Saturday, April 3, 2010

Waving the White Flag.....I Surrender

You guys, I can't win.  I realize that this is a futile fight.  Let me lay out a little scenario from yesterday afternoon.

Maggie wanted her toenails painted..."PINK"!  So, I got out the polish remover and cotton balls.  I snuggled her up on my lap, while I sat on the couch.  I got her toes all cleaned, and then carefully replaced the lid of the remover and set it next to me on the couch.  Because she was all to interested in unscrewing it, and I didn't want THAT to happen, and I didn't want to put it on my wood table.  So, I painted up her toes, she was so delightful and happy.  She kept reprimanding Max, and reminding him "Not to mess up her polish."  After a bit of time had passed, she got down, and was playing.  Max was toodling around doing his thing, and if you MUST know, I was watching "Biggest Loser".  When I began to notice a distinctly wet feeling on my butt.  My thought was, what the heck is that?  Oh, one of their stupid sippys has tipped (I'd completely forgotten about the rogue bottle of remover) or something.  But, on checking the sippy next to me, it had NOT tipped, which in that moment brought back the memory of the bottle.  I jumped up as fast as I could, and here is the honest truth..."I DID NOT SWEAR! 

I held my breath, I let out a very exasperated sigh, I clenched my lips together and in my head I said S-H-I-T a LOT!  But, outwardly, not even a dang it.  But, obviously I was ticked.  And Maggie, being ever so observant said, "What Mommy?  Why you angry?"  I said,  "UGH, this stupid bottle of polish remover spilled all over."  To which she replied, "We don't say stupid, that's not a good word."  Duly noted, miss smart mouth.  Anyway, I was freaking out about having a LOAD of acetone all over my couch cushion and my BUTT, and began trying to clean it up.  Maggie quietly took this all in, asked again why I was upset.  I told her again, I wasn't happy about the bottle spilling.  To which she replied:

"That's a BIG dammit."

I said, "yep it is, but you DON'T say that word." 
She said:  Yeah, we don't say dammit.

I can't freaking win!!

But to counteract this news, I do have a delightful new song she "composed" today.

I was in my bathroom getting ready, while she sat at the piano and played and sang this little ditty.  I was quick thinking enough to write down these gem of lyrics, because hey, this could BE something.  So, for your pleasure..

"I can't believe it." (Repeated at LEAST 7 times in a row)
How much I love you (repeated another 7 times)
I Need
I need to hug you.
I need to love you (repeated 5 times)
I can't believe it (repeat 2 times)
How much I need to love you my friend
How much i need to love you my friend!

Which then morphed into her la la la'ing the abc's tune, which in turn became "how much is that doggie in the window", which finally ended at Wheels on the bus.  And a final...
"I can't believe it, how much I love you."

There was some definite vibrato moments, and the piano playing was stellar!

When she was completely finished, she turned to Max and asked; "Did you like my song Maxi?"  When he didn't give her an affirmative answer, she yelled to me..
"Mommy, Mommy, did you like that song?"

What waas there to say but....I LOVED THAT SONG THE MOST!  It was beautiful!

She was happy.

So was I.

Sailors and virtuosos,



TJones2148 said... have quite the songwriter in your midst!! I don't think it gets any cuter than when kids make up their own songs. Definitely one of my faves is the "jesus is bleeding"...I laughed so hard and have already shared that little number with others. Haha! Too funny! Oh and just so you know...I'm totally being a tattle but my sister camie is one of your "lurkers" haha. She confessed to me the other day!

Anonymous said...

Ok so, I am typically a "lurker" but today is a different day! I am not the best at reading any blogs so I just read like 8 weeks worth of yours! I love that even I got mentioned! WOOHOO! Oh and I never made it up to PHX this last trip home. However, I am coming home for a little over two weeks starting May 14th! I will DEFINITELY be up there to visit during that time! So fun to read all of the happenings at your house! Certainly miss you all tons!

DianD said...

LOL! That's too funny! And, hey! We just might get her to do her number for the talent show!!! Especially if she's now looking for audiences! Quite the amazing lyrics, too.
Hope the acetone didn't do anything to your couch or clothes. :( That would have been a big "D"

Sarah S. Foote said...

Quite a talented lady. Love the reminders she gives. When someone in our house gets angry Alex (our 5 yr old) always says, It's okay, take a break. Such a good reminder.

Melissa said...

I just caught up on a weeks worth of blog posts. You have the best stories. Man oh man I laughed out loud, a few times.

Night Owl Mama said...

Aww how sweet I love it. THat is too cute. Your daughter must be about 4 yrs old. My son's the same way. lol Don't ya just love them to Peices.

Add your post link to this Sunday's linky ;D this one is too cute
Thanks for linking up
have a great day

Minky Moo said...

Holy cow! I cannot believe you held your tongue! You are better woman than I! Wow. I love Maggie and Max (natch, Max is the best name!) they are so cute! Thank you so much for coming by my blog, I'll be following along now.

The Coolest Allen Family said...

I would have said the "s" word repeatedly, and my kids would have looked at me with fear and reverence. So what happened to the couch??? More info please.

I love that Maggie is already coming up with chart topping songs. She will pay your mortgage one day!

✩Molly✩ said...

One of these days we really need to get a piano. Scarlett would LOVE it. She uses this little toy piano and sings and sings. I love it when they make up songs :)

Were your pants ruined? How is the couch now? Did any get on the carpet?

Jenn C. said...

Maggie sounds so talented! I would love to see and hear her sing and play!

erin said...

happy anniversary! :)
that probably sounds total creeper haha jere told us when we saw him at the easter pagent on friday!
& ps chad and i want to stop by soon!

The Atomic Mom said...

I wish you had a camera on her all the time...her videos could go viral!

Denise said...

OMGosh! You really need to tape moments like that! That is priceless. They are both adorable. I am dying here….How bad was the damage?

Following you over from SITS! I am loving and following your blog :)

Future Mama said...

hahaha!! That is great!! Kids are so funny it's crazy how much they hear huh?! I actually don't swear but my husband does sometimes and i always tell him he's gotta cut it out now cause baby girl will pick up on that! haha. Too funny! You've gotta share this on that "kids say the darndest things" blog!

By the way thanks for visiting me on my SITS day! Slowly making my way through all of the comments! :)

Greg and Tammy said...

You've got to get one of those amazing songs on video to share with us. Too cute, dammit! :)

Natalie said...

You really have to get that on video...that is good stuff!