Saturday, March 26, 2011

I wanna Remember....

I think I may have said it a time or maybe two, but Max just makes me FILLED with love and happy.  He cracks me up and he's so dang sweet.  I just needed to write down a few things before they get forgotten.

Now THAT'S a filthy face only a Mother could love.
A combination of cocoa krispies, dirt, snot and sweat.
He is SUCH a boy.

Here are some of my favorite things he does right now:

**He LOVES to talk about what we've done.  As in...
"Mommy benember (remember) we went to Peeper Piper and played?"
"Benember we went to the party?"
He's sorta like Chris Farley in that SNL skit "you remember that one time when we ate cheese.  Yeah, that was awesome."
So, the other morning, we were sleeping on Julies bed (long story) and he literally opened his big blue eyes, rolled over and the first thing out of his mouth was...
"benember last night we went to gramma Dars?"
"Yes, I remember"
"And benember I put suckers in my hair?"
"Yep, I remember that too."
"That was funny."
"Nope, not so funny.  But you ARE cute."

Then I may have smothered him in kisses for his cuteness.

**He also loves to make sure that we all know we are loved.  Very randomly, and very often.  And it isn't limited to just those of us in the house.  Friends of mine may come over, and he will very openly say...."Hey Kalli.....I LOVE YOU."  "Melissa, I love you."  And he expects a response too.

**He has started to become a little opinionated on what he wears or not.  Everytime I pull a shirt out and start to put it on he says "does it have buttons?" And if I say no, then all is well.  If I say yes, there is a battle.  Apparently, he doesn't love the polo, or buttons.  But he DOES love all things Mickey Mouse and only wants to wear Mickey Mouse shirts everyday.  Thankfully, his cousin Jayce has passed down at least 4 shirts with Mickey mouse on them.  Phew!

**His obsession level over Justin Bieber is a little ridiculous.  It may be bordering on EPIC.  And he has zeroed in on ONLY Baby Baby.  He doesn't have a lot of patience for all the OTHER songs.  He will go in his room and push play on the cd player over and over and over and over to re-listen to the song.  He knows the words and sings along as well.  And he regularly tells me that he loves Justin Bieber and he benembers seeing the Justin Bieber movie as well.

**He will randomly start using this wierd, low growly voice, which he thinks is hysterical.  You can ask him something, and suddenly he's answering ala "redrum" from the Shining.  He will laugh and laugh when I ask him to stop and talk normal.

**His favorite way of responding to us these days is:
"Hey Max will you go get me this."
"Ok poopy Mommy girl."

"Max come and see me."
"Ok poopy Julie head."

**The Poopy word is just the ace in his bag of tricks.  Whenever he gets to see our little friend Navi (who he has a hot crush on and asks about alll the time) he busts out the poopy and she just laughs and laughs and laughs at him. 

**His love for Super Why knows no end.  It is the first thing he asks for EVERY day.  Never mnd that we only have five episodes taped.  He watches those same 5 incessently.  Pretty sure we have them memorized.  Thankfully, Little Einsteins runs a close second.

He will come in and ask...."Can I watch TV?  Just for a little minute."  Or when we're driving, he likes to say..."Mommy, don't go just for a minute, hold on just a little minute."

**Max can count to 10 all by himself, and likes to count things all the time.  He also knows the alphabet and loves to sing it, however off key it may be.

**He shocked me a month or so ago when he just started singing along, word for word all the songs we normally sing.  He'd never bothered to try singing with us.  But, there he was, reciting every word to Angels We Have Heard on High, and Temple and Maggies song, and several others.  His preference is to sing I Am A Child of God in snippets, at the TOP of his lungs wherever we are.  I'm fairly sure the people of Costco know when MAX is there. haha

**He still happily plays dress up with the girls, and today played happily with the Barbie while they had dolls.  But he also LOVES his chugga chugga choo choos.  That is what he calls trains.  Any train.

"Look Mommy, it's a chugga chugga."
"I wanna play with my chugga chuggas."

Don't know why he chose that, but it's sure cute.

**He's started to say prayers and it's really more than I can take.  The other night he was saying the dinner prayer and all was going along smoothly.  He was repeating what I said.  Then, I said sometihng, waited for his repeat.  No sound.  i said it again.  Again, no sound.  Finally, I opened my eyes and he was happily eating his salad.  Apparently my prayer was taking to long and he needed to get on that dinner.  Sometimes it takes ALL I have not to just bust out laughing.

**He LOVES, like LU-UHVES baths.  He asks everyday if he can take a bath, or if it's bathtime.  If I ever say, yes, or tell him, hurry up and then you can take a bath, he lets out this super high pitched "Wooo HOOOO."  And then feels it necessary to yell so pretty much the neighborhood knows, he gets to take a bath.

**He wants to play outside, and at the park always.  Anytime we pass a school playground, he asks if we can play at that park.  And he asks so sweetly, it breaks my heart to say no.
"Mommy, can we pway at the park?  Mommy, pwease?  Mommy, can we pwease, pwease, pwease pway at the park today?"  Seriously, kills me when I have to say no and he gets so sad.

**He has a ridiculous memory and can pull stuff out that even I don't remember.  The other day as we passed Carson pool, he pointed out there was a lot of water.  And there was a slide, and he could go down the slide.  When could we go swimming.  THEN, he says  "Morgan had a broken leg."  "benember Morgan broke her leg?"  I responded yes i remembered that.  He said "benember, she went down the slide and broke her leg."

UMMMMM, that happened in AUGUST, before he was even 2 years old.  And he's just pulling that out of thin air.  WOW!

He's awesome.

Anyway.......I just wanted to make sure to always "benember" this sweet time of his life.  And what a good little boy he is.  He is my bubbers forever and always.

You're the BEST my little Maximus.  Never forget that.


The Bipolar Diva said...

oh that's so sweet! It makes me miss my little boys now that they're big boys.

alison said...

oh's been so long since i wrote down any of chan's little phrases that he says. i need to get on that. i LOVE that max says "benember". i'll probably be saying that for the rest of the week because it's stuck in my head now!

Natalie said...

Sigh. It makes me want the little ones not to grow up! I LOVE "benember"...that is just beyond cute.

And my dad says all the time "that's a face only a mother could love!" ;)

The Atomic Mom said...

Max, I know you don't benember me, but we love you too. And if Baby James lived close by, I'm sure you'd be BFFs and play chuga-choos all day long togehter so your Mommies could gab.

DianD said...

I see by the picture that he is holding a balloon! I benember that he is fanatically crazy about them and is pretty sure the world will end if he doesn't get one everytime he sees one! :) Benember?!?!? Cute little smartie! Love him! Hope he always benembers that!

Minky {moo} said...

I'd seriously love to get your Max and my Max together. The conversations between the two would be awesome! I love it! He's so darling Allyson!

Helene said...

Awwwww, he is just all kinds of precious!!! One of my kids is obsessed with Super Why too. He wants to marry Princess Pea. Guess they could be obsessed with worse things, like my daughter completely into Justin Bieber.

Found you through Natalie's blog! I absolutely LOVED your guest feature over there!!

Laura said...

Stopping by from SITS. What a sweet post. It's hard to remember how wonderful these little things are until they start to disappear.