Monday, March 7, 2011

Trash to Treasure Tuesday (and a quick poll)

Holy YIKES!  Is it already Tuesday again?  Whatever!  How did this happen?

So last week when Miz Jenee popped over for a quick visit, she blurted out "I LOVE Turnaround Tuesday", referring to "Trash to Treasure."  It cracked me up, and also....made me think.  Do I like that name better?  I mean really, Jenee is nothing if not completely creative and witty with words.

Shall I leave it  "Trash to Treasure Tuesday"   OR
Change it to  "Turnaround Tuesday".

Whatever, I know in the grand scheme it means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  There are starving children in Africa for crying out loud.  Libya is exploding and crap like that.  I get it.  Who cares what I name a stupid blog.  I'm just WONDERING, that's all.  Ok.  It makes ME feel better to have mindless stuff like this, cause then I don't have to think about Libya and Egypt and the whole Middle East and the fact that pretty soon I'll have to be walking everywhere because i can't afford the gas to even go see my neighbor.

So yeah, anyway, PLEASE VOTE!

Alright, I have news, and the news is this.  I'm not that excited about anything I have to show you this week.  Just a few little projects.  Can't post the pic of the Faboo lamp I found for Jer for FIVE bones.  Because I'm not done doctoring it up.  Can't post pics of my latest chair re-do, 'cause, well, i'm not in love with it yet.

So, this leaves me a picture frame and a trunk.  Meh, not much, but they'll have to do.

First, a little picture frame I picked up for a cool 100 pennies (ignore that price tag, it's a total LIE).  It was grotesque in its goldness.



A little white spray paint and some glaze and we've got something to look at.  Now it's on my photo wall in my bedroom, housing Jers parents wedding pic.

Next is a little ol' trunk I bought at Target like 8 years ago.  It sat happily housing a couple of pillows and a blanket as part of my decore.  However, the years and the children have been unkind to it, and it was looking a little worse for the wear.  I mean to start wtih.  Falling apart.  I finally took it out of my living room and thought I could make use of it somewhere in my bedroom.  My original idea was to paint it white and distress it some.  BUT, I also had the idea to use upholstery webbing on it, and that didn't look so good with white.  So, instead.....


Clearly this bad boy has seen better days.  So, I took off all the hardware, which meant that eleventymillion screws later, I was ready to paint.

A quick little spray paint of black, and then a not so quick cutting, measuring, gluing of the webbing and then an even more tedious of the re-screwing and I was finally ready.  (don't anyone worry that while I was busily creating, 5 children were destroying my house to the point it looked like a bomb had exploded.  No matter....they had the time of their lives being pirates, fighting "the bad guys" and running amok.  No children were harmed in the neglect of my project).


And that's all she wrote for this week.  I'll try to have something better for next week.

Meantime...I went and saw Body World tonight.  That was pretty cool.  And Maggie literally just started barking like a seal (coughing) from the bedroom OUT.OF.NOWHERE!  As in, hasn't coughed AT ALL in at least 2 weeks.  Didn't cought once today.  Then BOOM, 11:00 p.m. and the coughing extravaganza starts?  Not cool.  NOT COOL AT ALL!  She's gonna be out here soon, I can feel it.

Also, Jere is not in rehearsals for a show he's in at ASU.  EVERY NIGHT until 11:00.  LAME!

Peace out,



Kristina P. said...

Boom! Winning. I love what you're doing here.

I like your current name.

LadyCarma said...

I see the advance of each name, but Turnaround Tuesday has a cute ring in my ears.

Check out my blog site to see what I am redoing. Not quite the scale that you do, but taking something old and dirty and making it fresh and clean and fabulous looking. Today I am staining the wood in the kitchen to a coffee color, darker look to match the new granite transformation. More pictures will come.

jen said...

Girl, aren't you busy enough?

The Atomic Mom said...

Trash to treasure is my vote.

Denise said...

I am so impressed. If you ever need something to post about, I have a few chairs that need redoing and I will pay for everything and even watch your kids. I am sure you are that bored right?

Bryson Jones said...

Turnaround Tuesday is nice, but trash to treasure I think really enshrines what it is you are doing with that junk. Pretty cool. What show is Jere in now?

azandersens said...

Turnaround Tuesday definitely rolls off the tongue a little better, but it really doesn't matter as long as you alliterate, right? :) I am such a fan of gaudy gold frames, but I like what you did with it. Are you going to the zoo tomorrow? I haven't seen any info about it. Did she send home a paper? Need to clean out my van.

Pini said...

Good stuff, good stuff! You are so crafty! My vote is the original name. My son started coughing last night out of NOWHERE too! Boo I say! Boo.

Greg and Tammy said...

I like the shorter "Turnaround Tuesday" - although your original name is also clever and all of your projects are AMAZING!!!!

Grace Adams said...

Yeah, you are pretty much turning some trash into treasure, so that's my vote. That trunk is really cool.

DianD said...

Trash to Treasure is my vote...tells more clearly what you are doing! Love the chest! I'm so impressed that you keep re-doing until you get what you want, too. I'm sure I'd want to return it to Goodwill after the first failed attempt! Good for you!

Kellie said...

Trash to treasure has a dirtier feel, so of course it has my vote. Love your chest-er-THE chest.

LanaBanana said...

Trash to Treasure. Then it other names could be added to it when you're really feeling descriptive. Like "Ghetto Trash to Treasure" or "White Trash to Treasure" or "Trash Can To Treasure" (if you were re-doing a trash can...)

Lots of possibilities.

and I really love the look of that trunk!!

JerBear said...

Two things:
2. Turn Around Tuesday!!!

Cookie Mama said...

Awesome. How do you find these things at Goodwill? Clearly there must be two in our town because those treasures are not at the Goodwill I shop at!

ps Poor coughing Maggie, hope she feels better soon

pps Either name, I will still check in each week to see what craftiness you have created!

alison said...

ugh....i'm falling apart here. i could have SWORN that i commented on this. sheesh. anyhoodles...the picture frame i fab and i think the facelift on the trunk turned out pretty darned cool :) you, my friend, are impressing me! (and isn't that EVERY gal's ambition?!?!) i like both names....but i'm more partial to "trash to treasure".