Monday, July 18, 2011

T-RASH to TREASURE Tuesday ya'll

It's that time of week again.......time to see whats I've been up to in re-do land.  I have been pretty busy, not gonna lie.  And i find it hard not to just show you everything at once.  BUT, I shall try to show some restraint, difficult as it may be.

This last week I got a lot of my living room done.  I think i'm pretty happy with the wall layout going on.  I painted a table, painted pieces on the wall, found some new pieces.  Painted a shelf, etc.  Yet, there is still so much to do, 2 more tables to paint, though I have a vision of a certain table I'm looking for, to fit in the corner and will be on the hunt.  STILL looking for fabric for my two faboo chairs that need to be painted and re-upholstered.  BUT, I guess that's good.  I will have plenty of projects to work on.

Anywho.......let me just look through my bag of tricks and see what I'm gonna share with ya.


Here it is....our "cawfee" table.  When we bought it 9 years ago, I was so madly, deeply in love with it.  I loved the color, loved the shape, loved it all.  And Jere was the coaster nazi.  I mean could NOT touch that thing without laying down a coaster.  It was kept spectacularly well.  Then....we had kids.

I rest my case.
Drink rings, deep gouges, scratches, missing knobs, etc.
Plus, if you look back at the pic above, all the way around the edges, the color had been worn off, because we may sorta use it as our ottoman too. had seen better days.  And also, I'm over all the dark wood.  Don't get me wrong, I still love dark wood and if I want wood, it will always be a choice for dark.  But, I'm just over it for now.  I want everything to feel lighter, brighter, cheerier.  Sooooo, I scrubbed it down (and by scrub I mean, I sprayed some TSP and half assedly wiped it clean) and spray primed it.

Here she is, all primed and ready to go.  Have i mentioned how much I love me a garage.  Somewhere covered, shaded and private to do all my painting.  AWESOME!


Hi you cute little white table with glass turquoisey knobs.
You're adorable, nice to meet you.
And I'll have you all know, I actually ROLLED this bad boy.  No spray paint.  I know, I know....WHO am I?

Now, I'm staring at it day after day and trying to decide if I should do my glaze work around the edges.  Not sure, but it just might happen.

And now, because you're all cute and good little audience members, I shall show you the finished project in the eating area.
Many thanks to Troy for his master craftsman skillz.


First of all , I get table is tragically to small in this space.  Don't even think i'm not on the hunt for a bigger, better more ROUND table.
Also, look how sad this room looks, so empty on that wall.  Before we moved in, I had this idea and huge desire to have a huge framed out area to display all my childrens "artwork."  My kid is in preschool for goodness sake, I got new pictures every other day.  And then there is all the drawing and painting they just like to do daily.  It was a constant mess on my refrigerator, or a constant placement in the circular file, ifyaknowwhatimean.


I like to think so.

Noone worry.  That IS Jeres just fantasmigorical handwriting.  He has the most beautiful penmanship.  Whilst I have, according to him, the scrawl of a serial killer (sad but true).

Oops!  Those cute little kids just sorta slipped in there.

Anyway, there you have it.  Next week, elements of the living room, and a look into another room.

Try not to pee your pants with anticipation.

Spraying and sweating,



alison said...

you didn't SPRAY PAINT that table?? i KNEW i was rubbing off on you ;) and jere does have fab penmanship...i can do lettering just fine, but my actual handwriting is rather serial killer-ish as well. apparently NO ONE human can decipher my signature either. but i have to sign my name about a bajillion times a day (and no, i am NOT a secret celebrity!) so i had to come up with something quick and easy peasy. i think your MVP masterpiece idea is a great way to showcase those two talented tots of yours :)

Kristina P. said...

I love the white with the blue knobs. I am a big fan of white furniture.

Amanda said...

You're killing me here, I have to show restraint. I might have to skip your Tuesday posts, my wallet is empty, empty I tell ya!

gorgeous table though... hope you get that table soon--poor room does look rather sad. Is that the table you had just gotten too? can't remember..

Minky {moo} said...

Woman! You're amazing! I love what you're doing, you're getting really good. I am still in awe of your new kitchen island. I told TOTT all about it. Genius.

WhisperingWriter said...

I am so amazed with how you can transform things!

The Atomic Mom said...

The table really looks great.

One day we'll get there to see it all! :)