Monday, April 5, 2010

To answer your questions....

Right.  So here's the deal, I actually have so many little things to talk about, pictures to show that I'm overwhelmed. Therefore, I am just going to answer a couple of questions that have been posed by concerned readers.  Because you know, that's entertaining...right?

1.  Several of you were RATHER concerned with the well being of my couch and my jeans after the tragic nail polish remove incident. (here is where I'd put a link, if I were cool enough to know how to do that).

           ANSWER:  All is well in Zion.  No fading or damage is visible anywhere.  I know, right?  It's a festivus miracle!

2.  Some wanted to know what my beef with local highschools and their plays is.

            ANSWER:  They seem to be utterly incapable of putting on a show without taking up 3 ENTIRE months with practice EVERY day.  I mean seriously, with that much practice, there should be some better shows put on.  UGH!  When this occurrs, my students generally "need to take a break" because they're lesson time is compromised or they're just to busy, or otherwise.  While I'm happy for them to be doing a show...losing that income for that long sort of HURTS!

3.  Concern over the car drama.

         ANSWER:  You'll be pleased to note that everything has been fixed and we're back in action.  Many thanks to Molly for her suggestion on where to go.  It was a quick and easy fix and not to painful on the wallett.

4.  Many suggest I should get video of Maggie in all her songwriting glory.  To this I reply, I WISH I could.  This tragically is a girl who will NOT perform for the camera or for people if she thinks they're watching her.  She has already told us she has NO interest in doing a dance recital or performing in any talent shows at  Greer.  So tragic really.  Oh, and the other thing, I am link, blog, video retarded and can NOT figure out how to properly upload videos.  It never works for me.  Trust me, I have had a couple to share in the past.

With that said, in case I don't get back to you until Friday, never fear.  Jer and I are off to an impromptu trip to Vegas for our anniversary (IT WAS SUNDAY...8 years thank you very much) and to see our rockstar friend Taylor perform.  We're super excited!  Now, if only I could find my blasted battery charger for the camera, then there would be photographic proof!

Love and Marriage,



jen said...

Have a great time in Vegas. Wish I was going somewhere . . .
And don't get too wild with that husband of yours. Know how he gets!

LambAround said...

Cheers for your high school play response! I don't even think rehearsal runs that long for Broadway performances :)

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The Brinkerhoff's said...

Have fun in Vegas! Linz and I were just there!!! Well in the airport that is for a two hour overlay! We also have no proof because we were retarded and didn't take any pictures!! BOO

The Driggs said...

Happy Anniversary! I cannot believe it has been 8 years...that is crazy! I hope you guys have fun in Vegas, and that's fun that you know someone in the show. So glad things worked out with the nail polish and couch sitch. Okay, Brock is sitting beside me asking and asking that I take him to the GeoTrax I must go. Peace out!

✩Molly✩ said...

I'm so glad the good guys at West Coast Tires helped you out! :) Love that my comments do not fall on deaf ears, lol.

and awesome about the couch and pants. lucky, for SURE!

lost camera chargers = the pits. I have REBOUGHT i dont even know how many times, this lovely commodity.

Have fun in Viva Las Vegas!!!