Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brooklyn Turned 4!

So, Brooklyn turned FOUR....a WEEK ago.  I really, really meant to make mention of it, give a shout out, etc.  I even properly documented the whole day with pics.  But, every time I sit down here, I just can't seem to get enough gumption up to write entries.  However, I swore that this day would not pass without the birthday entry.

It is hard for me to comprehend sometimes, the passing of time.  She was just 5 months old when she started coming to me, every day.  Until she was about 3 she called me Mom most of the time.  I have seen her through 4 birthdays now, watched her hair grow, her vocabulary blossom, her dramatics increase.  She has been funny and animated since birth, and I promise, it only increases with each passing day.  So, here she is 4, smart, goofy, pretty and Brooklyn.

 Wish I was cool enough to do side by sides!  UGH!  This is her last year on her 3rd birthdy.
Looking colorful and fresh on Birthday number 4!

I should say that we began her birthday celebrating the day before.

We and by we I mean I, made cupcakes and then we (and again, by we I mean I) frosted them to take to her preschool class.  I did allow her to frost one, but it was such a ridiculous mess that I had to put the kibosh on that.  I did however allow her to put the little sprinkle balls on all of them.  They weren't the best stickers.  She was making  holy mess and said, "these are like bouncy balls."  and then gleefully threw a bunch more on.  Anyway, she was thrilled, the class got fed and birthday joy was spread.

I attempted some decoration, so she'd feel special.  I had to forgo any balloons, as that might have been enough to send Max into serious overdrive and he'd explode from the excitment of it all.  We streamered up, had a Happy Birthday Sign and of course...
We had the TIARA.  I guess I have begun some birthday traditions.  She has had a different and lovely tiara for every birthday.  It is my goal (thank you Summer) to make each birthday special by decorating their door, or the house, and tiaras for girls and probably balloons (provided Max calms down).  So, she was greeted at the door with a big Happy Birthday song, tiara and pretty rings and she's wearing her new necklace Maggie picked out for her.

Seriously?  How freaking cute can you get?  Please note Maggies lovely slippers, and her matching necklace.  That day, in the car, on our way somewhere, Maggie said to Brooklyn.  "Brookie, I really do love you."  To which Brooklyn responded.  "I know you do.  We are sisters."  And Maggie said, "yeah."  It was a really sweet moment.  Especially considering they spend so much of their time acting like real sisters, as in, screaming, scratching, kicking and fighting and crying.

We went to Sweetcakes where she got to pick out her very own giant cookie.  I was hoping for a big cupcake, but they didn't have those.  Oh well, she got goodies, none the less.

Well, what did you expect?  My cute kids were there too.  Maggie chose the same cookie as Brooklyn.

After filling up on their cookies, we headed for some play time at the park.  For the record, Fitch is a great little park to go to.  A LOT of slides and climbing stuff.  They monkeyed around for a little bit and then we headed home for naps.

Max really does love play time at the park, or just outside.  All in all, a good day and time was had by all.

I'm so grateful for the last 4 years, for all you've taught me and for the many laughs you have provided.  You have been a great big sister cousin to Maggie, and taught her a few sassy tricks along the way.  Thank you for being a good sleeper, a good helper, a silly maker and so much more.  I can't believe that I only have one more year to have you here and watch you grow and develop.  You are truly my other daughter, and I love you so much.





LanaBanana said...

awwwww! schweet. ;)

DianD said...

Loved it! Made me cry! Lucky Brooklyn, Maggie, and you! and now Max! Would that every working mom had such an amazing surrogate for her child/children as you have been to Brooklyn. I'd have given anything to have had a "big" sister when I was growing up. Maggie's gonna miss her, too. How'd you get so Mom-smart?!?!? Your mom wasn't nearly so sensitive to kids' needs/feelings as you are, nor did she handle situations as smartly as you do! Way to go Auntie Allyson/Mom!

Wendy said...

Jeez, no wonder you didn't sit down and right the ultimate blog post right after all your investments in birthday bliss and magic! You ARE quite the aunt, she will always have a special bond with you.

Crandell Fam said...

Well sheesh! If I weren't so dang grateful, I'd be extremely jealous of all the time you get to spend with my beautiful girl! Wow...she is so lucky (and so am I). I know she's going to miss it when she doesn't come here anymore, especially because I'm so boring compared to you. Thanks for making her birthday so speciall, and for making her such a part of your family and life. Love you!