Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh the Thinks you can Think

As you are all probably well aware, this week is Dr. Seuss celebration week in the schools. Or his birthday, or something, where every school is recognizing the man and his brilliance. I say that you probably know this, because well, you might need to be living under a rock to have missed it, or perhaps have no children of school age around. Anyway, not my point, my point is this....ol' Seussy is being celebrated, which inspired this post.

At about 8:00 this morning I recieved a bit of a panic call from Jenny. She was dithering about an e-mail she'd JUST read from Miss Ranelle (Brooklyns pre-school teacher) about how today was Dr. Seuss day and the kids were s'posed to be dressed up as their favorite character, and know how to explain who they were, and there would be pictures taken and a book m ade, etc. She was feeling bad that Brooklyn would be left out at all. And "how come Miss Ranelle didn't send this sooner, etc." To be perfectly honest, all i was thinking was...oh crap, what am I s'posed to do here. I don't even own a Dr. Seuss book, much less something to simiulate a character. So, after assuring Jenny that I'd figure something out, she hung up and I started pondering on who to call. I talked to Lana, she made me feel better by saying that she never dressed Tatum up for it back in her preschool days. I talked to Dixie, she knew nothing about it, and didn't care that her kids would be costumeless. She IS in the middle of a move, so she's preoccupied. But alas, I just couldn't let it go. So, I called Jenee P of course. Now THAT is a woman with endless dress ups and ideas. She of course just happened to have this darling little number that would work, 'cause it could pass as SOMETHING Dr. Seussish. So, the kids and I meandered over for a quick visit and picked up the costume.

After a ROUGH trip to the Wal-mart, one in which I really had to convince myself that I DID like my offspring, the kids were all sent to bed to get a grip on themselves and give me a moment to cool off. Brooklyn ended up falling asleep. So, I woke her up in time to eat lunch and put together this look of stunningness. Mind you, I had NO idea what I was doing, but in the end, I think she looks pretty cute. I told her to just tell her teacher she as a "WHO". I mean really, just look crazy or freakish in some way and you'll pass as a Seuss character.

Huh? Do you like? Silver polka dots, are you kidding me? So AWESOME!
You know, with the VAST amount of whining and dramatizing that Brooklyn does, I often forget just how truly funny and cute she is. She will do any pose I ask her to, and she's just silly. In this pose she's showing the hair and saying "who ooooh". She was pretty pleased with the final look and couldn't wait to get to school and show it off.

So Dr. Seuss, Theodore if you will....This WHO is for you!
Polka dots and dimples,
special thanks to Miz Jenee P for the costume and always coming through in a pinch.


DianD said...

Darling! And lucky Miss Brooklyn for having an Auntie Allyson who would go to such lengths to help her sister (Jenny) not feel so guilty, her niece (Brooklyn) to feel so nifty and special and then post it for all to see.
Family!!! Including special "Who's" and their creators.
Love 'em!

LanaBanana said...

Fabulous job indeed. I was VASTLY impressed when I saw her this afternoon. You really pulled through for her. I would like to say that I actually participated in this year's festivities and will soon be posting a picture of Dane as Thing 1. :) Happy Dr. Seuss's birthday to one and all. :)

jen said...

Impressive. But it saddens me somewhat that the VP household is Seuss-less (besides random songs in random anthologies). Time to step it up on that. How will they know about the wocket in the pocket? How?

Court and Julie said...

Good Job Auntie Ally!

You should know better than to expect me to get a message on my cell phone of all things! How can I expect to find that blasted thing, when clearly I am sitting here at the computer all day???

But you were so nice to ask about the in-laws.

As for Mary Poppins, it was HUGELY helpful that I was watching it with Delainee and could just enjoy the show with her. She LURVED it! I thought it was so fun.

To celebrate Dr. Seuss day I pulled out my Seussical score and made the kids have a sing-a-long with me.

They weren't terribly impressed! Ü

Mel said...

She looks fantastic. I guess I have been under a rock because I knew nothing about Dr Suess day. Good job on the costume. I'm sure she was thrilled

Jenn C. said...

I wish that I had a sil like you! You are amazing! She looks adorable!

Dana said...

After I read your post I was feeling really bad that I didn't follow through with dressing Jayce as the Cat in the Hatt instead of the Caps For Sale guy. But then I went back and read the note and it was a character from ANY book (not just Dr. Suess) so we were soooo a-okay. He ended up LOVING his pilo-o-caps and looked pretty cute to boot. We love preschool!

Crandell Fam said...

THANK YOU!!!!!! She looks truly adorable and she was thrilled! :) I'm so glad I can count on you , and seriously don't know WHAT I would do without you! :) THANKS! (And thanks Jenee P!)