Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ain't no thang

So, it's Sunday evening, Max is sleeping (since we have the suckitude of 1:00 church,a nap can't happen until 4:00), Jere is off visiting the neighborhood with Maggie and I'm just sitting here pondering the meaning of life wasting time.  We had a lovely, albeit brief visit from our rock star friend Taylor.  No really, he's sort of a rockstar.  He tours the world in a group called Barrage.  They are AMAZING, and I highly reccomend anyone go and see it if ever given the opportunity!  He heads out tomorrow for another length of his tour, ending with a month long stay in China through May.  I love that I have such talented friends.  No really, it's sort of retarded the people I know in my life.  Rockstars, Broadway stars, local stars, costumers, makeup artists, pianists, alllll wonderful and funny and talented and MY real life friends.  I'm lucky!

Rockstar Taylor.

Anywho, this is gonna just be sort of stream of conscience, 'cause some random things have been flitting through my mind.  Well, when DON'T random things flit through?  That's the better question.

So, apparently, I lost 2 followers over the last week or so.  Really?  What happened there?  Was it the swearing post?  Did I get too boring?  I don't know.  But, it's bothering me none the less.  Sorry ex-followers, sorry for not living up to your expectations or whatever.  And while we're here...where have all the comments gone?  Where is the love?  I'm just sayin.

Is anyone else as bugged perplexed by the new "up and up" brand name/line at Target as I?  For reals, the packaging is so unaestheticaly pleasing that I won't even consider buying it.  It looks like some jr. high kid doodled it out while sitting on the toilet.  I don't know, it's just TOO generic and, well, dumb.  Why did they think this was a good idea?  Really, I NEED to know.

What IS that stupid arrow and "up and up" all about?

Max will NOT go to nursery unless I'm there with him.  I totally have one of "those" kids.  The cling to their Mama kind, the ones I never likes, 'cause hey, go be cute for other people, not just me!  He falls apart and just bawls if he can't see my lovliness.  Last night he cried for a full 1/2 hour after we left.  Apparently standing at the door, unconsolable.  Our poor babysitter.  Which reminds me....

I HEART our babysitter sooooo much it's almost ridiculous.  She is the most adorable 12 year old.  And by adorable, I mean, just slightly awkward, quirky, cute, and soooo great with my kids.  They LOVE her, get excited about her, repeat her name throughout the week, etc.  So, I must share this story, because it still makes me giggle.  Last week Jer and I went to see  movie.  And it must be stated that EVERY time we've had this babysitter, we've never kept her as long as we thought.  Either we got done early, or Julie came home or whatever.  So, this was definitely the longest night for her.  The movie ended just after 10:00.  As the credits were rolling, I pulled out my phone to turn the ringer on and check for messages.  Sure enough, there was a call from our house number.  I got a bit panicked.  "oh no, what's wrong, something happened, Max won't stop crying, etc.?"  I told jere we had a message, and I dialed voice mail fast as I could.  And there it was, THE most CLASSIC message of all time.  I wish more than anything you all could hear it.  But, it went something like this.

"Oh hey, Allyson, this is @%%*&, and well, I was just wondering when you might be coming home because (insert HUGE yawn over this next part) I'm really getting pretty tired.  Ok, so call me." 

HA!!!!  That was the cutest dang thing I've ever heard.  For reals, laugh out loud.  WHO DOES THAT?  Who calls their "employer" and say, I'm getting a little tired.  It still just makes me giggle so much.  I mean really, just curl on up and fall asleep, i did it all the time in my babysitting days.  Needless to say, we rushed on home so she could get her beauty sleep.  For reallys I love her so!!!

We went and saw Pippin last night, that show blows.  I mean, they did a great job for what it was.  There was good direction, some funny stuff, cool costumes, etc.  But, just as a show....STUPID!  Who ever thought it was a good idea in the first place?  I don't get it.  On the flip side...

We went and saw "Light in the Piazza" at Phoenix Theatre on Friday night.  There are NO words for the beauty and perfection that was.  Our good friend Kaitlyn was the lead (see, told you I have amazing friends) and she was stunning, perfect, amazing. And the guy opposite her, HELLO, I'm in love!  Oh man, SUCH a great show.  Sorry you all missed it!

Just a little shot of said Kaitlyn in all her gorgeousness on her wedding day.

I know, two shows in one weekend.  Who ARE we?  We haven't done that in, oh, EVER!  AND, Jere saw Avenue Q on Thursday night.

Yeah, and everyone around me is totally losing weight.  I sort of hate them.  I don't get it...I'm working out, I'm trying to watch what I eat (at times) and I promise you, I'm getting fatter.  Frustrating and scarey.  Umm, but I must do a shout out to a loyal reader.  JEN  you look AWESOME, so proud of you!!!

The weather has been amazing, and I want to marry it.  I wish it could be this way allll the time!

The kids and I walked over to Jenee P's yesterday, it was a delightful afternoon just chatting.  Have I mentioned that I love my friends, and my neighborhood, and my house, and my FRIENDS!!!

Ok, Max is crying, time to eat dinner, then go play at the Wrights.

Random and up,



The Coolest Allen Family said...

I love that your babysitters name is apparently a swear word. ;)

Allyson & Jere said...

No, I was just trying to protect the innocent. But, now that you mention it, i can see how it might be construed as such.

The Atomic Mom said...

I also hate the Up and Up at the Tar-zhe. Dear Target, please do not change anything unless you have express written permission from Joyce or Allyson. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello,nice post thanks for sharing?. I just joined and I am going to catch up by reading for a while. I hope I can join in soon.

✩Molly✩ said...

says, yep, just a smidge jealous of 2 shows in one weekend... I haven't been to a show in SO long... i have to admit when my butt no longer comfortably fit in a theatre seat that did deter my attendance to such things...

I remember when I was twelve, the parents of my sit-ees told me i could sleep on the couch if the kids had gone to bed. I found that such a relief since my parents always made me be in bed by like 8 pm.. (it will also probably buy you some more time to paint the town red)

methinks i get overwhelmed with 3 posts at once and end up either reading just one and commenting on it, or reading all three and not commenting at all... i suppose that has to do with my short attention span!

DianD said...

Guess I'm kind of like Molly! I check almost daily and either read and don't comment or just comment on one, sometimes.... but don't stop cause of that! My guess is there are lots of people loving your reads but either too busy or get interrupted to comment.

Love ya,

jen said...

Hell-o! No mention of your visit to the Dentons? Aren't we on the list of important and fun? OR just crazy and really loud? And it took me a minute to realize which Jen you were talking to. Not me, but you're right, she is looking good.
Keep up hope. You'll get there. Sometimes with me it takes my body a while to realize I mean business with this losing weight thing.

Taylor Morris said...

I feel so honored to have made your blog! And just for having stopped by to hang out!

Hanging out for the win.

Jenn C. said...

I love reading your blog. It was so good to see you guys on Sat. Thanks for the shout out!

Wendy said...

Kim and Ben got home once and found the sitter asleep on the couch, and the kids randomly scattered through out the house asleep on the floor. When asked what happened the babysitter casually said, "Yeah they were still awake when I fell asleep on the couch." Super Awesome!

Wendy said...

Just scrolled down again and realized, someone better praise the word "suckitude."