  Which I say, thank goodness she took care of it at 4, as opposed to 24.

This morning Maggie was the reverence child in church.  What that means is, she stood up at the pulpit with her arms folded as everyone walked into church.  She is there to "remind" people to be reverent.  Of course we were running late and we got there only 5 minutes before church started.  Which in the history of our ward would have been like 10 minutes early because we NEVER start on time.  But today, TODAY we have a new Bishop and darn it, he started smack dab ON TIME!  So, her moment of reverent glory was short lived.   It's ok, at least she willingly went up there and did it.  Anyway, Bishop thanks Maggie for her reverence and then excuses her.

Here is where things take a turn.

She walks across the stand, gets to the steps (there are 2), puts her hands out to hold the sides and then in the blink of an eye she was "ass up in the neighbors yard."  (please name where that quote comes from).  Literally, her feet flew out from under her and she was on her back with her dress all askew.  She just laid there, and I, being the horrible mother that I am, could NOT stop laughing.  She wasn't crying, and she wasn't hurt, lest you think I'm THAT horrible.  I got up and picked her up and asked if she was ok.  Yep, just her pride totally hurt.  She stood there with her purse up in front of her face, hoping the world couldn't see her.(I understand little one) I brought her back up to sit by me on the stand (I lead the music in church).  She sat nicely beside me, while I tried my DARNDEST to stop giggling and lead the opening song.  During the Sacrament she said she wanted to go sit down with Daddy.  I told her to go ahead, then she asked me to go down with her, which I couldn't do (not in the middle of Sacrament).  I told her no, but she could go.  Then she said, "but I don't want those stairs to make me fall again."  I assured her if she went carefully that she would be ok.  You shoulda SEEN how gently she took those steps.  And the relief on her face as she cleared them and then ran to the safety of Daddy.

Yep, homegirl is definitely her Mothers daughter. 

Whatever you do, just don't call me "Grace."  'Cause I ain't got it, and neither apparently does my girl.

Slips and slides,



Amanda said...

I will never my child Grace, for fear of this! I have had one too many spills that resulted in broken and sprained arms and wrists... Grace .... not in this house! We do it in STYLE!

Glad she's okay.. I'm sure she will have forgotten about it until next Sunday when she has to stare those stairs in the eyes again.

Thanks for the morning laugh... with you---not at Maggie.

Amanda said...

*name.. totally forgot this word in there.

Kristina P. said...

I'm laughing and I wasn't even there!

The Brinkerhoff's said...

Oh poor Maggie!! I totally did the same thing but in HIGH SCHOOL my JR. Year... So not fun, but totally funny now looking back

Pini said...

Ok, is it wrong to laugh as hard as I have been, while reading this? I feel as if I need to apologize for getting such a kick out of this post. Poor girl. The whole purse in front of her face thing was a very smart way to hide out! Darling! Your stories are da best! Thanks for the picture! :)