Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The House Tour Continues....

I like to call this part....."the music room."  Hehehehe  If I act like it's grand, then it will BE grand, right?  There is no denying, my kitchen/music room/eating area is a large room.  I enjoy it, I do.  But, classifying it as it's own "room" is stretching it a BIT.

Anywhodle, here it is.  That door over there is my big phat laundry room. And there is no denying, it IS a big laundry room/pantry, craft supply room, etc.  If I can shove it in there, I will, and I HAVE!  I'll show you a picture someday.

Oh, here is how it looked BEFORE!!

Brick, IN MY HOUSE.  Don't ya just love it?

Here she is AFTER:

Getting a 2nd bookshelf (thank you IKEA) for all my actual music has made me so happy.

In a former life, before children, we used to have a guest room/office.  Said room was decorated completely with framed playbills (we have LOTS) and paintings/pictures of New York.  It was cool.  Jere has been waiting for 4 years for an opportunity to display the playbills again.  I chose some of our MOST favorite to go on this one little wall.  I'm enjoying them there.
Someday, when I get ambitious, I'm gonna paint our bathroom, and I will use playbills to decorate the walls in there.  Wierd.  A little.  But, still cool.

Shot from across the room.
I'd show you the eating area wall, but I'm waiting on some last touches.
Wish I had a new, ROUND table.  But, that'll have to come in time.

Oh hello backyard shot.  Yes, yes that is a pool.
The kids LOVE it.

And now, I show you my bedroom.  Puhlease, you didn't think I had enough patience to drag this out slowly.  It is WELL known, patience is NOT a virture I possess.  Sad but true.

A small BEFORE pic.  Amazing how much white paint can change a look.

Lets just get one thing is IMPOSSIBLE to get a good shot of my bedroom.  While it is bigger than my last, it has an awkward angle problem and I just could NOT get a good shot of my bed.  Sorry.

You will bed no longer sits under a window.  So, this necessitated a slight change up in the box layout of the trim, AND, I had to rethink my wall decore.
I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out.  Especially because I just sorta threw it up there on a whim.  Also, that is a block wall.  It made putting the trim work up a BIT of an issue.  But, I just nailed those pictures right on up there.  I didn't have time to mess with block.  I had crap to do.

Maggies dresser made its way into a whole new setup.

I finally got to hang my curtains.  AND, Jer has turned into a MAN with his mad blind hanging and curtain rod hanging skillz.  Wont lie, I'm pretty proud of him.

Still love this dresser.  And she looks fab in her new locale.

So, I had to stand as far back in my bathroom as I could to get this picture.  Ridiculous!  But, at least you get the idea.
I do really love my bedroom.......still.  It is a peaceful retreat.
I wish pictures could do the color ANY justice at all.

Alrighty then, there you have it.  I did forget to show you the closet wall, but you aren't missing too much.

Tomorrow I shall show you the kids room.  Perhaps a look in the laundry room too.
Oh, I KNOW.....the excitement is just freaking overwhelming!

Paint fumes and crazy dreams,



Jen West said...

I really do love seeing all your project. One day, I am going to be inspired enough to do one on my own... someday soon, I hope! Everything is so pretty, and I love the idea to frame the playbills.

alison said...

okay....SUPER jealous of the exposed brick, which i LOVE! and the playbills? awesome. just awesome. and a POOL???? seriously, the shoafs will be knocking on your door momentarily ;) also, i was contemplating asking my MIL if i could sand and repaint the dining room table red....couldn't remember where i had seen a red table that i loved, but there it is...right there in your dining room! and can i JUST mention the love i hold for your bedroom decor????? fab.u.lous. even on the second go-round :)

Kristina P. said...

I love it! It's very chic and cozy.

jen said...

Just posted a comment and it disappeared into cyberspace. Hmm.
Just suffice it to say, "LOVE it," and I need to see it.

Lene said...

the playbills on the wall? how perfect for your house.

Wendy said...

I can't get over how you were able to bring that gorgeous wainscoting from the other house, How did you do that?!!!

I am in love with this new house. I too am a huge fan of the exposed bricks. Amazing!