Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100% And Lovin IT!

Ta Da!  My bedroom.  Where the Magic Happens.  Love Palace.  Whatever!  Here she is in all her splendor.

Let us just have a brief reminder.


A 360 degree view (as best i could with my crappy camera)

Wreath, lamps and curtain in place.
The curtain isn't totally what I want yet, but it works for now.

Love the addition of the small bluey flower with the old key hanging from it.  Nice pop of color.

I painted the closet knobs the same black metallic color..
That lantern on the dresser I bought at Big Lots 9 years ago.  LOVE when old things work out.

Jeres corner of the world. Prob cleaner than its ever been.

Le sigh.  My dresser makes me happy now.
My friend Chris (designer of the wall there) came into town.  When I gave him the reveal, he gasped.  Then he said  I have ALWAYS hated your dresser and your mirror.  I wanted to buy you a new one.  But now, NOW I love it.
Thanks Chris.

So, my buddy Allison over at Random Pockets of Chaos (sorry, to lazy to link) made a comment about seeing it HGTV style.  I laughed at her.  Then I thought, I COULD video it.  That had never occurred to me before.  So, here is my crappy 1 minute attempt of doing a 360 of my bedroom.
All for you girl, ALL for you!

Now....I swear this is the last time I will bother/bore you with pictures of my bedroom.  It's done.  It's over.  I get it!

Thanks for humoring me along the way.

Bedrooms and boudouires (seriously don't know how to spell that word),


P.S. Just finished doing my taxes.  Not as good as last year, but still pretty darn good.  Sigh of relief.


The Wizzle said...

Yay! It really is a huge improvement. Having a nice bedroom is underrated!

Hilarious comment about the dresser, by the way. Real friends tell it like it is!

Tractor Mom said...

It looks great! Now, what kind of "magic" are we going to make....

alison said...

*GASP* for ME??? a video for ME???? (except that it didn't work. sads. probably because i'm sneaking onto your blog from my computer at work. school district filters probably block any and all things cool. i shall witness all of your HGTV 360 glory from the comforts of home later!) i LOVE the picture wall....i think that's my favorite thing. and your jewelry holder frames. and your dresser. and the wainscoting! heck, i just love everything that you've done. it looks very sleek and cozy and posh and everything that MY bedroom isn't ;) ya done good, my friend!

Sabes said...

Love IT!!

Kristina P. said...

Rawr! Jere will never let you leave now!

BTW, when are you coming into town again?

H.A.M. Fam said...

looks wonderful!! Great Job...now if it could just self clean daily to keep it looking that good all the time!

jen said...

I'll have to see it in person.
And my first response when I saw the first picture? What's with the curtain? Glad it's still in the works.
Everything else is quite splendid.

Cookie Mama said...

Super love it! I mean really it was amazing before but with a 360 degree view, WOW!

Julie said...

Lovely! Very nice job!

Laraine Eddington said...

Beautiful. Kinda makes you want to go to bed doesn't it?

Nicole said...

I saw your bedroom transformation over at the Better After blog. I just had to come check out your blog. I love love love your room!!!