Monday, April 12, 2010 an eggshell

Aren't I seriously so clever with my title?  Get it, "eggshell" instead of nutshell?   Get it?  Oh, my sides, they're killing me.

Ok, just kidding, but I will try to keep my comments to a minimum, as I AM a week or two late on this here post.

As per usual, I'm somewhat lame-O when it comes to this Holiday.  Let's face it, I only do Christmas up right, and even then that is begrudgingly.  Anywho, this year we attempted our first egg coloring session....I'd say it went pretty well.

We did our dying at my Sister Jennys house with her kids.  Maggie was very focused and intense about her job as a colorist.  She really enjoyed it and did a good job.

This is what Max did to stay occupied.  It worked quite nicely.


So Maggie could get her color on and make pretties like this.  Why is she nudey you ask?  Because I didn't want any dye accidents on her clothes. See, I'm always thinkin, alwayssss thinkin.

After all egg coloring was done, there was a little of this, which made the kids oh so happy.  To bad my kids are a little jump retarded.  Oh well, they still enjoyed themselves.  We followed this up with some pizza and then a trip home to bed, so the Easter bunny could make his appearance.


Why what is that third basket you may ask yourself?  That would be Auntie Juliebunny, she made one for Jere. 'Cause we all know he's just a big KID anyway.  There are balloons because that is ALL my kids can think about.  I had perhaps, as some form of motivation mentioned to Maggie that if she behaved, maybe just maybe the Easter bunny would bring her an Easter balloon.  Wouldn't you know it, he came through.

Max only has eyes for ONE thing.  Trust me, he woke up every morning for a week chanting "Awoon, awoon"  which being translated is BALLOON, BALLOON!!

We had a little egg hunt in the house.  And be sure, that after reading everyone elses blogs about THEIR egg hunts, all fancy outside and stuff, i felt a little sheepish.  But alas, at least they had a hunt at all. Please do  note miss Sassy pants in all her diva glory with her full basket.  She sort of smoked Max on the hunt.  Besides, Max thought the eggs were more for this:

We called them egg bombs, 'cause that's how Max worked them.  Jelly beans as far as the eye could see.

I thought this was the pic of them eating all the jelly beans off the floor.  But alas, it's just a funny picture of Maggie.  What IS that face anyway? 

After we'd had enough festive goodness, and Max went down for his nap, we all settled in for some conference watching.  Well ok, Maggie watched a little Cinderella, her little "station" cracked me up.  Jere soaked his sore toe and we watched conference in all our pajama'd glory. 

I almost forgot.  Between sessions of conference, Gramma Peggy came over and played Easter Bunny all over again.  She of course spoiled the kids with another big basket full of toys and candy and stuff.  They have no idea how good they have it.  Maggie got a tea set that makes noises and she LOVES it!  She would hardly let anyone near it for days.  Thanks Gramma for all the Easter gifties.

Once conference was over and we'd gotten ready for the day, we headed out to P&L's for a delicious Easter dinner with all the fam.  It was a grand time of food, fun and family.  My favorite!

All in all a delightful Easter was had by all.  The candy all still sits in a bag on our counter...the balloons have died and the sunglasses are lost somewhere in the house, but we look forward to next year for more fun and more Easter goodness.

Bunny ears and balloon boys,



✩Molly✩ said...

looks like a great easter, Scarlett was also very intent on her coloring job this year, too! I loved the nudist egg coloring, cracked me up. get it? Cracked me up? :P

Minky Moo said...

How cute! You are very brave to dye eggs with them. I am so afraid of that! Awoon is pretty good. My Max calls them boons. We are obsessed with boons in this house hold!
Thank you so much for all your comments on my blog! We moms of Max's are a special lot!
Also? I want a baby girl now.

Jules said...

First...thanks for getting me in the pic. with Max....could I've looked any more scarey...just asken.
Second...that was so great to see them and the excitement they had. GREAT DAY!
Third...her glasses...FOUND! next to the potty... haha

Thanks for a great EASTER.
Auntie Juliebunny = )

alexis said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog! your kids are so cute, and i need a trampoline.

Jenn C. said...

Love the sunglasses! I am also afraid of egg dye. We always have to be outside! Cute pics of the kids!!!!

LambAround said...

Ah, it's like Easter all over again! And, yes, in an eggshell IS hilarious ;)

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JennyMac said...

Your kiddos are absolutely adorable. Easter in an eggshell...LOL!

Brit @ Esbe Chic said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I will have to check yours out - I'm off to dance :)

Mel said...

What a fun post! You did a great job. I bought egg dye, and we hard boiled eggs but never did get around to dying them. I suck. You're a better mom. lol

Maggie looks fabulous in her glasses :)

Wendy said...

I too am a fan of Maggie's sunglasses! I had to laugh that Jere get's his own basket.

Kim said...

I love the downscaled easters and hunts! Every holiday doesn't need to be magical, right? Loved the run down and the pictures!

Theta Mom said...

So adorable!!!