Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just a Couple More

I realized that I left off a couple of other "funny" Maggieisms and literally, for my posterity, and for my lame forgetful brain, i want to get them down.

First of all, for whatever reason, she has decided that five means A LOT.  So, when she wants a lot of something she says, "Mommy, I want a cracker, give me 5 crackers."  Or lately, it has turned more into  "Mommy, give me 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 crackers."  Or whatever it is i might be handing out.  And she'll say that over and over, "free (3), four, five, six seven."  It's quite funny.  While on the topic of numbers.  She can count to 13 by herself, and she can point and count correctly the number of items on the page, or wherever.  I have to keep her hand pointing so she stays focused, but if she is focused, she gets it all right.

She also uses the word "big" to mean, full.  As in, when she wants her sippy cut full, she says, "I want BIG water."  And she WILL inspect to make sure you've filled it to capacity.  If not, she'll yell at you and expect a re-do.  Not so cute at bedtime when she's throwing down because it's not full enough or cold enough.

The other day, for whatever reason, as I was throwing out the ol' count to three at her for something, I decided to do it in Spanish.  For the record, I have NEVER counted in spanish with her, and Dora is never on here.  So, she was about to be in trouble for someting and I throw out  "Uno, Dos."  And then she got up.  But, as she passed me, she flippantly said.  "You forgot to say tres."  WHAT?  i didn't even know she knew he numbers, much less that she was gonna be such a sass about it.  None the less, it cracked me up!

Her latest obsessions to sing are "Tomorrow" from Annie, Twinkle Twinkle and the alphabet, over and over and over again.  She's also super cute at "I'm a little tea pot."

And finally, she recognizes letters, again, I can't take responsability, 'cause it ain't like I'm sitting around practicing or teaching her.  She's not on Starfall, or any computer for that matter.  So, it's a big surprise and delight to me that i can point to letters and she can tell me what they are.  I love that I have such a little smarty pants.  Well, sometimes I do.  But other times, it's not so great.  Like when she questions your intentions of things, or knows that you're bluffing, or tells you where to stick it. 

Love that girl and all her Sass!

Minding my P's and Q's,


****Post Edit****
Maggie does not actually say "stick it, shove it, etc."   However, she has taken to recently telling me that "Mommy, I don't say dammit, we say darnit, or dangit.  But, when I be bigger, I can say dammit."  To which I reply, yes, yes of course.  But really, at least it's a start right?  She gets that she's not s'posed to say it and that there are alternatives.  Maybe she'll forget in a year or so and all will be well. Or maybe I'll be skinny, whatever! hahaha


jen said...

Where to stick it? Really? Wow, girl. Even Tucker wouldn't do that! But Jere's not his dad . . .

Allyson & Jere said...

Jen, I used that metaphorically. She doesn't ACTUALLY use those words. I just mean, she will basically say NO, or tell me what she thinks I should do. But, no, she doesn't say that. However, she has been informing me lately that "we don't say dammit, we say darnit or dangit. But, when I be bigger, I can say dammit." At least it' a start right?