Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Name is Maximus Prime, but you can call me Trouble for short.

**Please note this is one of THREE entries put up today.**

Where, oh WHERE do I even begin to write about this most amazing ball of energy, adorableness and joy?  He is truly the GREATEST gift.  Those big ridiculous eyes suck you in and you just can't help but love him, in spite of his busy, naughty little self.  Really, this shirt, and this choclatey face says EVERYTHING there is to know about my Maxy.  He flushes toilets relentlessly, pulls the toilet paper rolls with wreckless abandon, does NOT take No for an answer, pushes the water dispenser until there are lakes on my floor, teases and hits and cuddles and loves.

We went to the doctor the other day for his well check.  He didn't appreciate the bright bright sun.  Don't worry, i was careful taking this picture while driving down the freeway.

Clearly this shot was taken BEFORE the nurse walked in and ridiculously wanted to measure him and weigh him.  He becomes absolutely hysterical with fear when that happens.  So silly.  But, you'll all be so pleased to know he is one HEALTHY boy.  His stats at 16 months are:

Weight:  30 lbs. 91%
Height:  34 in.  96%
Head: 19.7 in. 97% apparently my kids have big HEEDS!

He is sooo darn active.  Honestly, it is SUCH a different experience from Maggie.  He RUNS everywhere, he jumps, he spins.  He can open all the doors, with regular round door handles and does so regularly.  So, upper locks are a necessity.  He climbs EVERYTHING.  Hence....

Even with the chairs up on the table (which is where they live at all times now) he found a way to get up on the table.  He loves the apples and THROWS them with great force all over.  In fact, he throws EVERYTHING he gets his hands on.

He's just super happy and loving and giggly and adorable.  Who wouldn't want a little bunny like this?  By the way, that lovely sore under his eye came from him climbing on a folding chair, it collapsed and he fell face first onto the edge of the coffee table.  At one point last week he had that, a gash on his forehead, a bruise on his other cheek and something on his nose.  He looked like he'd been in a brawl.  Short of a helmet and some bubble wrap, I don't know what else to do.

Max LOVES the flowers.  Whenever he sees them he gets very excited and says, over and over and OVER  "ower, ower, ower" and insists that we put it in.  Which, if you must know is a rather difficult feat, seeing as he has no hair on the top of his head.  But, it makes him so happy when we do it, even though he rips it out a second later.  Jere worries about this flower fetish, and my shoe wearing (I love this pic for capturing it all).  But I assure him it is only because he sees his sissy and his Mommy wearing them and he just thinks he should be the same.  So funny!

This boy LOVES, LOVES his "sissies" and wants to always be with them and doing what they do.  Sometimes it works out well, as they include him in playing "mom, dad, sister" or whatever it is they do.  Other times, it's a bit of a disaster, because he likes to tease them, and or hit them.  But all in all, he just loves to "belong."  I can't let him sit next to Maggie in the cart at Costco, or behind her in the stroller because he thinks it's hilarious to yank her flowers out, or yank her hair out, or hit her.  And for the record, SHE does not think it's so hilarious.

He has a total obsession with balloons and balls,  I can barely take him to any store without it becoming a complete melt down fest because he is practically popping his veins saying "alloon, awooon, or BALL, BALL, BALLLLLLLLLLL."  He doesn't understand why he can't hold it and love it and pet it.

He has quite a great vocabulary and understanding of all things.  Some of my favorites that he says are:

Et's go
Shoes (with the most adorable lateral lisp)
All gone
Got it
Shoes off
Socks off
Pants off
Julie (which he only yells, and it's hilarious)
Gucker (sucker, which he loves)
Thank you
baaaath (which he yells any time I seem like I might take his clothes off)
Cold (which is always accompanied by the sign with fervent shivering)
Night night (I will have to do a post about how I've apparently spawned Linus, for his connection to his blue blankie is THAT intense).
Uh oh
GOINK (which means drink)
For whatever reason he call his sippy his "bo-bee, or booby, that's what it sounds like.  It cracks me up everytime.

And actually, he will repeat ANYTHING you say or ask him to say.  We're working on animals and sounds right now.

He really is such a fun, funny little guy.  He makes me laugh and or "scream" every day; I can't imagine life without him and I am so glad he decided to come join us nearly a year and a half ago.  Whatever would we do without our busy, bruiser Maximus Prime?

Scabs and headwounds,



jen said...

It's boys, my friend. And nothing melts a mom's heart faster than her boys, naughty and all.
I thought Gucker would be Tucker. No such luck, hm?

Steph said...

That is hilarious about the flowers. Mercy, he weighs a lot more than Brielle who just turned 2! Isons have scrawny kids. He has a great vocabulary already! Isn't that fun to have a kid who talks so well? Carter was that way, and we loved to make him say all kinds of big crazy words.