Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Wrap up

Well friends, as I sit watching another HIDEOUSLY bad showing on American Idol (seriously, why are these guys the suck suckiest group I've EVER seen?), the kids are sleeping, and I don't feel like doing anything productive AT ALL, I figured I'd try and pound out a February wrap up of the happenings around here.  Not that it's been all that exciting, trust me.  But, you know, posterity, they want to know what's been going on.  Here we go....

The month began with a lovely visit from our friend Amy.  She up and moved to Minnesota on us just before Thanksgiving.  So, she came to town, I made her her favorite Chicken Corn Chowder, we ate, we visited, we watched  The Bachelor and just had a nice evening.  Then she was whisked off by some OTHER friends.  But, it was nice having her while we did.

Next, one night our sweet Lies'l and her boyfriend Matt stopped by for a surprise visit.  We decided to make popcorn and play the wii.  All was going splendidly, until I ran into a little problem.  I blame myself completely for this mishap.  I DESERVED to suffer this.  You see, I was greedily eating this popcorn, no really, as in, "thismightdisappearandhterewill neverbepopcornontheearthagainohmygoshIHAVEtoeatthisall now", greedy.  So, there I was, fist to mouth, shoving it in as fast as I could when there was a sickening crunch.  I knew, the moment I heard it, I knew the damage had been done.  Sure enough, there it was, a very large chunk of my back right molar (a crown) was broken off and in my hand.  Seriously...I need to write a post all about my teeth, and how I feel like every day of my life is a game of russian roulette when it comes to my mouth.  But anyway, broken tooth.  That sucks.  Thankfully no pain or problems have accompanied this tragic little pitfall.

In other Allyson stupid health issues....apparently I have a corneal abrasion, or a big open wound as the doctor likes to call it on my right eye.  It was super painful and really annoying.  Much better now, since I have on a contact "bandaid" and been putting anti-biotics in it for nearly a week.  But, after that discovery, my left eye started bugging.  Went back to the doctor and  SURPRISE, it's a random infection raging around in there.  What the poo man?  So, more anti-biotic drops and more irritation.  Have I mentioned that we have no insurance right now?  Yep, AWESOME!  Good thing we got the greatest, gift from God and the government tax return EVER!  It has made living and breathing possible.  MAN, there really is something to be said for being butt A poor and having two kids.  Not that I recommend the butt A poor part, but still, I'm just saying.  Suffice it to say, with said return, we were able to pay a couple more months of rent, buy year supply needs, pay off some debt, pay for 2 car registrations, buy some clothes, go to the doctor, etc.  Happy.

My sweet little Maximus got himself a hideous ear infection (first one since the tubes).  It went a little like this...woke up, just fine.  Insisted on a nap at 8 a.m. a little wierd.  Woke up, just fine.  Got in the car to run some errands.  Sitting outside Gammage he starts cryig, and crying and crying and rubbing his ear.  There was really no consoling him and it was a sad, pain cry I'd never heard before.  I got out to check him, love him, etc.  Then, jere got in the car, I said I would stop at the nearest Walgreens and get some tylenol.  I ran in, got tylenol, came out to give it to him and "OH MY GOSH!"  I was sure his eardrum must have ruptured.  There was so much ooze and goo coming out of his ear.  So, i gave him the tylenol and within 10 minutes he was sound asleep and we were on our way to the doctor.  Apparently, the pressure buildup was over and he was happy as a clam the rest of the day.  Good news, no ear drum burst, tube still in place, just nasty infection coming out around.  10 days of antibiotics and cleaning out goo and all is well.  He's such a trooper that boy!

We were able to go see Marry Poppins while it was here.  It's a cute show, some really great scenery and effects for sure!  My favorite was "Step in Time" SUCH a great number.  It was nice to get out on a date with just Jere and I, that almost NEVER happens.

Also in February:
*Miss Tater T Puff turned SEVEN years old.  That really does boggle my mind.  Where oh where has the time flown?
*Jere and I sang in church. , It went smoothly; no crying on Jeres part, no cracking on mine.
*Our friend Jenny got married, it was such an exciting and wonderful event.  We're so happy for her and Chuck.
*I went to the cannery and canned myself some year supply. It really does make me happy to have those #10 cans stacking up in my laundry room.
*My brother Eric turned 40, FORTY, 4-0.  We had a nice little party at their house,all themed in red, as he's a Valentines baby.  So wierd that my siblings are all getting so old.  So sad for them, since I'm still SO young! hehe
*I went to a movie for the first time in nearly a year.  I saw "When in Rome"  I highly recommend it, it's super cute.

Hmmm, this is way more boring than I thought it would be.  Oh well, you can't win 'em all i say.  At least now I'll always remember the thrill of it all. hehe

I must do a seperate post regarding Maggie and Max, because they're funn and cute, and well, they deserve it!

Peace out Februrary,



Andrea said...

Sounds like an eventful month. I saw When In Rome and I really liked it also. Maybe it was because I went with 6 other ladies to the 9:30 pm showing on a Thursday night in my pj's and no one said "I have to go potty". I thought it was really cute.

LanaBanana said...

Your molar story made me cringe. And seriously, the eye thing?! Horrible. I hope it's getting better now and not going to send you blind or something. How miserable. Great February wrap-up--not boring at all. Sad I missed out on seeing Amy.