Friday, April 2, 2010

We Call Her Magalicious!

Here's the deal...for all the naughty and SASSY that is Maggie, she is also SUPER adorable, sweet, loving and funny.  I got to thinking about this, and how it seems that all i ever report is her potty mouth, sassing back, or "bad" things.  And that just didn't seem right.  Don't get me wrong, she has the SASS in spades, but she's also got the sweet, I often have to remind myself that she really is only 2.  So, I've compiled a short list of "moments" from the last week to show her funny and sweet side as well.

Just look at that happy little face, what is not to love?

For starters, she is the BEST little Mommy to her babies. And her "babies" can be anything, a dolly, a pony, a random cell phone, the air, or my personal favorite...her toothbrush.  You've never seen anything as sweet as maggie cradling her toothbrush in her arms, singing it songs and whispering sweet words of love in it's "ear."  She pats them, burps them, wraps them in blankets and puts them down for naps.  She's sure to tell us to be quiet, or be careful when her baby is nappiing or sad.

The other day I asked her to do cleanup in the family room.  She was holding a baby doll in her arms at the time.  And this is what I overheard...(in the sweetest high voice mind you)
"You want to help me pick up baby?  Help pick up baby?"
"You don't say no to Mommy."

HA!  At least she hears me, right?

Yesterday she was wandering past me in the kitchen. I asked what she was doing.
"I'm having a meeting today?"
"Oh for my friends, to go to a movie wif me."

Her understanding of things and certain concepts never ceases to amaze me.  The other day we were walking down the street on a little stroll and she saw a car that looked a little like Aunty Julies.
"Mommy is that Auntie Julies car?"
            "No, but it looks a little bit like it."
"Yeah, it's green-ISH."

Who says ISH and gets it?  The next day while riding in the car she was complaining that her finger was really hurting her and she needed a bandaid.  When I asked what was wrong with it, she said, "Look at it, it's all red-ish."

On another walk, we picked some purple flowers from a tree.  As she was smelling it, she wrinkled her nose and said..
"This smells like sour cream."

She has been quite obsessed with "barfing" ever since she had her little barf incident last month.  So now, whenever she starts to cough hard, or does  a big burp, she says, "I'm gonna barf."  But the other day, I was lifting her up to wash her hands, and apparently my hands were a little to much on her tummy.  When I put her down she said:
"Mommy, you were barfing me."  I love her use of barf!  Cracks me up.

She sings constantly,and lately they've taken on a bit of an Easter Theme.  After we went and saw the Easter Pageant, she's been very concerned that "there were a lot of bad people and they hurt Jesus."  So, as we were driving down the road, I was serenaded with this lovely song:

"Jesus is bleeeeeding, and I hit him in the mouth.  He is bleeding and it hurt so much.  I hit him in the mouth."

"Hey Mommy, you like that song?"
"you bet Maggie, I like all songs you sing."

Yesterday, she spent the morning telling me that she was a "pretty pretty princess."  Which, whilst true, makes me a little  nervous.  Someone is gonna have to be knocked down a peg or two, so she'll actually have soome friends. ahahahaha

And for whatever reason, she has decided that the worst thing she can say to us, like when she's REALLY angry is that she is going to throw us away. "I will not be your friend, I will frow you in the garbage."  Don't know where that came from?

And along those lines, she generally says, "I am angry of you." 
One day Brooklyn said: "Maggie are you happy?"
"NO, I'm GRUMPY."  "I'n angry of my Mommy."  "I'm angry because she won't buckle me."

At least she knows her feelings and how to express them.

I love the way she says  Hospital......Hopstibull.  I'll ask her to say it, just because.

She is so very aware of my feelings and moods, and if I ever sigh heavy, she immediately asks why I'm angry.  Even if I'm not angry, she knows that many times, big sighs come when I am.

She loves to give big kisses, where she holds the back of your head to do it.  She adores her Daddy and loves to snuggle with him.

One day, she was totally in a fight with Brooklyn, as in had JUST yelled at her for something and I yelled to Brooklyn that she needed to stop that, or come in and talk to me, or somehing.  And Maggie came rushing in and said, "Mommy, you don't do that, Brookie is my FRIEND."  So, even if you tick her off, she'll still defend you.  Good to know.

Anyway, I truly love this girl, in spite of her lack of desire to let me do hair, or get her dressed, and all her screaming and tantrums.  'Cause in the end, she is perfect, and beautiful, and smart and funny and loving, oh and TWO. AND, she's MINE!  It is moments like these, and the times when she randomly yells out "Mommy, I LOVE YOU." The hugs, the kisses, and the laughs, that I know WHY I do this.  Why I have children and how much I love them.  I am blessed to be able to stay home with them and have these "moments" and to learn how to be a better me, a better person and a better Mom.

Tantrums and tiaras,



The Atomic Mom said...

As always you cracka me up!

Jesus is bleeeeeeding...sorry, I know I shouldn't laugh, but that was funny. I'm sure Jesus laughed too.

Greg and Tammy said...

Love the clean up story. You don't say no to Mommy. HA! Sounds like she's been at my house too. I just love her little personality.

Mel said...

LOVE this post. Maggie is amazing. You are such a great mom and she's lucky to have you. I can just see your faces reacting to her.
That first picture is so sweet. Two year olds are so much fun!

LambAround said...

I'm going to have to tell the girls at work (pediatric dental office) about her "baby" toothbrush! Too cute :)

Anne said...

How sweet! I loved reading all of her little anecdotes.

Megan said...

What an adorable little spit fire you've got! heehee Love this!

Happy Saturday Sharefest!

DianD said...

Love this "gratitude" post for one special little Maggie Dian! And so wise of you to recognize that even with all the testing, teasing, envelop pushing that kids do, Motherhood is so worth it! As my G'ma Pete used to say about some of her very "individual, and unique" grandkids, "Everything is beautiful in ITS OWN way!" Even the language learnings and pink-vase-breaking moments create a beautiful tapestry and make the "I-love-you-Mommies" worth it all. Lov ya daughter. You are an amazing Mom.

LanaBanana said...

Um, did you miss the part of the song where Maggie was explaining how come Jesus was bleeding?? Violent-much. :)

She's hilarious. And cute. Great post.

Steph said...

Very sweet. Two-year-olds can be the sweetest and the most frustrating, and it changes from minute to minute! Mine is currently jumping in her crib instead of taking a nap. . .

mama of 4 said...

Stopping in from SITS!
What a sweet post! She sounds like she would get along with my just turned 3 year old!:)