Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Miss Sassypants Princess Face

Oh my Maggie, how I love her, and how she keeps me on my toes!  I mean really, I KNOW I've mentioned many times here that she is sassy, but I'm not sure if you get just HOW sassy she is.  Moreover, you must understand that I never expected this MUCH spunk and sass to come from the worlds most LETHARGIC and CALM baby EVER!  Honestly, she was the calmest, CALMEST, sweetest, sleepiest, laid back baby.  Sometimes I worried that she'd have no personality at all.  I worried needlessly (story of my life).  Her spunk has just continued to grow and grow as each month passes.  And, since she has SUCH a large vocabulary and strong understanding of all around her, she just gets it, and throws it back in our face, A LOT!

I've just thrown in a few pics from the last month or so, for kicks and giggles.  I have become HORRIBLE about taking pictures lately.  It seems my camera never gets taken out of it's case for weeks at a time. I shall resolve to do better at that.

Max has dicovered climbing and Maggie will NOT be left out.  Though dangerous, they sure look cute up there.  In picture 2 and 3, Maggie discovered a box of old jewelry my Grandpa had given my Mom and she in turn gave it to me.  She and Brooklyn had the BEST time putting it all on and discussing how "beautiful" it was.  When they each had a necklace and two bracelets on, Maggie declared "Now we're ready to go to the party Brooklyn."  Brooklyn readily agreed, except, oh dear, no, they needed to have makeup on for sure!  So, they dug in to Maggies play makeup, did themselves up right and were ready to go.  So, they're posing with their bracelets and just showing me how pretty they are.  So funny.  When they're not screaming at eachother, teasing/bugging eachother, crying, they are playing hysterically, being Mommy/daddy/daughter, or dogs, or doctor or whatever.

A little lick-a-stick goodness.  And, Maggie HAD to try on the "Seussy" costume before Brooklyn got to.  She is so squatty.

Ok, so a few conversations/statements had between Maggie and the rest of us.

1.  The other day she walked in with a STACK-O-BOOKS and said:  "Here Mommy, you will read all these books to me.  ::pause::  Is that a problem?"  Really?  Did she just really say that?  So funny.

2. The other day she said to Jere.   "Daddy, what's your name?"  He answered "Jere."  To which she replied.  "Hi Jere, nice to meet you."

3. Maggie was coloring on her new giant princess coloring page when Max came up and, i don't know, breathed, and she yelled out.  "UGH, Max, that is just....TERRIBLE!"

4.  One day we were sitting on the couch at lunchtime eating something, while she was eating at the kitchen table.  She looked over, noticed us and said, "hey, guys, guys, why you eating in there?"  We told her we were grownups and grownups can.  She thought about it for a minute and said, "Oh, so when I be a grownup and grow bigger, I can eat in there too."  And then sat back down and ate her lunch.

5.  She is RATHER obsessed about "when she is bigger".  Daily she tells me that "when i am bigger I can do this, or that."  She tells Brooklyn that when she is bigger she can go to preschool.  She can't WAIT to get bigger and grow taller.  Included in what she can do when she is bigger....drink pop.  She will look at Jeres drink and say "that's a grown up drink?  When I grow bigger I can have that."  Yep!  And NOT until then missy!  She also compares everything to big or small.  "Mommy you have a bigger bowl, 'cause you're bigger.  I have a small bowl, 'cause I'm smaller."  "Mommy, I'm bigger now, when I be a tiny baby I can wear a diaper."

6.  She is soooooooooooo, soooooo, SOOOOOOO extremely obstinate.  You do NOT tell her to do anything.  For example, last night I was changing Max, getting him ready for bed.  I asked Maggie to run and get his blankie in the family room.  She looked right at me and said  "No.  You can get it."  I calmly said that was NOT the correct response.  I asked her to do something, and she needed to go do it.  Again, she said "NO, I don't want to.  You can get it."  I then explained that I would count to three, and if she chose to not get it, then she would get a spank (don't judge me).  I started to count (for the record, this works most of the time) and she just stood there, staring in defiance, practically BEGGING me to do it.  So, I got to three and a spank she got.  And she was totally unfazed.  SERIOUSLY, when she decides something, she will not budge.

7.  She is extremely silly.  She will walk around singing songs at the top of her lungs, or make up songs and then say.."you like that song Mommy?  You like that one?"  "Was it beautiful?"  Or tell me that this song or that song was just for Daddy or just for Mommy.  She likes to make silly faces at me and see what my reaction will be.  And she likes to tell me how good at things she is.  Tonight at dinner, she kept informing us that she was a "really good cutter of her food."  And, "I'm a really good sister big to Maxie.  Mmm hmm, I am."

And her princess status has not changed at all.  She LOVES/ MUST have a purse with her, dies to have her nails painted, make up on and be pretty and in charge of everything.  But she doesn't like to get dressed or have her hair done.  It's a battle royale with fights and tears until we get through.  I truly dread the hair do time.  She really is the funny, sassy, princess joy in our life.  Even if she does make me want to pull my face off a lot of the time.  I know that she is MINE and she teaches me something new each day. 

We love you Princess Sassypants!


jen said...

Funnily enough, Tucker was a most placid baby as well. . . . Hm... This doesn't bode well for you.
Thanks for admitting the spanking. I can't parent toddlers without it.

Mel said...

Maggie is amazing. I would love to be a fly on the wall watching the two of you interact. So funny.

Jenn C. said...

Luckily my girls are growing out of the sassy stage.(probably waiting until they are teenagers and then it will be 100 times worse) but it is my 3 yr. old son that is kicking my trash right now! I have had to resort to spankings. He is so dang cute and he knows it. Maggie is so cute too! I love all of the pics!

Greg and Tammy said...

I love the, "Hi Jere... nice to meet you." And I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all of her little personality. Such a darling little sassy pants! Those stories are darling.