Monday, July 11, 2011

Trash to Treasure Tuesday...the house tour begins

Ladies and Gents (oh yes, there are TOTALLY gents who read this)  (Hey Sterling, what's up).  We have now officially been IN the new house for 2 weeks now.  Not gonna lie, everything was unpacked and decorated almost BEFORE we officially moved in.  So, it hasn't been a horrible transition period or anything.  I got a new project finished in the kitchen tonight, well almost finished and it will soon be ready for a reveal.  My living room is a major work in progress, so it won't be ready any time soon to share.  However, the kitchen came completely ready made for me.  I literally did not have to do anything (well, minus the wall I'm working on) and my bedroom....well, I just transfered my redo from one house to the other.  So, I am going to share a small piece of "trash"  and then tour the kitchen and my bedroom.  Pretty excited aren't you?  Yes, i thought so.

A few weeks before we moved in I decided I needed a little something next to the garage door that leads into the kitchen.  I mean, a girl has GOT to have somewhere to throw her purse and sunglasses for Heavens sake.  So, I meandered into my fave Mesa Thrift.  I had no idea what I was looking for.  I generally don't.  Things just sorta find me, or inspiration hits after I see an item.  If you've never been in there, they have their furniture section so incredibly tightly cram packed, it's a wonder one ever finds anything.  I perused the merchandise, made my way around once.  Then, on my second pass, I noticed this ugly, wee table literally tucked/shoved way back under some other stuff.  I thought the dimensions seemed good, so I dug it out.  The price was so redonkulous that I didn't care WHAT I did with it, i was going to buy it.  For FIVE dollars I had this ugly little table and away we went.

Someone with some tragic design taste and some lacking spray painting skillz had clearly thought that white with silver legs was a winning combo.  I begged to differ.
This, my friends, is a sewing machine table, sans the sewing machine.

Anyway, I busted out my fave black spray paint, Rustoleum, semi gloss black and went to work.  Well, after I spray primed it of course.  It took all of 5 seconds of my life, and now, it's the perfect little resting spot for my purse, sunglasses, mail, garbage, whatever.

Yep, that feels better.

Doesn't my purse look so happy on it's home?
I do hate garbage cans, wish I didn't have to look at them.  And they look espcially bad in pictures.  Ewww!

Anywho.....since we're in the kitchen, may as well show you a portion of my "palatial" cookingdom.  Seriously, every time I walk in there I sorta giggle and think to myself "I have a HUGE kitchen.  I'm such a real grown up now." Plus, it's pretty, so that's fun.

First....let's just discuss that I have granite, and it's real pretty.
Not that having granite was ever important to me, because honestly, it wasn't.  And I really like formica.  I'm not picky or all that fancy.  BUT, this was here, and it's pretty and I realllllllly do like it.  I also love that there is a huge granite backsplash.  No gross food splatters on the walls, just wipe down the granite.

Let it be said, that even I, of Amazonian stature, require a step stool to get to the shelves in these cupboards.  They are TALL!  I have so much cupboard storage and space that I have empty shelves.  I was finally able to bring out boxes of dishes that were in my shed for 2 years.  I can clearly see everything I have, for the first time, EVER!  Plus, I like the cool glazing technique that the people did on this.

I'm trying to do a 360 degree look of just this part of my kitchen.
Lest I need to remind you, photography is a skill I fall rather SHORT on!
That's my pretty fridge that I only paid $250.00 for.  AWESOME!
I adore the sink, it's super deep and wide and the faucet is great too.

Oh hey there pretty island, and cooking corner of the kitchen.
I feel like I have to walk so far to the fridge, or garbage, it's funny.
I'm used to rather smallish, tight kitchen spaces.
Eventually, when I'm super cool, I will get some kind of hanging light fixture, or pot rack light thing to hang over the island.  Plus, I'm working on getting a couple of bar stools.

That little wall is part of a closet.
It's scarey in there.
I love that wreath.  Miz Jenee bought that for me when Jer and I moved into our first apartment.

This little wall is between the living room door and the hallway.
I can't wait to be able to show you the eating area.  As i said, I'm finishing a project for that wall.  It's looking good.
My table is redonkulously too small in there now.  It looks a bit dwarfed in the space.  I'm totally on the hunt for a big round table.
Let me know if you see one.

Ok, this is long enough.  Tomorrow I'll share the bedroom, and perhaps the other half of the kitchen/great room/music room.

In truth, this move has been very emotionally hard on me.  I was in NO way ready to leave our sweet little house on Nina.  I didn't want to leave the neighborhood, the ward, or the house.  Yesterday, I went back over to the old house to get the rest of my cleaning supplies and wipe down the cupboards and counter tops one last time.  I was by myself, and I walked through each room, shed a few tears and said goodbye to that wonderful little house and thanked it for giving us 2 amazing years.  And I realized...."holy crap, that house is small."  Everything that seemed just right, or perfect, and big enough was suddenly SO SMALL!  I was finally grateful for the new house.  Happy with the bigger space.  OK with where we are.
It was a big moment.
Still miss my neighborhood per say, but at least they're all still really close.
And at least now....I have a garage.
I think I'm gonna like it here.

Spray paint and shiny counters,



Greg and Tammy said...

Looks FANTASTIC!!!! I can't wait to see it in person!!

The Bipolar Diva said...

beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

seriously, you have the best kitchen ever. also, i had a dream that you were my voice teacher again! it was beautiful! <3

Kim said...

I love the house! It's amazing!! So happy for you and your family!

Kristina P. said...

I love the feel of your kitchen. It feels so homey!

Becky said...

A sewing table? Really? My sister is looking for one. I can't believe you found one for 5 bucks! Lucky! :) (And the table is lucky you got a hold of looks great!)

LanaBanana said...

that sewing table is cute, and would have been the perfect size for Dixie when we were hunting for a sewing table for her guest room. :) I had not a clue of where to search. Never been to Mesa Thrift--I'll have to check it out.

The kitchen is fabulous! love it.

Wendy said...

I heart your kitchen!!

Wow!! Life just keeps getting better and better over there!

Amazing cabinets, counter tops are gorgeous, and the island fabulous!