Thursday, July 28, 2011

And away we gooooo.....

SO MUCH has been going on, so many little things to talk about and NO time to do so.  I'm here to say this....Max is on a personal quest to destroy his face and his brain apparently.

Yesterday, at a playdate with friends, a mere 15 minutes in, I watched as he came tra la la-ing down the stairs and then suddenly caught air and faceplanted on the tile floor below.  There was instant crying, and it was that kind of crying that was total pain.  I ran over to him, and sure enough, some blood.  This has happened alot, some gum bleeding, or a little cut on the lip, etc.  But, i could see right away this was very different.  There was A LOT of blood.  Like giant droplets on the ground, on his clothes, gushing blood.  I ran him into the kitchen and worked on him with wet paper towells for awhile.  I could see that this was not your ordinary lip cut, it was HUGE, deep, hideous.  It took him awhile to stop crying and even longer to stop bleeding.  Eventually we got it to stop, and he carried around his cute little flower shaped ice pack, attached to his lip for the rest of the day.  He's a trooper.

Wanna see it?'s gross.

His reaction to seeing this picture is hysterical.  Any time he's seen it, he literally covers his mouth in horror and freaks out.  Also, please ignore the booger in his nostril.  Thank you.

I won't lie...if his perfect little lips end up permanently damaged, well, I just might not recover from that.

In other, on our excursion to Costco, he thought slamming his head into the bench at high force would be a most excellent idea.  It wasn't.
He slipped on his drink that he'd spilled all over the ground.  When he fell, I was up getting a refill on his drink and some more pizza for Maggie.  I heard the scream and cry and immediately felt panic.  When i got to him some lady was rubbing his head.  He hit the back of his head and there is a HUGE goose egg to prove it.  It was horrible, and sad.  He cried for a very long time and just kept saying Owie.  No kidding...OWIE!  I'm sure his head was spinning, his ears were ringing and the pain was great.  I finally got him to stop crying and we got ourselves home, after picking Jere up from work, cause I couldn't do this day alone anymore. 
Good news.....he has remained responsive and alert and playful.  He took a great nap, wherein Jere woke him up every 1/2 hr.  just to be sure.  We iced it for a couple hours and gave him tylenol.  By tonight he seems ok.  But, I tell you what.  SCAREY!

Anywho...personal vendetta on himself or not.  We are moving forward.

'Cause you wanna know what tomorrow is?

Tomorrow we leave for

To be with these people

Maggie woke me up this morning with complete sparkle and joy in her eyes and said:
"Mommy....only one more sleep until GREER!"
It may have been the cutest thing she's ever done.

Good news.  Greer did NOT burn down.  It came close.  Very, very close.  But, for the most part, it's still standing.  And that is all that matters.
So, try not to miss me too much whilst I'm off reading, taking walks, playing games and laughing in the cool weather.  That is if i can actually finish packing and be prepared to go.

Burn lines,green trees and busted lips,


In case anyone is still worrying over "what the suck".  I would like to report, with a little sheepish embarassment, that ALL worked out with minimal money and or pain.  My fabulous bro. in law Troy came over after work and found that the garage was simply a tripped safety lock.  It was fixed in an instant.  Then he set his sites on the shower.  After some vicious hacking, clanging, unscrewing and banging, he got the pipe free and was able to put in a new pipe.  So for a mere $15.00 the shower problem was fixed.  Like I said, I feel a little stupid admitting that, maybe, just perhaps I overreacted a bit.  But please, when you're in the moment, and you're super stressed about owning a house, and money and two things are suddenly "broken" it FEELS like the end of the world.  And i had to get it off my chest.  BUT, alls well that ends well.  And no children were harmed in the moment.  Thanks for all your sweet comments and concern.


LadyCarma said...

It is good to have happy endings. Thanks for the rant! When I was a young mom and went panic when my children hit their heads, a wise medical person told me that an outward swell (goose egg) was the safe kind. If the hit head does not produce a swelling outward, THEN you need to seek medical attention as the inward swell might affect the brain and such. Just saying....
You did good in all the things you did for Max and his head bump. Still scary no matter what kids do.

Kristina P. said...

Ack! His lip looks terrible!

I can understand feeling like your whole world is breaking. It's still stressful!

Poppy said...

Glad he didn't need stitches, cause in his lip? Yuck! Something about little boys....

Hope you are having a great time!

Minky {moo} said...

Why do our toddler boys try to destroy all the beautifulness we worked so hard to create??

I don;t think you overreacted at all. I would've had a flat out technicolor flip out.