Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Wanna know what SUCKS?

  • When BOTH of your car batteries die in the same week.
  • When the button that opens your gas tank door BREAKS and you have no way to get into your tank.  AND said tank is empty.
  • Not having the know how or the money to fix this problem.
  • AND it's the same month that car registration is due, AND lube and oils on both cars.
  • When you get a flat tire on your bike.
  • When your stupid, computer is posessed and jumps all over the place while your typing, effectively sending you to crazy town.
  • When your two year old waits until she is IN the house, NEXT to the bathroom, and blithely informs you..."I just peed, right here on the floor."
  • Listening to screeching and fighting and bickering all day between kids.
  • When you GAIN weight, in spite of working out every day.  In fact, that is a DOUBLE suck!
  • Hitting you knee in the EXACT same place for the billionth time on the corner of your nightstand.
  • Stubbing your toe.    Repeatedly.
  • Being grumpy
  • Chronic Pain
  • Naked people at the gym.
  • American Idol this year
  • A Dirty house

You wanna know what DOESN'T suck?

  • I have 40 FORTY followers now.  That's fun!
  • Comments
  • A great family
  • Looking at my A for adorable childrens faces and knowing they're mine.
  • Listening to childrens unabashed laughter.   And their hysterical imaginary play games.
  • Hearing my kids call out for "Mommy".
  • Great friends.
  • Laughing.
  • Working out.  (surprising I know)
  • Tax Returns!
  • My voice
  • NOT being naked at the gym.
  • Biggest Loser
  • Talking to old friends on Facebook

I'm just sayin.

Bloggedy blah,



Dixiechick said...

Allyson, 40 followers? Look at you go! :) Sorry to hear about all the suckiness. Why does it always seem to come in droves? Lucky you have some good to balance it out.

Brad said...

Here's a comment for ya:
I hate car problems more than anything. Good luck with that. And AI does suck this year. Big ones!

jen said...

And that comment above is from me!

Steph said...

More things that suck:
When your child will NOT get moving and get ready for bed, and instead you find him naked on the floor playing with legos because he has the attention span of a gnat, and your husband and all the guys upstairs having an EQ pres. mtg hear you yelling at said chid.
Yeah, I'm grumpy today too!
Had to laugh about the one about peeing on the floor, though. That was totally Annika.

DianD said...

Thank goodness for "Gratitude" attitudes to balance the "TESTS" of life! I'm sure you'll find ways to make lemonade from those lemons somehow and then blog so we can all learn, too.
Love ya.

Silky Smooth and the Night Rangers said...

Who are you calling old?

LanaBanana said...

what was it about today? My day was pretty much THE POO as well. Dane and Crew both have hideous ear infections! I took them to the doctor after work, and now I'm like a jillion dollars poorer.

By the end of the day I was thoroughly spent after chaos and running all over town for work, school, doctor, pharmacy, dance, pharmacy, and home. And I collapsed on the couch after homework time, dinner time and Fablehaven time to watch American Idol, and then remembered how much it SUCKS this year!! BOO. Boo boo boo. :)

Jenn C. said...

Wow! You are so good to look at all of the positive after all of that! I am with you on the kid's laughter, I love it!

LadyCarma said...

I read in the Reader's Digest this little story years ago. I share it now, close to Easter and the real meaning of it:
"A woman sold newspapers on the sidewalk outside a Manhattan skyscraper building every day, rain, snow, heat, etc. and she was always happy and smiling, no matter the weather or the grumpiness of her customers. One day a customer asked her how she could be happy with all the crap around her everyday. She said: "The worst possible thing that could happen in the world was when Jesus was killed on the cross. But in three days, He was resurrected and that was the best thing that ever happened. So whatever happens to me, or in the world, etc. I just wait three days. It usually changes and things work out. That is how I stay happy. I just wait three days."

Greg and Tammy said...


So sorry.

Wendy said...

Hope fully the Tax Return Fairy brought your money in time to fix half the items in your Suckiness List. If not? Wait 3 days?! :-)

✩Molly✩ said...

I only have 32 followers.

I hate car problems too, seriously. Registration can be done a month late with minimal fee... I know a REALLY cheap place that will fix said gas opener problem. They are called "West Coast Tires" on Broadway in Mesa. I bet they won't charge ya more than 10 bucks. google them, and call and ask. They are great and honest spanish speaking (with translators) guys.

But word to the wise, if you go there bring lots of wipees cause their lobby is VERY dusty. Scarlett was like black when we left there, lol.

hope that helps. Things will get better before you know it. At least you have the insight to also look on the bright side of things! love ya.

Anonymous said...

I hope your week gets better!
Stopping by to say hi from SITS.

Toni @ Hemp & High Heels

Krystal said...

Oh wow. I really hope your week gets better! I detest car problems, and doesn't it always seem that when you have one car problem, you have like 33 all at once?

Your list of non-suckage is pretty good, though :)

Jere the Hottie said...

More things that suck: