Monday, March 28, 2011

How was YOUR morning? I'll admit it.  I like my kids to go the heck outside and play once in awhile.  This isn't a crime.  For crying out loud, it's all KINDS of beautiful around here right now.  Unfortunately, my kids think I need to be present and watching their every move IF they go outside.  Doesn't this somehow nullify the beauty of THEM going out to play?  ANYWAY.......

So, it was early, the kids had been playing in the family room while I checked e-mail.  Then, they were outside.  I love the sound of kids playing and laughing, i really do.  The doors were open, I could hear them out there having a grand ol' time.  I went and checked, they were over at our neighbors driveway and another neighbor was out front with them.   Good times.

A few minutes later they came in with something that made my blood run cold.

There was marker all over their hands, and in their hands.  And one made some offhanded remark about writing with them.

"WHERE did you write with these markers?"

"Over there...(as they pointed to our neighbors)(hey there Saiije, what's up?)


"On the house?"

"You WHAT?"  "Why would you do that?"

"Because we wanted to." (That answer makes me insane!)

So, I marched over to see the damage.  It looked a little like this:

We begin with this delightful line of purple.  It's a bit like Harold and his purple MARKER showed up.  But you must give them props for their ability to color in that grout line to perfection.

Who doesn't love a little modern art by the front door?

Happy hearts and birdies.

Apparently the door needed a shot of color.

Not even the WINDOW was safe.

Or my filthy car.  Nope, NOT safe at all.

After a sound butt whoopin and sending Maggie to her room, Brooklyn to the couch, I figured out my next move.  First things first....gotta clean it all up.

Brooklyn lied to me, which made it a worse offense. So, SHE got to scrub all the marker off the house.  She and I went out there together and wiped away the evidence.

When Kat walked by and asked what we were doing, I had to inform her of the girls infraction.  She thought I was just being an extra nice neighbor scrubbing down their house.  Nope, just trying to erase the "evidence".

THANK HEAVENS they were crayola markers and not a sharpie.  Oh, THANK YOU for that.  It all washed off pretty easily and quickly.  And the house looks none the worse for the wear.  In can thank me later for that extra clean spot on your window sill Saiije.

Coloring catastrphes,



The Brinkerhoff's said...

Oh Bless your heart!!! I Hate those days!! Glad it all cleaned up

Kristina P. said...

Magic Eraser!

LadyCarma said...

Thank your lucky stars it wasn't your newly painted and decorated bedroom! What gets into kids? And why is it that the MOM has to be the one to do the cleanup?
I hope they learned a valuable lesson.

Saije Wright said...


YES!! Oh Allyson you should know that I was laughing even before I knew that it washed off okay hha! I'm sure the last thing you wanted to do was scrub my house today, sooo mucho gracias! Can't wait to be all awkward and ask maggie what she was up to today. It'll be so great. Haha. Seriously though, you guys really are the BEST!! =)

Still laughing..

alison said...

i laugh right out loud and extra heartily since it wasn't MY kids ;) nothing like a little impromptu artistry!! this right here makes me all the more happy that i live in the sticks without any neighbors...because you KNOW that ava would happily destroy someone else's property. it's what she lives for!

The Atomic Mom said...

And that is why markers are banned at my house for eternity!