Thursday, April 29, 2010



So, I went to this concert last night.  It = AWESOME!

Getting to see my boyfriend sing, live, was incredible.  For reals people, he is a gifted, gifted singer and performer!  Look at that face, what is NOT to love?  He's adorable. AND, he just seems so, I mean he IS so nice.  Of course I know that, being as he's my boyfriend and all.  Don't worry, Jer is totally ok with me and Chris.

I shall give you a long brief rundown of the evenings events.

Three white chicks headed out for a night with "my man Daughtry."  This evening was made possible by Miz Julie, as she bought me the ticket as a gift.  Many thanks Julz, I really appreciate it.  On the end there is Amy, she's a long time friend to Julie and Jere.  She's enjoyable.  And, she and I were apparently totally going to Sadies.

Three white chicks trying to look like Hard core rockers.  Not so much.  But, Jere says I look hot, so that's all that matters.  Really?  Am I that tall?  Yes, yes apparently I am THAT tall. I s'pose with 2 inch heels I'm nearly 6 ft. tall.  Or what some people like to call Amazonian. But why must those two be so extra short?  I feel a bit out of place in this photo. Just me and the wittle people.

After our brief little photo op, we hopped into the rockstar minivan for our trip out to the arena.  There was a quick drive thru at Arby's, where I enjoyed a chicken salad sandwhich on the road. 'Cause THAT'S how bad A rocker girls do things.

Upon arriving at the arena, which is completely surrounded by restraunts and happening hot spots (had I known this I would have waited to eat something more suitable to my super sweet rockstar status) we got out of our "limo" and headed in.  But not without taking a couple of pics first.

You know, courtesy shot of my hot ticket, with our great seats.  And then the obligatory shot of me holding my ticket in front of the arena.  What?  Not everyone does this?  Whatever, have I mentioned we are SO WHITE, old ladies, going to a rock concert?  (as a sidenote, i think my letter to Avenue worked, as my arms are covered as is my buttfront.  Thank you Avenue, THANK YOU)

Oh yeah, there was this pic too.  Julie didn't want to be left out.  Plus, i think she didn't want me anyone to forget who bought her this ticket.  THANKS Julie.

A view of the stage from our seat.  Yeah, we were pretty much VIP seating.  But for reals, they were great seats.  Only thing better would have been front row, so my boyfriend and I could have made out shook hands, like he did with all those who-ers that WERE up there.  Some lucky B got his sweaty head towell too.  Whatev.  I have his undying love, so I win.

Just us three "hawties" awaiting the start o' the concert.  And by start I mean the FIRST opening act, which was roughly TWO hours before his royal hotness first appeared.  PLEASE note the chick behind us.  That is funny stuff yo!

Is it time to start YET?  I have a MAN to see!  Seriously, i don't belong at concerts, or cool places, because I'm all...."let's get on with it people, blah, blah, blah."  I am not a go with the flow, free partying kind of chick.  However, I will say this....there was some EXCELLENT people watching.  So fascinating what people choose to wear, or who they're with.  I had the GREATEST outfit in my sites to prove my case to Lane Bryant, but I couldn't get a pic of the girl who was offending us by wearing it.  Ah well, what ya gonna do?

So first a group called Cavo sang.  They were fine.  The lead singer actually had a really great voice.  But, like I said..."tick tock, who cares."  Then came Lifehouse, which if you must know, I've never even heard of.  And apparently, they're a very well known band.  They were good.  I enjoyed the lead singer, 'cause he seemed like a genuinely nice guy, oh and he could sing. And, did you know....the drummer is from Gilbert, AZ.  Went to the same highschool as my nephews.  That's cool.  So, they finally finished their set and then there was another 40 minute wait for them to set the stage for Daughtry.  It was prime people watching to be sure, but MAN, I was READY!!!!  The anticipation was killing me.

Let me just say, as I have said before.  I loved Chris Daughtry from the MOMENT he first auditioned in Denver for American Idol.  I loved his voice, i loved his look, his niceness.  He could sing, and he could perform.  Plus, he totally reminds me of my friend John (the one who almost made me famous) and he's the nicest guy ever, so you can see why I liked him.

FINALLY it was time, and their build up was AWESOME!

I'm totally giddy and excited....'cause Baddy baldness was about to appear. I'd only been waiting FOREVER for this.

First, they created this cube around the stage, and to the theme of Batman, there was a freaking awesome lightshow.  It went on eternally, building that suspense.  Then....

FINALLY the band appeared, all backlit and "in the cube."  There was this realllllly cool lighting effect that would blink (I don't know how to explain it) and each time, they'd be in different positions.  Still, we're waiting, waiting, waiting for baldalicious to appear.  And when he finally comes walking up, the cube falls to the ground and you get this:

It was SO worth the wait.  He was amazing, glorious, SEXY as all get out.  The guy has pipes like you would not believe!  And he just sang and sang and sang, and interacted with the audience and made me happy.

My picture quality is el-sucko, for which I apologize.  But hey, point and shoots are not meant to zoom at a 12, in the dark.  At least you can see he's there, singing, and semi-squatting.  And did I mention he was SUPER SEXY? My lucious man really liked to walk upstage and sing with his bum to the audience a lot.  No really, he did it A LOT.  It was somewhat amusing to me.  Plus, I like looking at his ghetto booty, just fine!

Just one more pic for your viewing pleasure.  Don't even worry, I have a lot more, but i didn't want to bore you all to death.  Just trust me, there was a really fantastic laser lightshow, and lots and lots and lots of amazing singing.  I was completely deaf by the end of the concert.  I even texted Jer and told him he'd probably have to sign to me for the rest of my life, because these virgin ears of mine are not used to such extreme sound measures.

Aside form the total nerdbomber sitting behind us that had a running commentary going to his poor date, or family, or whoever it was,  and the foot kicker, hand tapper somewhere else behind us, it was a fantastic and fabulous night!  I feel like my sexy rocker quota has been filled.  I can think happy thoughts and recall dreamy memories of my night with Daughtry.

Bye lover boy, until we meet again.  Hmmmm, me thinks Julie looks a little tired here!

Thanks again for a fun evening ladies.  And special thanks to Jer for staying home with the kids so I could go make out with see my boyfriend.  Or at least go let my ears make out with his voice.

Bald heads and eardrum ruptures,



jen said...

I've never been a real concert gal--the Beach Boys at BYU (that doesn't really count, does it?), Celine in Vegas and Josh Groban 2-3 times. That's it.

The Scotts said...

I thought he was my boyfriend??? I LOVE him too!! So sad that I didn't go but I'm glad that I could live through your awesome experience!!!

Minky Moo said...

Dang girl! You were right up front! How fun! And you do not even want to see the ridiculous pictures I took of myself making out with my Paul McCartney ticket.

The Driggs said...

Okay, I am so jealous of you...I love Daughtry! And I remember Amy, she and I were the same year. That is so great that you white chicks got to go drool!!! When my sister moved down here to Tucson, the Cox Cable guy came over. She called me up and said, "Summer, the cable guy looks JUST like Daughtry. You've got to come over here!" And, since she lives in my neighborhood, I DID come right over. And it was probably as close as I would ever be able to get to being next to Daughtry...even thought it wasn't really him, but he did look like him!

paige said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the reinactment!

Jason and Kate said...

I have Daughtry on my cell phone ring whenever someone from my family calls me. Fun night! BTW...will you FB me and tell me how you cross out words on your blog?

Greg and Tammy said...

That is one BAD-A evening with your barbie and the rockers pals!! Glad you enjoyed the concert. I really love his stuff, glad to hear is awesome live. Have to catch him next time around.

Mel said...

Glad you had a good time. I totally get the thing for rocker guys. I went to the American Idol tour one year, JUST to see Constantine. I loved him.

and jere is did look hot :)

Kathleen said...

ok, i have to agree, he is a hottie!!! (almost as hot as dierks bentley) hahahaahaa