Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Burritos demise....

So yesterday, while I was teaching a lesson, and Jer was in the bedroom working on some homework, the kids were left to fend for themselves.  This was actually after about eleventy bajillion interuptions to my poor lesson.  Maggie likes to do the warmups along with the students.  Then, sometimes she just likes to sit and stare at them.  Other times, she has a million things that she NEEEEDS to talk to me about.  Max is just, well max.  So, after shooing them off at least ten bajillion times they were gone.  And I ridiculously thought they were just in their bedroom destroying it.


What Jere walked in on was a scene right out of a horror movie (and by horror movie, I mean, Moms worst nightmare).  There was Maggie shoving HAND TOWELLS down the TOILET!  Yeah.  Mmm hmmm.  TOWELLS DOWN THE TOILET.  And while shoving said towells....flushing.  And the both of them laughing and giggling and ahving the time of their lives.  Very much to his credit, he didn't kill them on the spot.  Instead he sent them to their room and went and took 10 deep breaths.  The best part was, when he walked in, and Maggie was holding the towell, she immediately pointed to Max and said "MAX did it."  Silly girl.  She also confessed to flushing a play fork and her baby bottle (for doll) down the toilet as well.


After I was done teaching Jere gave me the rundown.  So now I had to have a sit down with the offenders.  And give them the whatfor.  First there was the scold, then the questioning, then I made them clean up the whole house, then the threats.  I told Maggie that IF we had to call a plumber, due to foreign objects clogging the toity then I would take all the money from her piggy bank to pay for it.  MEANEST Mom EVER!  She was beside herself at the thought of this.  But still was throwing off some "i don't care vibe."  So, I took 5 bucks out of her piggy bank right then and handed it to her Dad.  She truly came unglued.  Giant crocodile tears pouring down her face, telling me how wrong and unfair this was.  Then, when he left with the money, she asked if she never flushed again if she could earn the money back.


Right, so that whole thing was a lead up to tonight.  I mean really, you'd THINK that a lesson was learned.  We made them SWEAR to never flush anything down the toilet again.  We talked about why and how it was bad.  We punished...I thought we'd covered our bases.

Apparently not.

I had been gone most of the day, and when I was finally coming home I just grabbed a couple of burritos from Taco Bell for their dinner.  I know, Mother of the year right here people.  Mother.OF.THE.YEAR!

I handed them their burritos and shockingly...they weren't all that thrilled.  To be fair, they were totally distracted by Brooklyn and her silly antics.  Anywhodle, they'd take a bite here or there, and then go play, and then come back.

At some point Maggie came in and said..."Max said he put my burrito in the potty?"  I said  "No he didn't."(while quickly checking to make sure her burrito was still was).  But then I looked closer at the table and HIS was missing.  I hadn't notice him walk off with it.  And then my mind started clickity clicking.

"Ummmm Max...where is YOUR burrito?"

"I flushed it down the potty?"

"You WHAT?  Did you REALLY flush your BURRITO down the potty?"

Smiling at me oh so cutely  "MM Hmm, I did."

I went and checked the bathroom.

YEP....water up to the rim of the bowl.  Clearly something not meant to be there was there.


My kid flushed his BURRITO down the toilet.

Clearly I need to work on my scare the crap out of them so they don't repeat the offense skills.  'Cause he thought it was a GREAT idea.

I did NOT!

On the upside....I plunged and all is in working order.  Well, for now anyway.  I have a feeling we'll end up suffering for that baby bottle and fork later.

It's a goooood thing I love that kid too much.

Burrito torpedos,



Kristina P. said...

Maybe you should have done an object lesson and literally flushed her $5 down the toilet.

And let's be honest, I would flush anything from Taco Bell down the toilet.

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

You seriously have the cutest children of all time!!! Oh, and sorry about your toilet. :)

WhisperingWriter said...


Natalie once tried to flush an entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet. That wasn't fun.

Taylor Morris said...

You should give them both a swirly.

The Atomic Mom said...

I'm sorry. Have you tried baby door knob thingers?

Saije Wright said...

OH MY GOSH!! Bahaha oh Allison that is horrible! The little stinkers. They really are too cute, you'd never guess how mischevious they really are from just lookin at them. A whole burrito down the toity though? haha sick.

Laurel said...

Your kids need an intervention! So funny!
Loved you chair make over.

Jules said...

I'm with Taylor on this one. Haha

Crandell Fam said...

This was one funny write up! Those dang kids! Why they possibly think these things are good ideas is beyond me! :)

Andrea said...

That was funny! I think I will take Taralee and her scissors to Max and his burrito torpedo anyday!

alison said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! but honestly...isn't that where a taco bell burrito is almost immediately destined for anyhow? ole max boy was just cutting out the middle man ;)