Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday Confessional

Ok, for some time now I've been reading ol' Glamazon there and she does this Friday confessional.  I've wanted to play along, but couldn't figure out what the hay ho I was doing.  But alas, I figured out how to put this pic on here, even though it's not correctly linked.  Anyway, I'll start small and give a few little confessions.  If you want to see her confessions, or others, you can go to

1.  I shaved my entire legs this morning for the first time in probably 5 months.
2.  I probably won't shave them again for another 2 months. (Summer, I need to be a little more kempt)
3. I really want to perhaps, maybe strangle my 2 year old when she insists on "doing EVERYTHING" herself. 
4.  I have a severe patience problem, and want everything done, NOW!
5. I'm only doing confessional right now because I couldn't stand to see my Easter post up any longer.
6. I am the WORST procrastinator!
7. Instead of writing new and hilarious blog posts, I just read all of yours.  So keep it up people!
8. I'm totally "cheating" on my "diet" eating plan by eating peanut butter toast right now. 
9.  Meh, there are worse things I could do.
10. I despise video games!

Ok, there, I'm feeling slightly better.

Do stay tuned though, 'cause I SWEAR that I've got some good stuff in the offing.

Peanut butter and a load off the chest,



LanaBanana said...

How can you be posting a FRIDAY confessional on a Thursday night? It's just wrong. :)

I love #9...just not totally caring. Well said.

Is this confessional thing she does a serious of random thoughts you share? I want to do one. :)

Oka said...

I am a procrastinator too.

Rocketgirl said...

Does anyone shave their WHOLE legs? I dunno, I only go for the bottom half. It there's hair on the top half, I don't notice. And I only notice hair on my knees when I'm driving to church and I glance down and see something I missed. Dang it. So I spend the whole time at church trying to stand behind the big puffy chairs and trees in the hallway.

Kellie said...

Um, yeah, so how DO you get the button on there? And doesn't it feel good to know technologically handicapped bloggers like me are reading your posts? Yours is the funniest confessional today. Two thumbs up!

Jenn C. said...

That's all you got? You are amazing. My list would be way longer. I love reading your blog.

LiSa said...

You make me smile Alyson! Miss you! It's great reading your blogs :)

The Coolest Allen Family said...

I am planning on shaving my legs today as well. It must be the warm weather we are finally getting here in Utah. I havn't shaved for mumblemumble months either. :)

mintifresh said...

Omigosh! I want to strangle my 2 year old on a regular basis! She's lucky she's so freakin cute! Seriously! The worst is when she doesn't get a it bed time yet???

sammy said...

hello there. thanks for stopping by my page/confessional today. yeah its a lonely thing being a male blogger but its all good in the hood. makes me feel kinda unique...or kinda like a pariah but whatever ; )

i could give you a run for your money in the procrastination department.

i like it better when my kids wanted to do everything instead of ME having to do everything. im a lazy parent what can i say.

gretchen said...

I try to shave my legs as little as possible all winter long, just let them grow freely, then when summer hits, I try to pretty them up.

There's nothing wrong with reading everyone else's blogs! It's the neighborly thing and always much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is hilarious! Thanks for stopping by mine.
I am a procrastinator too. Big time. I should be getting ready to move. Should being the operative word there.

Glamazon said...

Ah, I no love video games, too. And I'm so glad you played! How cute are you. Diets suck. I really, really dislike them...but I dislike being fat even more. Sheesh.

Krissy said...

Hey, so I want everything done NOW too! Im insane with that :)

DianD said...

Hummmm! As your Mom I'd have to say you have very selective procrastination tendencies. Sometimes you are like a cyclone at getting things done! Others, well, yesss... Something I don't get (most of the time anyway). I HATE..HATE..HATE things hanging over my head. I like to get them done and out of my mind a year in advance if possible(again, MOST of the time) So, guess you didn't get that "P" quality from me, but luckily you didn't get my chin either, so there you have it! Procrastination tendencies you can work on... jutting chins -- STUCK! Oh, and Miss Maggie wanting to do everything herself... FYI when she's a teen she'll choose to let you do it all! Isn't motherhood fun! Love ya!

ElizOF said...

Happy SITS Monday! I was the comment after yours on Friday and I always support the name before mine. I didn't see a blog title and assumed you didn't have one.
Glad I checked again today because I enjoyed visiting and reading your blog.
Keep up the good job!