Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Awww Biggest Loser, Why ya gotta go and do that to me?

So I'm sitting here, watching Biggest Loser from last night and I'm totally weeping.  Seriously?  Why does this show have to tug at my heart so?

What had me crying?  The sweet lady in the grey t-shirt that wanted to quit so bad.  She was in so much pain, you could see it, and she pushed through and she FINISHED a 5k, having never done anything. 


I could literally FEEL the agony in her hips and back as she struggled to take each step.  Her comment "I can't even walk through wal-mart" struck another chord.  I was literally at that point once in my life.  I would take a ridin cart in Wal-mart or Target.  I struggled to move from my car to my door.  Every step was agony.  The pain, the despair, the hopelessness.  So yeah, watching her fight and win just had me in a puddle.  I don't ever want to go back to "that girl" or that pain.  That's the one thing I know for sure.  But dammit, why does it ahve to be sooooo much work and so hard all the time?

Also, I NEEDED to see this today, 'cause i've been in a funk this week.  A total gym FUNK.  I have not gone for the last 3 days.  Hello?  Who am I, and what is my deal?  I know how much better I feel when I go, my day goes better, and yet, I just want to flip it the bird.

HAVE I MENTIONED I'M DOING A FREAKING TRITHLON IN 2 WEEKS?  Yeah, I really am, and I am not feeling so prepared this time around.

So, thanks Biggest Loser for reminding me what's important, and that being fat sucks and working out is great.

Since we're on the topic of this show, let's discuss.

The "commercials" when Bob or Jillian non-challantly start talking about the benefits of Extra, or ziploc bags, or Walgreens (what the hell was THAT) I just want to barf.  They are so blatant and stupid.  Thank heaven for DVR so I can fast forward all that crap.

Mike:  Scariest bozo fro EVER!  But, i really like him, and I'm extremely impressed with him.  That dude carries his weight so well.  AND, in all his bigness he ran 5 miles on the treadmill last week.  What is not to love about that?  Can't WAIT to see his makeover!  Do you think he's gay?  I don't, but several others have mentioned they think he is?  What are your thoughts here?

Daris: Second scariest white man fro going.  But, super nice, I quite like him.  Also, so excited to see his makeover.

Ashley:  TRAGIC body shape, I'm sad for her.  But, she's cute and I have grown to really like her.

Sam:  Hello, what is not to love about him?  He's cute, he's so nice and just a good guy.  He's got to already be at goal, which is sort of wierd.

Koli:  Again, what is not to love?  He is just so nice.  It's interesting how different tey are than Sione and Filipe. A lot mellower and calmer.

O'Neal:  I really like him.  However, sometimes I'm mildly creeped out by his oober relationship with his daughter.  I don't know why, it just seems a little much.  BUT, i'm glad they love eachother.  I'm just really proud of him, 'cause he's in a lot of pain all the time, and he's so determined to work through it.

Sunshine:  Meh, I just don't care that much.

The narrator:  WHO is that, and WHY does he have this job?  I hate his raspy wierd voice, it's annoying.

Bob:  I heart him so much.  He's adorable, and warm and fuzzy and a great trainer. 

Jillian:  I like her, I know she's good.  But seriously, the over exposure of her and all her "FIXING" the people like she's a full on psychologist, and the only one who  knows how to do this, sort of gets on my nerves.

Ok, I think I've said my peace here.  Now, back to watching them wrangle some cattle and then I get to teach some lessons.

Big booties and walkers,



Wendy said...

Biggest Loser Breakdown by Ally V. Loved it. Funny thing is the first time I saw " Ally V." on my caller ID I thought Holy Crap Ally Vincent from biggest loser is calling me, that is a surprise! ;-) We are BFF's cause she cut my hair once before she was on that show. Who is going to win???

jen said...

Never gotten into BL. But everything else is kinda sucking this season, so maybe it's time?
But I tell ya what, the cowboys better win AR. Because they are the only team I've ever seen that has NEVER been at each other's throats, even once.
Just Sayin'.

AndreaLeigh said...

i've also never gotten in BL. I have watched but it is one of those showed like extreme home makeover that just tug at my heartstrings too much.

congrats on your weight loss! good luck on the triathlon!

Jason and Kate said...

I was watching some of it today too and was shedding a few tears. And Sam even was crying when the gray lady crossed the finish line. I am about to go finish the rest of the show.

I'm doing SheRox too. Good luck!

Dixie Dixon said...

Oh how I love your blog. :) Truly loved your BL breakdown. You know what was so cute about O'Neal this last episode? When they were doing the 5k and Sunshine ran up to him and said, "Dad, how are you doing?" And he says with the biggest smile on his face, "Well, you know my knee situation, but I'm getting along. I'm doing alright." He's just so stinkin' cute. Grey lady made me cry too..and watching Sam cry watching her. All TOO cute! Mike=GAY. :) I like him, but he's so gay.

Mel said...

I haven't watched Biggest Loser this season, but Mike is sooooo gay. Like not just a little bit friend. I love him, but seriously friend...

I stopped watching it pretty early on because I just couldn't stand Melissa. Ugh.
Good luck on the triathalon. :)

alison said...

You didn't mention Allison? Is she still on the show as the "host" person, or has the raspy voice guy taken her place? Just wondering!

I am soooo proud of YOU! We will always have our ups and downs when it comes to motivation, but you have stuck to it! continue on sista! Because I would have eaten the entire plate of choc. chip cookies! Sure love ya!

Dana said...

I'm still all excited to have a big long comment on your Broadway shows blog and now I want to hash out Biggest Loser! Can't keep up. This is why I don't have my own blog, becuase I can't even keep up with my sisters! Sheesh. I guess I'll just call you on the phone. :-)

Mike - Gay , Really grown to like him.
Daris - soo nice/good (like)
Sam - perfection
Koli - All I see is Merlin's face, sometimes it makes me miss him so much.
Ashley - she's grown on me, but not my favorite
Oneal - genuinely love him. (misjudged him in the beginning)
Sunshine - GAG, Blech!!

I cry every week and I feel inspired and happy with how far I've come, but excited with where I can go.

MOSTLY - Walgreens?!?!? Really??? That was the most ridiculous thing in 8 seasons!!

Your blog just keeps getting better really.....(along with your swearing!)